June 10, 2009

DSK Supports MAC AIDS Charity Walk!

Attention beauty bloggers!

As of 3:05 AM 6/14/09, we've raised $147, with MAC matching us dollar for dollar, $294!!!

Thank you for your donation!

My x 3!!
Rina x 2!
Lisa x 2!
Rohini x 3!!!
Binh x 2!

lets grow this list of names!

Let's all help raise money for MAC's AIDS Charity!

# 1) Sterling + Swarovski Triple Starfish $35
(Aquamarine, Teal, Crystal Clear)
(Aquamarine, Teal, Crystal Clear)

Our girl, Holly, MAC Makeup Artist is participating in the MAC AIDS Charity Walk this June 14th in her home state CT to help raise money for people with AIDS/HIV. Most of you are familiar with MAC & MAC's Viva Glam line, and how 100% of those sales go straight towards this cause. MAC (Makeup Artist Cosmetics) will match dollar to dollar what Holly raises for this great cause.

Please visit her blogspot for more details about the MAC AIDS Charity Walk.

I wanted to spread awareness of this event and announce that DSK Jewelry will be donating $7 of each sale of the necklaces modeled by Holly herself to raise money for MAC's Charity. I think this is a great way for both you and me to show our support and donate towards a great cause. (7 7 7, my lucky casino numbers ^_^)

You can make a direct donation to Holly for MAC Charity Walk, or order a DSK's Starfish necklace (from this post) as a way to show your support!!

Holly is also working with her manager at her MAC store to see if she can get MAC to give a little something for you girls for your support of this cause.

Straight From Holly's Blog

"Any money that I donate will be doubled by MAC to donate to this charity! : )

If you would like to make a donation you can send to my Paypal account


If you do donate please be sure to include your address. I'd like to do a little gift for the ppl that donate, I'm gonna talk to my manager and see if we can come up with something. : D " -Holly

We only have a few days so please place your orders, I will total up all the sales up from this post until June 14th, and send DSK + YOUR donation to Holly for MAC.

I am proud to help out in the ways that I can ^_~

#2) Sterling Double Starfish $30
(Teal + Aquamarine)
(Aquamarine, Teal)

#3) Sterling + Swarovski Double Starfish $25
(Light Amethyst + Burgundy)

(Light Amethyst, Burgundy)

#4) Sterling + Swarovski Double Starfish $25
(Light Amethyst, Golden Shadow)
(Light Amethyst, Golden Shadow)

#5) Sterling + Swarovski Double Starfish $25
(Silk, Golden Shadow)

(Silk, Golden Shadow)

**All orders that are not relating to the MAC fund will be placed on a waiting as of today,
June 10, 2009.**

I want to take these next few days to focus my energy on raising money for MAC's Charity.

Thank you!
E-mail: DSKJewelry@gmail.com


Special thanks to my big brah, Matt for such a great idea.
You have a great heart!

Photography by Hollyannaeree
Special thanks to Holly, GH!!! WOO for letting me know of such a great event!
You have a beautiful heart!!


  1. yay! thanks so much stephhhh. im puttin it on mine now!! : )


  2. im nervous...theres like only a couple days lol.

  3. Im goin to check her blog!! :D you're so sweet!! I like what you're doin here!

  4. Oh wow!! I should have just ordered this instead of the other one. ahahah :) Good luck ladies. See what I can do..

  5. Holly and you have hearts of gold!!! What you guys are doing is fantastic!

    And thanks for liking the accessories I made! It means a lot especially when it came from you (since it's your design lol) =D

  6. ABSOLUTELY FUKKKKIN STUNNING BABE.,..your full of talent just unreal

  7. omggg. you guys are so amazing! im so happy!

    Special Thanks to Stephanieeee. ^_^

  8. damnn girls you are going to townnnn!

    Thank you sooo much!


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