April 29, 2009

*DSK Jewelry Waiting List*

Hey Beauties,

I need to make an announcement!

Thank you for all your love and support!

As of today, April 29, 2009 due to high demands, all incoming DSK Jewelry Orders will be placed on a waiting list. I recently received an influx of orders, which I've promised to deliver within 2 weeks. I am a one woman show, LOL, and I know my capabilities, therefore, I need to take this time to work on the orders =P

*EDIT* In regards to Fuzkittie's comment..SORRY, no there is no short and long line like at the club! HAHA, this is DSK Jewelry, not HOT NIGHTS @ CLUB DSK (in production & yet to come (oooh lallalalaaa))


I about rolled on the floor laughing in my lecture hall when I read her comment. LULZ!!

Life is about Balance, and I believe in achieving the perfect Balance.

I also graduate in a little over a week!!

I will not be taking any additional orders with a promised delivery time.

Please feel free to e-mail me,
if you'd like to order and be placed on the DSK Waiting List.

Thanks so much for all your support in DSK Jewelry. ^_^

I heart all of you ;)

Love ya lots!



  1. I am soooo happy for you grl !!!!!!!

    so this means..I'll have more time to talk to you on iChat ? bc ure always busy writing emails to ur DSK customers =)


    You are alllllmost done !!!


  2. A waiting list?! That's great Steph! You sure put your blog to good use. :)

    And congrats on graduating soon! You're going to be a busy girl over the next couple of weeks huh?

  3. 1st off.... congrats on graduating :)

    i'm sooo glad i got my order in last night... thanks again sweetie... i cant wait to get them!

  4. oh daaaaaamn. waiting list?? you're so.. fortunate. and lucky. ahahah. and talented ;) <3

    phew! good thing too, i was tempted to place an order. but nope! gonna wait til the waiting list dies down xD if it ever does!

    are people gonna get a ticket number? :P

  5. LOL!!! O man.. I thought I had an advantage... :PP What if I show some leg?? Hahahaha

  6. LOL @ Fuz! She *does* have some pretty sexy legs, Steph.

    Anyway, CONGRATS!! On graduating & on building up your business! Both are so exciting!! I have a lot to learn from you. =)

  7. lol @ fuz's comment..haha

    congratulations on graduation!!!!!

  8. U have tons of orders cuz your jewelry line is hot (AND YOU!) I received my package today. Will play with it after I'm done pigging out :)

  9. Congrats again on Graduation Steph!

    DSK is a non discriminatory company! LOL! Everyone must wait in line! LOL!

  10. yay steph!!! such a huge accomplishment to graduate!!!! i'm excited for you..

    so is mr. minh popping the question anytime soon or what?!? ;]..lol

    whoo whoo for CLUB DSK!!!

  11. Gosh you busy bee! hehehe I guess I can't ask you questions no more! boo hehe <3 Yay graduation! I'm excited for you =D hehe

  12. :) I just wore the lipstick and Daniel asked me what I was wearing. I told him a new lippie and he's like I LOVE IT, you should wear more purples. So, YAY :) Lavender whip = A OK!

  13. d-d-ddayummmm! waiting list!

    woo woo! good job girly!

  14. You look so cute at 4years old!! Having a waiting list makes people even more eager on getting your jewelry! You go girl!!!

  15. Yay for the waiting list!!! You're famous!!
    lol fuz's comment is funny.

  16. Then quit tempting us with new creations! It's just torture!


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