June 14, 2009


Hey blog world,

I know my layout is messed up on the top ( I somehow messed it up oops) , but Sanny (Sanniet) (who I commission to design my logo & blog layouts) is on vaca, she'll be back soon! We're going to design a new business card for DSK Jewelry next! Sanny has a little business going on blog, SSLayouts. She'll make you a completely sweet blog layout & banner for $25, or just the banner for $10. Sweet deals! She's ever so talented, and adorable as well, dream girl!!

Sanny's entry for Eki's Cosplay/Anime Contest
Chobit's Inspired!
I loved Chobits, haha I have the playing cards...wow..middle school yrs. yeah..

She does a great job, and as you can see, my blog looks freaking amazing, and so does the jewelry blog, so I comissioned her for 2 blogs ^_^ Money well spent! She has a special offer going on now on her blog for $5 off. Check her out! She's my gurl. I'm super dependent and clingy now, isn't that right Sanny!!? LOL, I love her, complete shoutout to Sanny. I've really missed you!

She's visiting her bf in So Cal, she's from No Cal, hehe

I wish I could visit my bf too, he's all the way in Seattle, WA right now. The end of July though, I'll definitely make my voyage out there.

Anyhow..I miss chatting with Sanny, life's weird without Sanny on AIM!
She makes me want to go play video games again. She's a big gamer! As I once was..once upon a time, the good years!

SO! Who bought the new Sims Game? I completely want to buy it and play...shooooot.
I own about 5 of the old Sims PC games, haha back in the day, like Hot Date, or random add ons like that. haha House Party was one of them, lol! I spent like 8 hrs a day playing that game! Always making my Sims "Play in Bed" AHAHAHA ( you know you all can relate)

So yeahhhhhhhhhhh, new post on the jewelry blog, I'm actually really proud of this last collection ^_^

You best go check out DSK Jewelry! =P
Just kidding, you can if you want to though

I think I'm off to bed, it's been a long day.

Oh btw..I hauled..it's pretty big from Msfililocalola's Youtube Makeup Sale!
She had some great stuff..Chanel, Dior, Smashbox, MAC

I definitely can't wait to see the Chanel Kabuki Brush!


Sweet dreams blog world!!



Sneak Peak of what's to come in DSK World,

Sea "Blog" World Collection!

What do you think? The shell is pretttty big, lol compare to the starfish!

Crystal Clear Seashell (1 Left Available)
P.S. I have a blog makeup sale going on at www.dskblogsale.blogspot.com
I think I'll add random things to the sale at random, lol, stay tuned! I have 1 Egyptian Magic for sale that's not posted $26, hollllllaaaa

I bought a bunch to save on shipping (loser...)


  1. sis your jewelleries are soooo beautiful :)
    do you do custom orders??

  2. wow..u luv Sims too..
    Im a freaking addict of it..like i have all the expansion packs of it..hahah..
    but i just have to get Sims 3...by any means..[evil-laughs].. :P

  3. Oooh, I used to be such a big fan! Those pieces are so pretty!

  4. omg i love the sims! gonna go check out your new pieces right now :D

  5. Hun, can't wait to see your hauls!!

    BTW, I am ordering a seashell necklace...emailing you now.

  6. I like the sea shell :) big is good, me
    Likey big pieces :D
    Oh are you away from bf temporarily only?
    I feel you,I used to be in a long distance r/s XP

  7. I have all the versions of the Sims.... Sims3 is the best! (it's become one of the most addictive pasttimes for me so far .... that's why I haven't blogggggged in a week) We don't want DSK to disappear from blogger!

  8. omg wtf u still haven't gotten your SIMS 3 -- sheesh -- Even "the L" got hers... HAHAHAHA

    dood that seashell is friggin HOTTTTTNESSSSSSSSSSSS

  9. those are nice & sanny is an entrepreneur just like you : )

  10. Those pieces are really nice!
    I really wanted to try sims3 haha

  11. OOO those pieces would be awesome to take pics of.. too bad they're all sold out! hahaha. very nice though ;)

    sanny's cuuuuteeeeee!

  12. I want Sims 3 also! :) It would be cool if we all make our sims and go online and meet at some club at the sims world. heehee! :) Yeah I always do "Woohoo" before too! LOL! Bath tub is def where I always make them do it. aahahaha

  13. SIMS! Hahahaa. Play in bed... how can I relate to that?! :P Wooo the shell looks so pretty!!!!

  14. The seashell looks awesome!♥
    I like biiiig jewelry!;)

  15. So pretty! All of your jewelry is amazing!

  16. Na na! You broke Sanny's layout! LOL! J/k! I know I miss Sanny too! LOL! :)

  17. Hmm it's an external hard drive? For MAC? And I'm guessing... 500gb.

    Earring display! I say dangle them on some trees... hahahaaha. Ok, not big trees, I mean elegant table plants like bamboo or something.


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