May 1, 2009


It's been a while.



Short Clip of my Hunnie Muffin Man, Minh
This was our 1st Anniversary....long time ago! haha

Old Footage, I finally uploaded everything I had on my Blackberry from November..haha
This was taped in March of this year..I basically had a Red Bull...

These are the results. Feel sorry for Minh.

I have a bunch more videos posted in my youtube. I have Alex too!!
Alex live in the flesh!

I think he was on the phone with my ex douchebag best friend (a guy), who needs to grow up and accept reality. hahahaPeace from Michigan State University!!

Alex getting his Eye Brows Threaded in the Mall

More Steph + Alex...I tell you all we do is laugh!

DSK,OG! Greeny's Crib


  1. six storage boxes.... wow.

    MAC! :) the money eater.

    good luck with your studying!

    dude.... i have so many DSk boxes. i sort of want to reuse them but then i feel weird O__o


    i wanna see pics!

  2. Love your random facts. they make me laugh. Really random, so don't stop doing it!

  3. Good luck with the packing!! I don't know if I could fit all my shit in only six storage containers! LOL!

    I agree, you should always give yourself presents! LOL! Such purdy pens! And MAC is always good!

    New boxes mean new jewelry!

  4. hey steph! congrats again! :) are you excited? when i graduated i wasn't really that excited it seemed like a normal day for me except that we had a delicious shabu shabu dinner :P but yea cause i really didn't think it was to celebrate about cause i'm still not a nurse even tho i graduated cause i still have to pass the board exam. oh well...

    so how are you? when are you leaving ur dorm? gosh i want that 2 lippies from a romance collection but we still don't have it here. and everytime i go to the mall to check if they have it already, it's all sold out. fucker.

    i miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  5. aghh you got way to love! >_< sigh its so pretty <3

  6. OOOH! I originally wanted virgin kiss LG, but I told myself I didnt' need anymore lippies :T. I only picked up 2 eyeshadows from Rose Romance.. and I love your random fact! I, too love to get cute pens to write notes/letters. :) Good luck on your move. Are you moving back home?

  7. LOL - the videos are HILARIOUS!

  8. hahaha The video of you and the redbull, you were totally freaking out on Minh! He was all calm too hehe. Your friend Alex is funny as well! I love your videos! Have a wonderful weekend, lover! XOXOXO

  9. LOL redbull makes me hyper too! like crazy hyper! your videos are so funny!

  10. omg is that ur friend alex getting threaded in plain view out in the mall?! shit.. i tried that once hurt like hell! i dont know how he does it w/o flinching.

    p.s. - ive been meaning to order some of ur jewelry. they... keep... haunting... me.. on.. the web <3 i love them!! looks so sparkly. is there a site i can look at all shapes + colors? i would love to get that deal u have going on for "frenz"

  11. there was a part in the vid where minh put his hand on his head and was like "omg" LOLS. i admire him for his patience with the red bulled steph haha.

  12. Psh where is the photo of me and our delicious fried ice cream!! Er... since they were candid I doubt I'd wanna see them anyway!

    I'm jealous of your makeup expenditures and seeing Matt.

    You record the most random shit ever, Carrotman.

  13. omg the second video is hilarious ahaha. When he put his hand to his face he's like.."oh goodd, I am never getting her a red bull ever again!" lol.
    6 boxes!!! geez woman!

  14. thank you for the link! i had read that was where to find the chart but i was a lil confused between ur two blogs haha =P im most likely interested in the purple haze and clear ab.. and most likely gnna order after this hectic wkknd. also, do u have or can make horseshoe shapes???

  15. hey steph!!
    Congrats on graduating & gluck with the moving :)
    Hahahaha I am laughing at all of your videos, esp. the one when you're harassing your bf while he's driving!

  16. Hahhaa! I wanna join you in real life with all the laughing!

  17. LMAO! Stephanie, you are just the best! hahaha your vids are sooo energetic and funny! the energy level is awesome and i'm definitely feelin ya! you bring a smile to anyone's face and can brighten up my day anyday! :D following!<3

  18. Oooh! The packet chrysanthemum drink! I'm always chugging the low sugar one lol. The red boxes are sweet!!

  19. Aww lovely MAC stuff!

    Seattle!!!! Hahhahahhaha that video is so cute!

    Awww Alex is a cutie.

    I told you my ex is obsessed w/threading right? hahahha


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