June 9, 2009

Everyone's a Winner

Two new pieces, designed by DSK + the sexy sexy SEXY model, J.Doll
Seriously..you need to follower her, she posts the best pictures everrrrr
J. Doll's latest pic that I just swiped from her blog to show you haha

I had to post pictures b/c reading blogs with no pics is not nearly as entertaining :P

I would have never think to make a Lariat Style if it wasn't for Jaime, seriously.
Thanks for making me do this!

The Essentials of this Blog Post
EVERYONE's A Winner to DSK

I've been getting many ladies email me about the my giveaway/contest. lol, it's far from easy. It's actually time consuming for the girls who enter. That's why I want to make an announcement.

Everyone who enters will win a prize come July 1st. Everyone....but you gotta play the game to win, so read the rules, cause I will disqualify for not following the rules!!! (the lawyer in me 3 years from now speaking).

Gotta practice my reading skills anyways so bring it girls! Show me those entries lol, or videos.

www.dskjewelry.blogspot.com to read my full announcement*


  1. She is GORGEOUS! And so are the new Lariats! I better get good comp time here at home so I can do all the contests!

  2. I love the Lariat style!

    & about your announcement that everyone who enters your contest will receive a price.. I cannot believe how generous you are :) So nice <3

  3. Your newest necklace is so pretty!! This design is getting so popular, it's popping up everywhere especially on Etsy =D

    Oooh, everyone who enters your contest gets a prize? You are so generous!!! I can't wait to receive my necklace so I can start posing hahaha ;p

  4. OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!! Steph is a genius at making beautiful jewelry. I feel so special that you designed it for me. thank you steph!

  5. omg!!! i LOVE the lariat style! so hot!!!!

  6. What a beautiful model! And omg, I love the lariat necklaces.

    You're so generous to make everyone a winner! Go DSK!

  7. PRETTY!!! That JDoll has some design genes in her! Oo I gotta do your contest!

  8. i love the crystal lariat necklace!
    and whaaaat?! ur making everyone a winner?!!!! damn gurl, how many ppl entered ur contest? bet ur busy making necklaces!!!!
    ur the best!!!!

  9. wow. you are so generous =]

    she's a beautiful model!

    You keep coming up with new necklaces.... I'm going to be hooked onto DSK Jewelry!! lol.

  10. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG i loveee the number 2 one! freakin sexy!!! and actually...i like it in the clear.

    does it come in gold yet? LMAO


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