June 5, 2009


I'm starting a A SHOW YOUR BABY SELF TAG ladies!

I TAG ALL OF YOU, all the ladies on blog, to post their Baby Pictures! or Childhood Pictures to share with all of us! I think it will help us all learn a little bit more about each other ^_^



the ultimate ASIAN snack cracker.

(I just had some today in the car..on my way to look at my condo!) haha

Yummy Yummy in my TUMMY
My mom would use a hair roller clip to clip her hair..sighhh

My mommy and me, haha 1987

My daddy and me, 1987

1988, my first birthday!

My mom always put me in a dress

My first Christmas, my uncle went to MI Tech at the time and sent me their school's baby out fit..haha that's why I look like a boy!! He must have not gotten the memo that I was born a girl!!

Before they made me put on that boy outfit! Look at my pretty Christmas dress,
and yes, I know my dad sometimes looks like Jackie Chan

The wonder years..before my lil sis Julia

beep beep mother f*ckers!!!

They taught me to cross my arms at an early age..haha that's why I'm so polite and respectful so I've heard from relatives

My playground, that's my cousin Nam, and his parents in the bg


In line for ice cream!!

Thank you uncle for buying me ice cream!!

Well, that's all girls, I gotta get to work now. hahaha
I got my lunch box in hand.

(yes, I know I look cute as a boy too ;)

Tag, you're it!

Sneak Peak of my new promotional ad for the Twilight Bracelets (with Wolf Jacob)
@ University of Washington...the Hub
Minh's an alumni there :D


  1. Cute pics! Just wanted to let you know that I received my order of 2 necklaces and the wonderful extra goodies. Love them! Thank so much

  2. Aw you're too cute!

    woo-diaper flash haha

  3. you are such an adorable baby!! i wanna pinch your cheeks...LOL and your bf is too funny...my bf would never let me post anything cute like that on my blog -.-'

  4. That is too cute!! Aww Steph you were the poster baby of Asian adorbleness! LOL!! All of my pic are at my parents, and our scanner/printer is broken... so shucks! ;)

    Ha Minh is Team Jacob?

    ps. Got my friends earrings yesterday!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH THEY ARE GORGEOUS!! She's gonna love um to bits!

  5. hey hun
    love your blog, u look so darn cute in all your pics!

  6. ah! ur so cute!!! thanks for sharing. and DUDE!!! AWESOME WOLF RIDING PIC!!! I'm jealous!

  7. awwww so cute!!! wahhhhhhh i think only asians had that boyish hairstyle as a baby girl..bleh. dude, i'm so chicken to post baby pics. i hope i find the courage. lol

  8. ooo baby tag, haha baby Steph is soooo darn cute!!!
    haha yea jewelry making IS a lot of fun, thanks to you for all your wonderful creations and inspirations!!!
    Geez 1000 cell phone charms does seem like too much, summer project? hehehe :p

  9. HAHAH you're so cuteee! i dunno where the hell my baby pics are.. hahaha. at home. and i am way too lazy.. maybe. we'll see ;)

  10. oh no, no one wants arthritis! Although if I keep going with making more jewelries I might get it before you, since I don't have a nice set of proper tools yet...My finger tips and nails are suffering a little bit. But I just couldn't wait to get started instead of waiting to get to the store to get those supplies :p
    You could start making cell phone charms in small batches for blogger girls though :p Personalize it depending on what color their phone is!

  11. aww ur such a cutie! ritz! lol my nephew loves those!

  12. you are too cute!!!

    great tag game!

  13. you are such a cute baby! alrite, imma show you my bby picture too so wait for that post okay? :)

    you have big eyes!

  14. aww ur so cute! and LMAO @ minh RIDING the wolf (0_o)

  15. I remember getting a haircut like a boy,too! LOL. You look so cute even when you were a baby Steph!!This is such a cool tag!

  16. you're a nice mixture of your mum and dad :D and yeah boy's cut, I got one too, must be around the time when the ghost movie was so popular lolz

  17. OMG you were a cute baby!!

    I totally looked like a boy when I was a baby, whats with asians and making their girl's look like boys?!?

    Its so weird to see pics of the 80's. Every time I look at my baby pics I'm like "dang mom, did you REALLY dress like that?!" LOL!

  18. such a cutie patootie!
    i love that going to work pic! hahaha.

    minh team jacob? that cracked me up! the bf says the other day "i don't get what makes everyone so obsessed"
    boys. ha.

  19. aww you were an adorable kid ! thanks for sharing!

  20. Ha ha cute pics. You look so much like your daddy.

  21. Super cute pictures!!! Your looks didn't change much at all =)

  22. Your parents are beautiful! That's why they have a beautiful baby :) You are too cute Steph! :D

  23. Steph! omg!!! you were such a cute lil baby!! haha xD i knew it ever since i saw that pic you posted of yourself being the Diva that you are! haha you started at an early age lol but seriously, that pic of you being your little miss diva self is def. my FAV from your collection of childhood pics, and also the one of you sitting on the bench/picnic table and the one of you carrying your lunchbox! haha xD you would make one cute lil boy baby too!<33 i will def. post up my baby pics for youu! :D <3

  24. Mini DSK! Too cute. Lets go back into the 80s so I can play with Mini DSK!

  25. om..no no..i dont wana c ur diaper..haha..:P

    u r funny in ur childhood too..:P <3

  26. omg baby stephie....

    i just wanna squeeze you into lil bits in pieces!!!
    how cuuuuuuute were you and even a camera whore back then!!!

    soooo -- you, me and L are "SIMS sistas" ahhahahah

  27. awww baby pics!!! you look sooo cute stephanie!!! and your parents look so wonderful together =)

  28. hahaha, so cute, so cute. i LOVE the ritz picture hahahahaha adorable.

  29. lol your very own timeline! it's so adorable : )

  30. Saw your stuff again on Bubzbeauty! you are becoming crazy successful now! lol CONGRATS
    Watched it on youtube.

  31. DSK! I created a 2nd blog page called the " BEAUTY BLOG SALE DIRECTORY".

    Since you have busy traffic on your site,Would u be so kind to mention the blog sale directory blog onto your next upcoming posts and/or on your side bar so that we can establish a fabulous resource page? =))



  32. hahaha awww your baby pics are soo cute. LOL. i love how u were like my mom would use a roller as a hair clip! ahhahaha!

  33. OMG! lol i love your pictures!!
    i looked like a boy too. lol
    and just to let u know i receieved the earrings and THANKS so much for the other pair too haha u didn't have to! <3

  34. awww, cute pics!!!! i wish i could post some of mine too but my mom has ALL of my baby pics and she left them all in the Philippines :( boo!

  35. You were such a cute kid, but of course you got cuter and cuter, and now you're just a ball of adorableness!!! xD

  36. cuuuuuuuuuute baby!! i can see your face in thre lol. my fav one was the first pic


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