May 23, 2009

DSK Video 3 @ Home

New Pieces by me! Visit for more ;)


Candies for the DSK packages ^_~
:) Makes me happy :)
I pretty much wiped out 3 yeah..ladies!! If you buy a Pegasus Necklace....
treats & mask ^_^

I told ya'll I NEEDED MORE MASK!!!

My bestie Oliver decided we need to make sexier names for the pieces..soo...what do you think? haha memorable?

You need to have a dirty dirty mind to understand this one..hahaa

Said Jennifer & Oliver

This is my fav, the copper is HOT in person, it has reflects of pink

Oh, NEW VIDEO, hahaha

Meet my lil sister, Julia


  1. hey darlin' (= i'm doin good, how about you? DAH! that "sexy kitten" piece and the "position de 69" is UH-MAAAAAAZING!!!! AHHHH! i would totally rock those! it's just...i've been wearing one of the necklaces my booski bought me years ago, and i never take it off...he'll question when/if i do. hahahahahaha. oh my gosh...i'm contemplating on whether or not to buy those.........GORGEOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! =DDDDDD i'll let you know if i'm gonna buy anything!

  2. oohoh..the jewelry

  3. Ahaha your jewelry names are hilarious..
    Woww you have so many faceshop sheet masks! Your customers are very very happy :)
    Ah I wish I had your 'sexy kitten' necklace when I was doing my cosplay.. It would've matched the outfit perfectly!!

  4. Look at all the snacks and masks!!! I'm dumb, I don't get any of the jokes here ;_; Well, the pieces are nice, I think the Pegasus crystal would be too big (in proportion) to my necksize, but it's an interesting piece all the same. The purple+clear one is a nice combo! :)

  5. LIKE OMFG YOU CLEARED 3 WALGREENS?!?! HOLY SHIT. LOL -_-" I wish I could just order them!!! When does this sale end?!??! and wow SNACKIES!!! <333 *huggs*

    I love the new names BTW!!! I really like the "that's HOTT" one!!! I love the purple and clear it does look HOTT! lol and that copper one is the sex! I'd do it!!! LOL <3

  6. That is A LOT of maskssss!!! *drooooolll* Now you'll never have to worry about your mom stealing ur masks! hahahaha :)

  7. I totally just saw those face masks today! Totally dont know how they work though lol.

  8. That is a lot of masks+candies hahaha

  9. Ohhh that's so nice of you to include freebies in the order..
    xD It makes me so want to order! Hm hm I may do so....

  10. Hi Hun~ that is some haul for your love packages!! where do you go to shop for japanese stuff? I see some of my fav candy in there Im jealous haha
    you layout picture on top is so beautiful sanniet did a amazing job!!

    Im going to send out your package tues!! yay I havent been to motivated lately but I really enjoyed making stuff for you!! XD

  11. SPARKLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. hey love,

    i probably had the worst day ever.
    i will talk to you tomorrow.

    hope you had fun at your cousins party.

    love you.

  13. Position de 69 LOL!! Crazy names & WOAH tons of face masks! The stuff looks amazing :)

  14. Wow, your new jewelry pieces are soooo beautiful! My favorties are Peg-a-sus... get it? and That's Hott!.

  15. Sweeeett!!!

    i think u need more face mask?!?!?! hahaha. i have to check out my walgreens. i never knew they have faceshop products!

  16. WOW so MANY masks @_@

    awww you and your sister look so alike!!

  17. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's because of people like you that I can't find these face masks at Walgreens. ;)

    I love your jewels and things...!! =)

  18. whoaaaaah, that's a LOT of face masks!!! LOL

    gorgeoussssss necklaces!!! i want 'em all! haha


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