May 21, 2009

Makeup Storage on Wheels!

Hi Sexy's,

I just wanted to share with you girls the new storage roller thingy Jennifer (Beeyoutiful7) and I bought at Target!
It was $24.99 and completely worth it! LOL, I actually forgot my wallet, so I "swapped" with Jennifer for a J-Crew sweater I bought for her ^_^

I forgot to post this the other day, by the other day I mean yesterday.

MAC's Phloof! in the inner tear ducts, and MAC's Two to Glow Duo

Geo's Ash Wing Grey Contacts

My Nudie Browns
An Old UNTOUCHED Pic of me at 18 years old, college freshman!! haha
I am so proud of my "curls"

Look dif, huh?
(jk, it's fake, and this was in taken at least 2 years ago)

New DSK Earrings!


Guess what girls?!

I just had an interview with the beautiful Bubbi of Bubzbeauty


She emailed me and ordered a few pieces!

DSK will be featured on in the near future ^_~

OH, and I ordered 6 (4oz jars) of EGYPTIAN MIRACLE CREAM!

Check out Bubz's video, she describes it so well so I had to buy it!
Why did I buy 6..? To save on shipping! hahaha

They were $25 each, and all orders over $100 got free shipping ^_~
But you had to buy 6 or more to get the deal of $25
(thanks for the link to the online store L!)

It's like $36 Retail

I cannot wait to try this for myself!


How old do you think I was in this picture?
First girl to get it right wins a prize!

Happy Guessing!!




  1. looks like you were 15 or 16 years of age - my final answer is 15! =D

  2. 16... :)

    Love to tat, too bad its not real! :)

  3. Aw your pic is really cute.. Hm. Let's see, you look around 15-17, I'll guess 17 because asians look younger than real age hahaha.
    Love your curly hair 18 yr old pic!! :D

  4. I would say you were 19 in the pic cos you said you started to really work hard on your weight around that time. The Egyptian Magic sounds like a miracle @_@ I'm tempted to try! Do tell us how it goes with you. I love the Stars n' Stars ear piece, so adorable!!!

  5. Love the new organizer! Very nice. I love Target, hahaha. And I love the new little star earrings! So pretty!

    I love Bubz's review of Egyptian Magic Cream and I'm really glad more natural, oil-based moisturizers are getting airtime! But I gotta disagree with her that it won't make you break out. Anything can make anyone break out and I definitely know girls with sensitivity to olive oil. Good luck with it though! The ingredients sound FAB. =)

    and... I'm gonna guess... 14?

  6. I say 17 for your last pic! LOL!

    Nice cart!! Worth a J-Crew sweater huh?! LOL! My look at your curls in that old pic! Very stylish!! ANd oooohh FAKE TATS ROCK!! LOL! But seriously I need to get another one!LOL

  7. umm 13? i have no idea lol i woulda said 15 but already taken :) love the blog by the way! xox

  8. love the new makeup storage, esp. because it's on wheels ! hahaha.. I so need to buy one of these.. ahha.. Thanks, for sharing.. awww.. i love the curls on you; it's so hard for me to curl my hair.. hahha

  9. hi Hun~!! that cream sounds really good I cant wait for your review!! ^__^

    and the photo I will say you are 17 but I think somebody else guess it lol

  10. hmmm...i'm gonna guess 19yrs.

    i wanna go to target now!!!

  11. 13 or 14? ;)

    love that eotd!~ and your curls look pretty awesome :D i would've been proud of those too!

  12. I think you were 16.

    I was just watching bubz' YT video about that cream. Gotta make a trip to whole foods and find it :) BTW, cute star earrings ... how did you know I love stars??

  13. Hi Steph! I got the grad necklace and clear AB plump lil stars today!!! They are soo beautiful!! I'm loving the new designs as well!
    hmm.. I would say your about 18 in the pic, looking beautiful as always ;)

  14. Can I say 19 and 6 months?

    You look crazy young.. but maybe it's a trick question ;)

  15. from looking at your previous pictures...i am guessing 14? =)

    ooh this is the first time commenting, but I have been following your blog for a while. so HI!!

  16. I like your new makeup storage.

    Wow, the cream sounds very amazing.

  17. I want that make up roller thingy!! It looks nice!! I want something like that for my make up.. :) and Yay for bubzbeauty! I like her.. she's pretty! :)

    I think you're 13 in that pic :)

  18. I'd say you were from 15 to 17 but those are already taken so my guess is 21.

    So last year? :)

  19. i like the purple eyeshadow look you did! its soo pretty! and so are the jewelry pieces u make :)

    hmm are you 15 in that pic?

  20. aww bubz is cute. shes from n. ireland.. love the irish accent!

    hmm i reckon you were 16?

  21. hrmmm i think you were 20 in that pic!!!


Thank you for your comments!