May 20, 2009

S U R P R I S E !

My mom started eating them, and was like, "hey they smell good and taste good"
no kidding mom..cause they're mine!!!

WISHLIST* ITEMS!! I've been wanting these two forever!!
Freckletone is hard to find!

I've been working today! :D

Visit me!

by neighbor door, I meant dog! HAHAHA

Heidi's waiting..

I love my baby girl!

It's great to be home, lazy, and blogging!!


  1. Oooh, you ARE hardworking!!! I like the Dariya fringe helper/whatever/thingy as well - they are dead useful!!!

  2. ooooo lala :D nice package!! working hardddd~ i'm still debating about that moonlight. what's the diff btwn crystal and moonlight?

  3. Haha about your mom eating your candies! xD Those two lipsticks are essential nude colors, so I heard on MUA! Hope you like them :D Aww pic of the dog is so cute :3

  4. hahaha your mom is really funny, first she "steals" your masks, now your candy, hahaha. yay for Kristine love!

  5. Aw how sweet of Kristine!! :] Isn't it great to have graduated!! Haha.

  6. Yay! I promise my package will be out in the mail soon. I left everything at work last week and I've been too sick to go in hahaha... T_T;

    Lovely new lipsticks! :D

  7. the jewels!!! wheres mine!! omg... i havent ordered them yet. Grrrr! so busy w/ school... soon, i promise! i cant wait any longer... and ur not helpin me w these daily posts! Gahhhhh

  8. wow thats alot of sparkly things =] and your puppy is sooo adorable! my doggie thinks he's tough...he likes to bark at giant dogs...and run around behind my legs...when the other dog leaves, he'll come out and bark really loudly again...LOL

  9. Yay for goodies!! Cool hair velcro, MAC, & Mango gummies all in one!! Can't ask for more!! How sweet of Kristine!

    Awww Heidi is too cute waiting for her friend!! :)

  10. LMAO.

    Good thing you didn't steal mine ! =p

    I bet you're in loveeeee with those lipsticks!!

    I like both of them too!!

    Enjoy themm!

    awwwwwwwwwww Heidi is super cuteee <3

  11. it made me to laugh that ur mom ate ur gummies..:)
    n Heidi is adorable..

  12. You're so talented!! I got to get my hands on one of those babies soon!

  13. oh my gosh, the website looks awesome!!!!!


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