June 14, 2009

Aquafina Chapstick + Quick Contest

Hi Friends! What's up? I have a few things to share, and a contest to introduce!

Aquafina chapstick is my HG. The last time I found it was at Big Lots, haha my bf wanted to go there to buy something random, I forget what it was, and I didn't have any chapstick with me so..I surfed the isle and found Aquafina chapstick, I was like "haha this is funny" to myself...

This chapstick has been my ALL time favorite chapstick! Hands down.
I ran out of it b/c it melted in my car..but I still use it, haha, gross I know.

I took granny DSK to the Meijer pharmacy, and guess what I walk by....

AQUAFINA CHAPSTICK!! They started carrying these babies.

So of course I bought them ALL so I will never be sad again when it melts, I will go again tomorrow and see if they restocked, if they did..I'm going to buy em all!!
If they don't have them at my location, I will drive to the next Meijer!!

They're only $2.68/pack of 3!! and a bonus gloss!!
I've randomly hid one of these babies in some of the jewelry packages.
I put "surprises" most of the time, haha so you never know what you're gonna get! nen nen nen nehh

I even have dropped a few of the new DSK Swarovski Cell Phone Charms in the boxes....
I just want to see reactions, and if you girls like them or not ^_^

I think I'm only going to make purple available because purple is DSK's favorite color!!
They're Sterling Silver, I had bought the non-sterling silver version when I was "trial & error" buying..and it was just a no-no, I can't tolerate something that's not as shiny as it could be!
The sterling silver is a lot more expensive, haha I won't really make any money on these cell phone charms to tell you the truth; I think they're cute, and if I can deliver something cute, I will. Maybe I should make it only available to people who buy at least 1 necklace, earring, or bracelet, lol I dunno!!I don't want to sell cell phone charms for too expensive b/c you can just go anywhere and buy a cute one for cheap, hahaha

But I am using Swarovski Crystals + Sterling Silver "Cell Phone Finding" lol

I'll introduce these babies soon, I just want to get your feedback, do you think
girls would like these? I did get a wholesale offer from a cellphone company to mass produce these but I turned it down..TOO much work, and too much of doing the same thing, I'd rather make fun pieces, and interact with my DSK Jewelry customers on blog!

I love you more than anyone who wants to give me royalties for MY work. Agreed??

I'm sneaky, and love to get feedback.


Ends Friday @ 11:59PM
I will pick the winner based on their answers!

Rules: First one to guess what this is exactly, and comes up with the best idea for a earring display win the pair of earrings below.

1. What is this? HAHA if you know what it is already, you gotta guess how many gigs, lol
How about this, for the person who is first to guess what it is, and the # of gigs correctly, you will win a pair of my Swarovski sterling post earrings.

The person with the best idea for earring display will also win a pair :D

2 Winners!
2 Questions!


2. Give me an idea on what to use to display my sterling silver post earrings!
I've made a lot of these cute lil earrings, but I have no where to put them!

Recently my little sister, Julia (she's 16, I'm 22) went to Michaels, and we were brainstorming ideas to display posts earrings. I don't want to display them with a backing, I just want to find a nice material where I can stick them in gently to display.

HAHA we came up with STYROFOAM! It's great and all, but I can't stand of styrofoam flakes! I a bunch of bits and pieces all over my parents house..I already have enough stuff ALL over my parents house.

So yeah! If you have a great idea, or think of a great idea, please let me know! And win a prize!

PRIZE: Swarovski Heart Albaster Sterling Silver Post Earrings, Teardrop DSK Cell Phone Charm

Win me!, says the Swarovski Heart Albaster Sterling Earrings

What do you think of my new earring bottles? DSK Brand Love Potion!!

More info on these babies, in the near future ;)


Can't wait to read your comments in the morning!! or tomorrow..or until Friday..lol


  1. Hmmmmm...post earrings...I would suggest a type of cotton pillow. You know those little cloth-cotton tomato ball thingys that your granny may use to hold her needles? You can go find a bigger one or better yet make one your own and just use to to poke your earrings into. =) Perhaps Michaels may carry something similar to that needle holder tomato.


  2. LOL I think I know what that first pic is XD

    I used to sell em and stock em LOL
    guessing from the size it ipod touch in protective plastic cover?

    and for the earring post you can get a frame of some sort from craft store and buy a nylon mash cloth with holes from the fabric area man I donno how to explain how to make it I can see it in my head ... >_< LOL

  3. Loving the phone charms, but only in purple? I love the idea of putting the earrings in the bottles. Too cute!

  4. I tried the aquafina chapstick before! I love it so much. There's a chapstick called "water" from asia that is similar too it. You got a super good deal though.

    The starfish phone charm is so cute. Purple is my favorite color too!

  5. lmao i'm gonna second eki's answer even though i can't really do that. i bet she's right though :D

    i wish i had a space for a cellphone charm!! dammittt.. D: grr. stupid cellphone.

    i LOVE those bottles!!! what an awesome idea :D

    i think.. styrofoam is a good idea but yes, messy. cardboard? poster board?

  6. Hmmm I'm guessing it's a business card holder. and for an earring display...you can use like one of those net scarves or the really thin cloth ones and hang it with a hanger. gahhh that's not too creative lol i tried hehe weeee =D

  7. I'm totally interested in buying a star cell phone charm.

  8. Well now that I read what Eki said, I'm really starting to doubt my answer to Question 1... But just in case she's not right I'm going to say that it's an external hard drive & it's 500 gigs.

    Am I allowed to guess how many gigs it is just in case it is an ipod touch since the other girls did say how many gigs they thought it was? Well if I can :) I'll say 16 gigs if it's an ipod touch. hehe

  9. Now to answer Question 2...

    I couple years back I made my own earring holder so that I could see all of my earrings and not have them stored away in a case. I used a frame from the dollar store, a thin piece of cardboard (like from a cereal box) and a piece of fabric. So what I did was I cut out a piece of cardboard to fit the size of the frame. Then I got some fabric (my fabric was pink, but since purple is your favorite color, maybe you can use a purple or lavender colored fabric) and I covered the cardboard with the fabric - using a hot glue gun wrapping the fabric around the back of the cardboard. I used cardboard behind the fabric because it gives the earring holder more support than just fabric alone.
    Before you hot glue the frame to the cardboard, you need to poke holes into it. && here's where you can make use of that styrofoam you have. Put the styrofoam under the cardboard and using a thicker sewing needle, poke holes into the cardboard. Once you're all done making holes in your cardboard, you're ready to glue it to the frame!
    And there you go, a sturdy earring holder :)

  10. Hi~! I've been following your blog but this is my first time commenting :) I was thinking, maybe if styrofoam is too messy, you can find a stiff type of sponge to use instead. Another thing I thought would be cool is, you know how some earring posts are little half-balls of silicone? Well, if there's a way you can get your hands on a sheet of silicone, you can push all the earrings on there like one big backing :) haha
    Just thought of it, so decided to comment :) I enjoy reading your blog!

  11. ill say its a hardrive 1 terribyte! cos those are awesome! lol and cos i want one! :p

    Im not too sure what to do with the earings? I tend to just hang them on the wall from a necklace... :S
    I love the new potions! your getting more personal with us! lol i love it! :p

  12. Hullo!

    I'm guessing.. 32gigs?

    Some ideas for the earring backer/holder:

    Use a dressmakers dummy! Looks pretty cool actually.


    Wooden spoon holder

    I like the fabric idea

    Or yeah you can make your own from a square of metal mesh like Eki said.

    hope you find a solution!

    OH also you could use that green sponge stuff that florists stick flower stalks in, but they do crumble and flake a little after awhile. more so than styrofoam I'd say.. Plus green is ugly haha


    Hope that helps!

  13. Ha see how slow I am on these Ready, Set, Go! giveaways of yours now that I don't have my own comp! GRRR!! LOL!!

    When I was getting ready to send the bday package I sent you, I was looking all over for the Aquafina chapstick, but all I could find was the flavored ones. ANd I def remember you saying you didn't like those! LOL! But dang woman.. no need to worry now!

    I think tons of peeps would snatch up the cell phone charms! Cuz it's not just for phones!

    Well here's my attempt at your giveaway...

    1. I wanna say it's a portable harddrive w/ 500GB, but everyone else is saying iPod touch so idk! LOL!

    2. I was gonna say corkboard, but then it take away from the shiny sparkle... sooooo

    How about buying a cheap frame you like (wall art size if you want it big) and take out the glass and what not, tack mesh to the back of it. Or if you don't want to use mesh, find some soft fabric (that can easily be pierced through) and tack that to the back of the frame! Viola!! That's my crafty idea for the day! LOL!

  14. oh thought of another one... how about those boards people use for science fair and history fair displays? I believe it's styrofoam between posterboard... I'm sure you can cut it the way you want and be creative with it :)

  15. GOD DAMN thats a lot of chapsticks! you are crazy!!! LOL! always wiping out the whole stock!

    about cell phone charms, i think its find keeping it purple :)

    and cute earrings!

  16. wow, how would you ever consumed those lots of chapsticks lolz
    abt the earrings, how about buying one of those sticking board, and put alot of push pins that you can use as earrings hangger? you can move it about anytime you want, it's very flexible. and you can always put lace at the background or any other pieces of fabrics just to add some colours :P

  17. DAMN thats alot of chapstick!
    and OMG i LOVE PURPLE, those cell phone charms are beautiful!!!

    1. i think its a portable drive, about 500 gigs? my uncle builds computers(and he is not A professionaljust a geek who's tring to make some extra money, LOL),and of course i wouldnt usually know what i thought tha was, cause you know i'm techologically slow!!! and i think he owns something like this

    2. i love to keep my jewelry displayed on strips of colorful ribbon, hangin from a decorated/ribbon covered ruler, (but only when friends and family are over since you suggested to keep sterling silver in a ziploc to take better care)

    those alabaster earrings just scream SUMMER, they're so purrrty

    WOW. DSK LOVE POTION?! those bottles are so cute!!!and im excited to see what you're gonna do for the LOVE POITION, DSK's geting her hustle on, i see!, BUT thats because you're an OG, (LOL)

    good luck to everyone

  18. 1. I'm gonna have to go with what some other people have said, and that the picture is of an external hard drive, and since mine, like most peoples, is 500 gigs, I'm gonna say yours is too!

    2. While it's an old idea, I do think sometimes classics are the best for displays. Do you know when you go around at jewelry sales, sellers have this types of velvet display case with groove that earring posts can be put down in? I think, depending on the color of velvet, this would be a really cool way to do it. And I even thought of a way to make is yourself, by using a shoe box, rules, and bolts of velvet fabric. Now I haven't tried this, it just sounds to me like it would work - if you wrap each ruler a few times with the fabric and tuck them into the shoe box, filling it until it was snug, then between each rule would be a space where you could tuck your earring! I hope my description has made sense, I'm kind of like eki where I can see what I'm talking about so clearly in my head, and that it helps!

    PS - I love the cell phone charms. Very cute.

    PSS - I think the earring bottles are adorable and a very unique idea!

  19. What I have in mind, is using fabrick. I am sure they are many fabrick you can find. Just find the suitable one, its like those stich cross fabric can be use as well. :)

    The holes are there and it is easy to display, you can hang it up!

  20. blogged contest http://iluvcontest.blogspot.com/2009/06/aquafina-chapstick-contest.html

    hope my readers will come tell you their ideas. :)

  21. You dork, you totally found that Aquafina chapstick at Meijer in East Lansing with me before your granny! I remember cuz you were like "I want to see if Meijer has this amazing chapstick I found at Big Lots!" And then they did and we both bought some. I HAVE EVIDENCE, AND THE EVIDENCE IS ON MY LIPS. Mmmmm... Aquafina-y.

    My comments are super meaningful.

  22. It's the Ipod touch in that clear hard case - 32 gb (I was wondering why it was so thick at first, haha)

    For the earrings display, how about having them lie on a mirror, and take a picture of that? that way the mirror helps make it sparkly and reflect. I don't know if that makes sense but hopefully it does!

  23. 16 GB IPOD TOUCH?

    Use a pretty gold/silver mesh to display your earrings. Kind of like this: http://www.mindworks.biz/images/jewelry_display_-_earring_frame.jpg

    Then put something solid colored and pretty behind the mesh to make it look nice (I don't know, like a wallpaper, or nice fabric :p

  24. My sister and I love your jewelery btw!

  25. Oh hey, this may sound weird, but I was wondering, is there any way that you can do like "gift card" type things of some sort?

    So that like people can buy others your jewelry but not have to pick out specifics on what type of colors or shapes.

    I'm thinking this because my bf wants to order me some of your jewelry, but I he doesn't know exactly what to get me without me practically ordering it myself. SO yea, idk if what I'm saying makes any sense, but in my head it seems to sound right. lol

  26. you make me wanna try that chapstick yo!

  27. ah my picture didn't show up

    but here's an e.g. of gold mesh

    you can hang the earrings delicately and display them on the mesh.

  28. 1. Ipod 120GB
    2. This is a cool idea for your earrings. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=22846617&ref=sr_gallery_15&&ga_search_query=earring+holder&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_page=2&order=date_desc&includes[]=tags&includes[]=title

    or a large piece of canvas could work too.

  29. 1. Apple Iphone 32 gb
    2. Have hunky naked male models holding the earrings!


  30. earring bottles!!! I love the potion bottles or whatever it's called. haha. LOVE THEM! They'll make the earrings or whatever jewelries to last longer.

    Steph, I just noticed something... you tend to buy a whole stock worth of whatever you like. LOL.

    I have no idea what number one is... maybe an external hard drive or something with the ipod so... I'm not going to bother... haha. I know, bad. But I just wanted to make a suggestion to the earring holder... use a pretty lace fabric and put the earrings on there then put them in a box so it'll last or put them in a big photo frame that's like a box.

  31. 1. iPod Touch 8GB (gigs).
    2. I really like the idea of styrofoam backing! I've seen it used a lot at jewelry stores for earrings. To make it prettier, you could cut the styrofoam into smaller pieces that fit into a jewelry box. Another suggestion would be to get those plastic earring holder stands...the ones that come with holes and you can just put the earrings in? It looks like this: http://www.sthbodyjewelry.com/catalog/images/body_jewelry_display_1.jpg

    Sorry, that's all the ideas I have! The chapsticks seem really cool, and I love the phone charms!

  32. I see those Aquafina chapsticks around and never buy them. I think I should try now lol. What's it smell/taste like?

  33. well i think #1 is a 500gb external hard drive. but everyones saying its an ipod/touch.

    you should get a case similar to the empty palettes for hot pots or mac shadows They sell them at Michael's. then use foam or quilt batting covered with fabric (or not) and glue into the case. Since you don't want to put backings on the earrings, if they fall from their place you'll still have them in the case!! does that make sense?

  34. I would totally buy the cellphone charms if/when they become available! if you make a twilight edition, i'll buy a couple or a few for me and my cousins!!

  35. 1st pic... an ipod nano in PURPLE?! haha 16gb?

    and for an earring display.. id get one of those pin cushions for sewing needles (a cute one! like a cupcake) and stick ur earrings in there and keeps ur posts nearby!

    cellphone charms are a great idea! too bad for me my blackberry does not have any holes for it :*(

  36. CLICK!!!

    Something like this is what i was talking about earlier.

  37. s! You need a blog!! I need to contact you lol

  38. Hey Steph!!
    Have NOO idea what that white thingy is!! For earrings display...I have soo many ideas!! You can get cute pieces of ribbon.. secure the earrings onto the ribbon and the ribbon... There are also Metal necklace hangers and some come in cute designs.. You can also use those. You can get a trunk looking thing, small of course and put them in there... People love to rummage and find new things.. Also you can find earring display plastic stand thingys probbaly on ebay.. Ill find a link and sometimes they come in different colors.. I think just plain clear would be better for you so the sparkle really shines through.. or black. I just searched earring displays on ebay and sooo many came up you shoud check that out!! Also fake flowers in a beautiful vase and randomly have earrings secured on petals whatever and showcase!! Makes fo cute pictures!! If you want to display them to take pictures theres sooo many ways you can do it!!! If it reminds you of the sea put them on some sand, Tropical.. use a fruit. I hope they work for you!!! Love ya, Sonia

  39. Okay so my idea is to make a kinda checkerboard out of the earings by arranging them in that pattern on styrofoam!

    in that box is stephs magic pixie dust, dsk is like a magic act, you never know hoe the magic tricks work, it is all just magic made out of special pixie dust

    love ya


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