June 4, 2009

Where DSK Blogs..

I was tagged by the lovlies Eri & Eki for the "Where I blog" tag.

And....here is where I blog & work on DSK...

*edit* My new Blog Sale Blog

Entering...my parents' house!
Lets go through the garage! LOL
Sometimes I pull in too fast and make the storage tower shake..haha
My K2's for the casual skate days
Marathons when I feel the need for speedy
Into the basement..my mom's OPI collection lol
So yeah...I'm messy..this is embarassing!!
My fish moved home too!
Workstation ..I ignore the basement, I work upstairs scroll down*
Stuff everywhurrr
Hi Tobey!
So yeah....workstation..
I am messy upstairs too..
I work upstairs mostly on the dining table and kitchen counter
Dining table
Swaroski in bulk!
6-7k worth of Swarovski in 6 of these boxes..they open too..that's just the top of the storage. lol
My cousin is a jewelry designer in LA, and I inherited a lot of Swarovski Crystal beads from her, but I haven't really used them...yikes! I will this summer though for sure!

Sorry Ma!
My parents seriously hate me living with them lol..I've been gone for 4 years minus summers..so when I'm back they're overwhelmed!

That's why we're going condo shopping tomorrow ^_^
I hope I find the place that's right for me.

Wish me luck!
Kitchen Counter
Oh, all 6 of my Egyptian Magic came in!! I've been using it and it works great!!
I will have 2 in my future blog sale, they're $25 each, $36 in retail. I bought 6 to save on shipping, haha and give to my mom and aunts..and Minh!
I gotta send this to my hunnie, I completely forgot! Some skincare for him.

I usually blog all over the house, but as of lately I really like my little sister's room, the lighting is amazing and I just shut the door and chillax with Tobey

My look yesterday, MUFE e/s 92..I'm a little rusty on the makeup since I've been out of the game for like a month!! I obviously struggled to blend with the MUFE eyeshadow..it was $19..but well worth it

From the Jewelry Blog
Quick Sale, I have one of Large & In Charge Necklace for Special today.
This is the last of my 18K gold chain in this style for this month.

$30, reg. $40

Email me!
$25 (for order)


and it's your ^_^
$25 (for order)
$35 (available)
A custom request, very summery :)
I love the warm colors!

Request your custom bracelets & we'll make it happen!

for this where I blog post!

Love you all!

Thanks for being my blog friends!!


  1. i love your house!
    i love how your stuff is all over the place. reminds me of myself! hahaha.

    i started re-reading twilight. the bf is like "AGAIN?!?!" i just tell him, "shh, i'm spending time w/edward now" hahahahaha.

  2. your house is nice with lots of room! and i love how you work upstairs in the dining area. lol i'd be the same way :)

  3. hahaha, gurl, you took over the house!! LOL

    omg, i need to place another dsk order soon! ahhh, everything is soooo pretty!

  4. Fortunately your sensible Asian parents got a nice big house!

    I love your crystal collection and your sweet cat!!

  5. I still can't get over the fact that you live in my 2nd grade best friend's house! Colleen! Oh Steph, we were meant to be (fake) friends!

    P.S. Did you know that Swarovski makes dumbells? It was about $275 for I think 3 lb dumbells... but they were THE CUTEST DUMBELLS EVAR! Of course. You should buy them, cuz you're a baller like that.

    It's a true story. I saw it in a magazine while I was getting a bright orange pedicure today. Haha.

  6. hahah! that's a lot of.. stuff. jeez.

    ddddamn i want your crystal boxes. with the crystals inside. wink ;) hahaha.

    i gotta get my bf into skincare. mostly anti-wrinkle stuff.

    looooooooooove the look. i really gotta get that 92!

    ooo that summery bracelet looks really awesome!

  7. your moms polish collection is crazy!

    i love ur parent's house. i reminds me of my moms place.

    whats that egyptian stuff?

  8. Haha!! I love how you've taken over the house!! From the garage to the basment to the dining/kitchen room! LOL! Steph you like to Sppppprrrrreeeeeaaaaaaddd! ;)

    I can't get over how adorable Tobey is!! Tomo's single! LOL!

    Look at the OPI O_O *jaw drops*

  9. I loved that post!!! I think bc my behind is soo nosey!! I loved the "cribs" style tour!!!!
    Oh my OPI!!!!!


  10. you have such a pretty house :) and all that swarovski makes me drool for jewels hehe. i don't usually wear too much jewelries jus earrings are fine but u introduced me into a new world of crystals haha. i love your sister's room. i agree the lighting is awesome and her curtains are purple! :) soo pretty! and yey for matching laptops! hehe..

  11. I love this post. Girl, you have taken over your parent's house...lol

    How sweet! Skincare stuff your bf. You look so pretty with purple eyeshadow.

  12. my, my, my...you are making me want EVERY piece of frickin' jewelry of yours! damnit! -_- but i love how you described your "where you blog." it was quite entertaining, haha. &i need to get my hands on that MUFE purple e/s...sheesh.
    anyways, i emailed you!

    talk to you later, darlin.

  13. That is not a fail! You look so cute ^_^ and goood luck at finding the perfect condo. I can't wait to move the hell out officially.

  14. omg! i have been using egyptian magic too~! isnt it the best? makes my skin sooooooooo soft. still twinnies i guess!

  15. omg there are so many crystals i just want to make a pile and dive into it! but i think that'll hurt!

    seems like you got lots of moving to do!

  16. i use photoshop CS3 to edit my photos. i used to do photography so i have a bit of experience in editing photos :P

  17. you are all over the place! you love to mark your territory ;p

  18. aww thanks for the tour. Im not that much neater either. WOW your eyes look awesome with those contacts and purple looks good on you!


  19. That is a lot of crystals!!!

  20. woow this is a great post
    i love learning abt people and mor personal thing!!

    i love ur jewellery except i dont wear necklaces or bracelets
    but i am always checking out ur earrings etc ^^

  21. Girl you are insane!!!!!!!!! I would have to seriously kick your butt out if you made that mess in my house...lol..I am such a neat freak..the only messy part of my place is my hubby's side of the bedroom. And guess what..?? It's the only part of our place that has good lighting!! So all of my videos make me look like a slob bc I refuse to clean his side..LOL

    btw---I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Egyptian Magic!! I've been using it for 2 weeks now and I've seen such a difference in my skin.

  22. so many crystals! lol you've totally taken over your parents house :) ooh Zirh - they make great skincare for guys, my bf's been using Zirh for about 6 months now and his skin looks so much better :) hope Minh likes it!

  23. woow..lovely House-Tour thru ur garage..hahaa..:P
    and look...DSK's jewelry is everywhere..!! hahaa
    I bet ur mom is thinking of to lecture u sometime..!!LOL haahaa:P

  24. I love these "Where I blog" tags! It's interesting to see a blogger's personal space. Mine is super messy too. I can never keep my room clean for more than a day! So why bother? :P

    More pretty jewelry. Siiigh.

  25. Btw, I am searching for rollerblades on Craigslist! Any other good places to find them? Good brands?

  26. haha you've taken over your parent's house with your stuff, look at that tower of big bins! hehehe :) Minh is a lucky guy! You send skincare and care package to him! He should do a review on Zirh after he uses it, I've been curious to let the bf try it too. and ooo Egyptian Magic, you make all of us want to try it!!!

  27. Steph! you are NOT rusty on the makeup application whatsoever! you are being way too modest! haha i think you blended it VERY smoothly and the purple shadow looks FAB on you! you pretty girl, you! ;P

    thanks for giving us a peak into your natural habitat. lol..when times get busy and you are stressed (or when laziness overcomes you), it's a given that you'd be messy, so no worries! soooo manyy beautiful crystals!! they're LOVEEE!!! my goodness...i just want to lay in them..like what Chomsiri said! haha! xD

  28. nice. took over the whole entire house.. LOL!
    look at the good side, you'll get a condo of your own c[=


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