June 8, 2009

DSK @ Home 5

Just uploaded a video..will post pictures of my "Smokey Eyes" using a Shi Siedo e/s palette tonight..my mommy is nagging at me to go do something that's not near a laptop...

*edit Minh's reaction to my DSK @ Home 5 video. LOL


"other people think it's funny
but I think it's sexy
that hairclip
looks like u got an index card on your head"


  1. your sister sounds super smart!! your videos are so entertaining! xD team Jacob obviously! hahaha well i like Edward too.. but come on Jacob is so hot!

  2. Thanks for tips to keep sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing!

    The hair velcro thingy is soo useful!! =D

  3. wooooo, special shoutout!!! LOL. =D i'd definitely love to come to your housewarming!! hahaha. *i wish, right?!*

    hmmm..still undecided if i'm team edward or team jacob =P hehehe

    i have yet need to do your contest. i want more shiny fings *greedy* hahaha!

  4. It's funny that you mentioned the silver jewelry tip because I was just about to ask you if I should be keeping my necklaces in this special jewelry container for my silver stuff.

  5. I just wasted 10 minutes of my life on your video. Hahaha Also, you can do a smokey eye for your housewarming party... cuz I'll bring some Russian vodka and turn it into a REAL PARTY. EVERYBODY GONNA GET F*ed UP!!!

    Just Kidding. Kind of.

    Anyway, let's hang out soonish.

  6. oh wow your sis must be a genius!! and lol-art teacher's asistant? you mean teachers pet?(^_~)
    and good luck with moving in to your new house!!!

  7. dude, i need to get one of those hair holder thingies. good luck on the condo bidding! party @ ur house? hahaha. i'm diggin' ur sister's chinese take-out cermaic creation. :)

  8. I was watching your vids and the BF saw you talking about your nails and he asked, who's AUDREY? ahaha! I told him its a nail polish! LOL!

    I cannot wait for my jewelry. YAY!!! :) I will order again soon :p

  9. I have ezcema too! It's such a pain... and I don't like using lotion so I pretty much skip every single day until I start seeing or feeling the rashes starting. haha. and about your breakouts... do it the asian way! EAT MORE GREENSSSS! teehee.

    harvarddddddd. should come to Boston! =D

    your sister is a genius.

    hmmmz... I don't like hanging them even though it seems more organize that way... I prefer to put all my accessories in a box to keep it oxidize too!

    and have fun moving into your new condo!!!

  10. I love housewarming!! :D and your mum is so cute she even took time to nag you....oh I miss my mum hahaha...

  11. cute smokey look! man i wish i can fly in and help you move! im really good with cleaning and organizing! :D

  12. Yay for hair velcro! LOL! Haha... do stuff not near a laptop!

    Wow your sister is looking at great IVY LEAGUE schools!! GOod luck to her! I hope she gets into the one she wants!

    Haha! L's into Twilight now!! Breaking out from doggie germs?! LOL! Allergic to beef?! Oh no that sucks. Haha!! DSK jewelry tip of the day! Makes sense though... I think my mom told me that one before I think.

    Great smokey eye Steph! Very gorgeous dahling!

  13. The hair thing is so cute! Damn, your sister is freaking smart!! You look is cuteeeee

  14. O baybe u so sexi, O u so fyneeeeee. lmao.

  15. OOooOH!! I just want to let you know that I'll be placing an order with you very soon.... WOOT WOOT!

  16. good luck to your sister!!! such a smartie :) lol you're too cute on your vids!


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