May 19, 2009

This is the Way I Live

How can we not be fat at the Nguyen's house?
Heidi, age 9, occupation professional sleeper
Tobey, has OCD his stomach is bald! He licked alllll his tummy hairs off

-Cargo 30 powder
-MAC Two to Glow
-Guerlain Mascara
-MAC Emote
-MAC Love Joy
-Chanel Cream Shadow
-Anastasia Brow Pen Medium Ash
-MAC Brushes 217, 187, and ..yikkes 168?
-MUFE Concealer Palette

Of course, I would forget the MAC Studio Sculpt foundation NC 37
I love this eye shadow!
One of my very first palettes by MAC
Thank u Holly ^^It's gorgeous and gives me that glow I need to be hot and sexy. haha

Alex!! We still video chat :)
Except the week that I accidentally blocked him AHAHAHAHA

Me @ Home!
I made you a video (that got cut off hahaha)
I also uploaded the wrong video online earlier lulz!!

First day of actually doing my makeup since I've been home :)

I love Picnik!

Geo Lenses in Tear Grey, (I think!)
Way to Love, I am in LOVE!

I need to lose my baby fat face




A BIG JUICY MUAH* to my blog sisters ^_~

*I skated 7.5 miles today *



  1. hey steph! ahh im at school typing my essay and i just had to go on blog and comment you :D mannn i cant wait to get your packaging so i can blog about it! i love love love love love dsk jewelry!

    i laughed at how you looked at the end of the vid applying on lipgloss! LOL

    also, damnnnn your doggie and kitty are FAT! i like it! i love fat animals! i laughed when you said tobey is ocd and he licked all of his tummy hair! dang!

    i like the color phloof too! such a good highlight color!

    is tobey nice? is he friendly? whats he like? im a cat lover ;)

    i might not have internet at home :( im sad! everything is in boxes and i cant even find stuff!

  2. aaawwwww what chubby pets xD hehehe. super cute though!

    two to glow looks reeeeeally pretty :D yay for fotd! glad to see your pretty face again<3 been too long!

  3. The circle lenses make your eyes look soooo cuuuute! ;)

  4. doggie are cute, but too bad, I'm too phobia with them. is a bad childhood memory! ha~

  5. Hello.. lovely pics! u look so cute in them.=] I loove phloof too!

  6. Awww Tobey & Heidi are soo cute!!! I wish my cat & doggies got along that well!! Tobey's nice and round like my Tomo!

    Sexy look today Mz.Steph!! And I hope you feel better soon!! Sick sucks ass!! Wow 7.5mi!! Dang!! Props to you!!

    Haha you blocked your Alex! LOL! Picnik is the shiz for making artsy photos! :) WHOOOOT!

  7. Sounds like ya need to learn from your furry family members and get some zzzzs once in a while, lol!

    Nice to see that you've got a bit of blogging time before law school, too!

    You look adorable--I could pinch your cheeks!

  8. It's good to see your face Chi!!! :) I actually don't have Phloof lol BIG SURPRISE huh?!

  9. hehe the cute lazy bums. is that a weiner dog?
    i need to lose my chubby cheeks too XD

  10. new layout!! looks great :D

    haha your video is so funny...

    the lipstick looks great on you!

  11. Awwww! Reminding me of Lilo again.. haahah. So cute!!

  12. lovin the look
    lovin the new layout
    lovin your pets
    lovin dsk!

  13. loving your look, MAC's two the glow looks so pretty!

  14. *hugggss* you're adorable steph!!! love the new pics <3 I'll watch the video when I get home I'm in class right now LOL >_< and your pets are adorable!!!! sigh I want a puppy and kitty and a chinchilla!!!


  15. Oh shit! I think we have the exact same wall painting in our house! Are all Nguyens so alike? I'm sorry, I don't know many Vietnamese people! Nor have I had a glimpse of the insides of their houses haha I always enjoy reading your posts, Steph, you have a such a sense of humor :)

  16. I've tried to like Phloof! But I cant! I think I'm wearing it wrong... argh hahaha.

    What kind of camera do you use?

  17. aww tobi & heidi is sooo adorable! snd so are you Dollface!!

    good job skating 7.5!! woot woot


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