May 22, 2009

May 22, 2009


Some pictures of the day to share ^_~
& a video!
It's just a day in May in DSK world

It's funny how hair can either flip in or out!!

Bow by Eki

My grandma was like, why did you put your finger there, you ruined the picture,
hahaha she's so traditional!

Bow by Eki

Clear AB Plump Lil Stars & Big Daddy Stars

Requested by Lily

WHICH BAG IS HOTTER!??!!?If only I had an extra $1680


Semester Sophmore Year College
Oliver and I would always go to Saginaw Mc. D for Coffee, Rally's for fries, and A&W for those mini corn dogs! haha and we still had hot bodies, cause we worked out 2-4 hrs a day!

Whit! Email:
I need your address ^_~ so I can send you your prize!!


  1. omg! i've been eyeing that bag!!!
    i like the gray one...but i tend to steer more towards classic colors when i buy bags....

  2. I like the pink one for those days when I wanna be girlie. However the gray one is more versatile in terms of outfits.
    I think she's 17 or 18. ^_^ You look so cute with the bow!

  3. i LOVE aloe vera juice. my mom used to make us drink it growing up, becasue she thinks it makes your skin beautiful.i just think it tastes good.(^-^)
    and i like the grey bag, its so purrrty...

  4. *hugs* still working on your layout!!! lol x_X

    OMG those bags are cute!!! gah! I want! sigh hehe

  5. Wow, I can't believe how different you look in just a couple years! I seriously thought that picture was taken during your teenage years.

    Well you're still gorgeous either way :P

    But yeah, as for the bag I'd go with the grey. Like the others say, it's much more versatile when it comes to matching with outfits :)

  6. Love that Eki bow--it's fab!

    How dare you dangle handbag porn...I went to a designer outlet mall today, and it pained me to walk past all those bags, knowing that I must save the money for furniture!


  7. Wow! I would have guessed 18? *WRONG!*

    I think I would go for the pink Cabby just because it's bright<3 I wish I could just dish out $$$$ for a pretty bag like that:[

    Eki's bow is really cute too<3 I think I'll order sometime:]
    *Haha, you should get compensation for being a lovely model! Yay<3*

    Love your blog and you! Take care then.

  8. pretty ! love the bow.. hahha.. i know what you mean about the hair flips; it always happens to me. I'm thinking it's because the way I blow dry it.. I don't know. haha

  9. Oh wow, I was WAYYYYYY off LOL. Good to see a new video from you! I missed them, actually. =) And those bags are SO CUTE!!!! But to answer your question, I think the grey one is *hotter.*

  10. Hi DSK boo~ are you still sick?? aww
    I just love the way you apply your lippie!! ^__^

    thank you for modeling the bow you looks too adorable! that contacts looks really good on ya XD

    you were 20 I cant tell since you still look the same you just have the babyface!!

  11. helloooooo! the bow is adorable! :)

    i like your makeuppppp.

    i've been missing your videos.

    OOOO pretty palette! i want me some coffret d'or!

    your hair's growin out!

    aaaw i was gonna get you freckletone. angel's super pretty! i want it nowwww.. :( boo. hahaha.

    i like your "applying lipgloss" face. hahaha.

    hmm, i have super thick brows. need to get 'em trimmed.. soooooper long hairs.

    i like that studio sculpt. i heard it breaks people out though. whddya think?

    i really like CHI hair straighteners.. heeey, where's that hair stylist in cali? if it's somewhere close to me, lemme knowwwwww. i could def pick it up for you or something ;)

    aww, vids in the kitchen! hahaha so public. i would never record vids at home.. much less.. in the kitchen..

    pegasus is suuuuper pretty. did you get your new shipment? wait, i think you would've told me. DOH :X

  12. oh and i love the bag in grey :) then again i'm just not a pink person.

  13. noo friggin way! I WAS RIGHT? WTF?? haha you will always look young, even when you're older and that's a good thing!! i'm emailing you now! :)

  14. i am in love with both of those LV purses! if i could, i would have both. lol

  15. i love the pink one!!! and you are so adorable!!!

  16. lol a little bit of sparkling photoshop touch doesn't hurt. plus the camera doesn't always capture what the human eye can see, swarovski jewels are way much more sparklier in real life!

    i love your jewelry you make.

  17. omg cute handbags..i like both of em..!!

  18. i think i'd get the gray one XD

  19. Ohh...I like the Gray one!!! soo prettty!!! ::drools::

  20. Definetly the pink one! It looks so feminine!♥

    The video is so funny, I love to watch them!xDDD

    And I love the second pic with the bow, you look so cute!*-*

  21. The bow is definitely so cute! and the earrings too :) And for the pic, I would've either guessed 17-18! XD

  22. Holy smokes! If you get either one of those bags I will totally be envious of you. I can't even imagine spending that much on a bag. I wish I could though. I like either one but I like the 2nd one just because you can wear it with almost anything I think.

    PS: I love the new layout :)

  23. i have the same bag in black and i LOVE it!! it hold sooo much and u can carry it in so many different ways! i hope u get one.

  24. OMG. STAR PEGASUS?!?! i am in lovvvvvvvve... why are u doing this to me!!!! ughhh... my finances r so hectic rite now.. but i am ON IT! grrr... stop it dsk. take a break!

  25. been eyeing that pink neo cabby for a while now and still eyeing it till now...LOL..


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