May 18, 2009

DSK's Weight Issues


I just found out that I can blog outside hahahaha, the wireless works! WOO

Anyhow..what have I been up to? I've kind of been sad, and depressed cause Minh flew back home to Vancouver, WA. I've just been moping around the house looking like a mess and feeling like a loser. But enough feeling sorry for myself. I've been rollerblading the past 2 days :D 5 miles each day, which is pretty easy on skates (at least I'm out doing some form of exercise). I'm still coughing up a storm, both Minh and I got the flu!! I gave it him..oops. Not my fault he kissed back, AHAHAHA. I also contaminated Julia..she got sick too..she is still very sick bad...but that's what she gets for living with me haha.

I started eating healthier, and I feel great again in the morning. I can't wait to get soar ass muscles, those are the best! :) hehehehe I start eating brown rice, green peppers, hummus, and tuna! This diet I can manage ^_~

My parents house looks like a mess..I took over their dining table, their basement, and part of the kitchen counter. hahaha not my fault good light shines through to counter. ^_~

My mom hates me. hahaha, I was just goofing off with my sister calling her random names and prancing around and my dad are round like a ball, a ball that I want to kick! HAHA DAD!! He's calling me a fatass! lol. My mom came to the realization that I haven't been wearing jeans..she was like is there a reason why you only wear stretchy pants and t-shirts. HAHAAHA I was like yeah..I gained weight ma! She just shakes her head. My goal this summer is to drop some LBS. Which I will do, or else.....

On another note, my totally awesome cousins from Chicago sent me the best care package everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I'm going to have to brag how awesome my family is..all my cousins especially the ones on my dad's side are wicked cool. Like seriously..they have the best jobs, the best living environment, and the best life styles. How lucky I will be if I can grow up to be like them!

My cousin Nathania is going to start up a fashion blog soon, I'm way excited!!


BAM! She pillowed the package with....puppies!!
I now own a lot of the VS Pink Doggies!!
(My dream come true, how did she know!!!)
So much love <3>

VS VS VS !Tobey wanted to blend in, ahahaha
He's a big boy. He was even the runt of his litter!
So much stuff for Steph

She packed it full of beauty products!!

My cousin is a skin care & cosmetic enthusiast, and I love her for it! hehe, we must be related.
I can't wait to go through everything, :D

Now time to share with you the new Pegasus' Collection !
They're going fast!
These are ready to go, but I always take orders

*sold* oders welcome!

These two are my favorite
Sexy, Can I?
Yes. you can!
*sold* orders welcome!

Chomsiri sent me the sweetest gifts, lol
(she won the contest after she sent this, lol had nothing to do with her winning haha)

Chom Chom, I love you, I really do

Katelyn spoiled me with some brushes, I cannot wait to use them! I've always wanted a small dome shaped brush.

She also sent me the new covergirl lipstains!!

And Nail Art Pen!!

She also wrote me a lovely note that made me feel really happy :)
I love cards, notes, and letters.

If only Minh would write more blahhh :P

I own many many pairs of geo contacts, I think I have 10 now!
I think these are the honey ash wing in grey..

Will have to wear them all this summer and take pics!!


  1. your cousins are awesome, i rarely talk to mine anymore haha
    i hope you feel better =)

  2. So mean of your dad to call you a ball, um but funny in dark humor kind of way, though it's never fun to be criticized. My parents always criticize me about my looks too :\ Probably why I grew up to be so self-conscious about myself. I'm doing better though. Aw, so sweeet your cousin to send you all those goodies!!! That's a lot of VS doggies lol Have fun and hope you enjoy everything! :D

  3. WOAH my eyes popped like O__O when i saw how much stuff was in that box! you are one luckkyyyyy girl. i don't think my cousins are into makeup.. and they're 6+yrs older than me anyways :\ and very um.. religious. LOVE your pegasus collection, damn i wanna order 'em and get mine up hahahaha! just worried they'd be too big for earrings. that black heart + silver wing combo is SEXYYYY. how much, how much?

  4. Wow, your cousin IS awesome! I wish i had cousins like yours, I am actually arch enemies with mine LOL (No joke) Anyways, your jewelry are always so damn cuteeeeeeee!

  5. Hi Hun
    Im really digging your new layout~! :D
    Ive been moping around lately too >_<
    you have such a nice cousin! mine are all in japan and they hardly send me stuff :(
    you are lucky to have such a loving family!!
    good luck on being healthy its the way to GO!!
    p.s I LOVE rollerblading!! XD

  6. Ah Steph I haven't commented on your blog for a long time! Wonder why.. T_T I love your new layout that Sanniet made for you! It's gorgeous :D
    Wow and your relatives are so generous and loving to you~ Can't wait to see you enjoy those goodies hahaha. Your new jewelry is awesome! I keep telling you this but I've gotta buy something from you ahh loll.

  7. Oh, and good luck with the new diet! I've got to try rollerblading, it sounds really fun for exercise. I recommend you stop drinking soda if you do drink a lot, it really helps with weight loss I've heard. Anyway, see ya soon :)

  8. I love hummus! Sorry I would tune into the food first huh?! LOL!

    Hopefully you ALL get better soon! Sick sucks!! And awww you'll be with Minh again before you know it! :)

    wow your cousin is so generous & sweet! And ChomChom hooked you up too!

    Lol @ "my mom hates me"! HA all because your dad called you a ball?! LOL! You'll do great at losing the weight I'm sure, but to me you look fine!


  9. nice loot you got there!

    and sorry but i cracked up when your dad called you 'round like a ball' haha so mean!

  10. So much love :) I'm planning on rollarblading/skating to work. It'll be so fun!

  11. What nice gifts! The collection is gorgeous!

  12. such great goodies! =)

    minh should def. make a dsk's bf blog! that would be hilarious! and you guys can post your ichat pics. haha. speaking of you watch the kardashians? kim told reggie they need to ibone. hahaha.

  13. I am loving your Pegasus' Collection! I think I am going to place my order sometime around next week...hmmm....

    You definitely have some awesome cousins! That's a nice care package....I wish my cousins were into makeup like that!

    But hope you get well soon! I hate being sick especially with summer right around the corner.

  14. hey chica, thanks for the comments! I knew I recognized you from somewhere! and when I say somewhere, I mean Fuz's blog, haha. posted your blog link on twitter, too - people so need to snatch up your jewelery.

    thanks again for the cmmts!

    xx Puff

  15. wow so much loveee!!! your cousin is the greatest, and tobey is sooo cute :)

  16. man your cousins are sweet!!!! aghh I'm totally jealous I don't even talk to the majority of my cousins...actually I only talk to like 2?!?! LOL x_X DEPRESSING!!! whatever!

    I'm glad you're feeling better in the mornings now!!! MMM hummus I love hummus!!!! I should probably start doing something too!!! But I'll be down in Socal so I'll probably have a busy time running everywhere with chris since he's always so busy! hehe

    I found it so funny that you took over your parents house haha how adorable!!! I want to have the feeling again! You know how you want/miss something you can't/don't have. That's I want to move out...I want to know that feeling again! I mean I appreciate my parents like no other! But I don't think I completely comprehend my appreciation lol >_< yeah I don't know if that made any sense!!! ANYWAYS time to work on essays I just wanted to take a little break lol >_< so bad of me!!!

  17. hahaha your mom is too funny! good thing no one in my house is interested in face masks except for me, whahahaha :D

  18. man, if I didn't have twitter I would be screwed....its saved me many a dull day at school! ;D

  19. hey darlin! thanks for the comment on my latest nail entry (= it's an honor to get a comment from you, seriously! i see your name splattered all over this beauty blogger community, but i don't blame 'em! your jewely is AMAAAAAAAAZING! absolutely GORGEOUS! they shine like things i've never seen before! =) keep up the awesome work and this great blog of yours! i'm adding you to my blogroll ;]

  20. thanks for the blog love!! I love the red and black necklace one!!

  21. Damn..
    I need to start eating healthy !
    But I will from next week. LMAO ~

    Congrats on your new DSK piece! They all look FAB ! And that's why it's already been sold =)

    Your cousins are supperrr sweet ! We should allll hang out again !!

    Are we meeting tomorrow?
    Oh ok ! Sounds good =p

    LOVE YOU !

    ps: Ill be ur bf until u and Minh meet again. =D YES!

  22. ohhh hottt danggg! you got more than 10 pairs of geo contact lens now?! :O

    im glad you got my package! enjoy everything ^_^ sorry i couldnt get you more as your graduation gifts :( i shall send you more goodies just to spoil you once im set into a new house!

    omg, the pegasus collection is bomb! my fav is the black and silver one!

    imma get you more face masks since your mommy kept stealing them! LMAO!

    also, the japanese lipgloss, i dont think mitsuwa near my place sells them anymore so treasure that thang! :D

    snap! how did i know you wanted a small dome shaped brush? haha!

    i think tmr imma lose my internet :(

    <3 love you too!

  23. wow steph lotsa goodies! you deserve it!!!

    i need to lose some weight too! i just feel like a slob! lol

    maybe we can start a beauty blogger fit club! haha

  24. cheezuz... that must be the awesomest care package ever! seriously, ur new jewelry collection is beautiful... can u just send me one of everything u have and bill me slowly :( i cant keep up this way!

  25. hahaa..that dad-mom-jeans part was gud-humor..!! :)
    n great packages..

  26. your cousin is so sweet! as always, beautifuL jewelry!!!

  27. love ur new layout :D
    aww i've always wanted a girl cousin close to my age that shares the same interest with me. but all my close cousins are guys =( booo! lol hahaha
    i hope u feel better and get over the flu. love the new necklaces u got!

  28. Yay for rollerblading! i used to looveeee doing that when I was younger. whenever i had time after school and on wknds, i would rollerblade with my cousins while some of them biked or skateboarded. xD hehe good luck with that! you are an inspiration for exercising and trying to live a healthier lifestyle! :D and your cousin lovesss you SOO MUCH! she HELLA spoiled you with all those makeup goodies and ESP all the super cute VS PINK doggies! >:P hehe. your new jewelry looks bomb as always! and I'm looking forward to pics of you modeling all of them GEO lenses!! <3

  29. aww, chom chom is so generous, lol, the bihada is one of my favourite, too bad I don't have any bath tube, ohhhh~~~
    ball ball? haha xD my bro called me ball ball caz he thinks i'm round as a ball >.<|||

  30. Your cousin has really good taste! She spoils you right!!

    Those VS doggies and Tobey are soo kawaii!

    Asian parents, huh! My mom weighs 100 pounds and can eat anything she wants--she has accepted that my brother and I have taken after the German side of the family, lol!

  31. I'm a stalker of blogs, so this is my first comment on yours even though I follow it and others like mad! I just wanted to say HOLY CRAP dude! Your cousins is way awesome. Which does remind me it's my cousin's 26th this coming weekend..

    The pegasus collection looks fab!

    About the hummus, it's not really healthy for you since it's does contain a lot of oil to get it to that smooth dip texture. Basically to make it you puree a can of chickpeas and slowly dribble a thin line of oil in until you're happy with the consistency, then add in lemon juice, seasonings, garlic etc. So Not to mention the salt content in the store made stuff. So to get it to be a healthier choice I'd home make the hummus, using a healthier oil and less of it. Also it
    s a great cream pasta sauce replacement. Just mixed cooked pasta, some raw spinach (let it wilt from the heat instead of cooking it) and some home made hummus and viola! quick dinner.

  32. I would love it if you did a review on the Covergirl Lip Stain! I've been reading a lot of mixed reviews and it would be great to hear what you think!

  33. damn thats a lot of contacts!

    we share the same goal - losing weight :P

  34. Woo!! That was a fun post to read/look through. It was all galore!

    Been meaning to order some jewelry from you! :)

    Oliver Peoples is fantastic and I almost bought a pair a few weeks ago, but lemming a pair of Tom Fords. I love me some sunglasses. Been liking Luxotticas alot more than Safilos lately too.

  35. Haha I like how positive you are, instead of sulking about weight, you're doing everything right and staying happy! :D

  36. wow. what an amazing collection of the Pink's dogs!!!! I only have one or two. haha. LUCKY YOUUUU. Don't worry! I will someday.... have as many as you. haha.

    By the way, LOVE the Pegasus' Collection! but that will have to wait until I get more money =[

    Oh yeah, another thing, you look your daddyyyy so much!

    I will soon create a blog! so.... I'll talk to you later. hehe. byebyeee =]

    ~Linda Tran

  37. I hate sore muscles!!! Haha. Nice packages.

  38. Girl, you make want to buy a new pair of roller blades. Sounds like such a fun way to work out. Good luck with your workout plan. You're gorgeous no matter what!

    I loooove the new necklaces. *drooling* Too bad I'm broke right now. :P

  39. I wanna work out too just for the summer but I feel too lazy! :/ Those pegasus necklace are so nice! I love the pegasus wings! :)

    Wow at your Geo collection!! :)


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