June 16, 2009

Minh & Steph's Favorite Shirt

*Basically a diary entry..so just look at the pictures, haha*

Minh and I are chatting online about our favorite t-shirt. Yes, OUR t-shirt.

So back in college, Minh had this plain dark navy blue Hollister t-shirt size L. All it is really is a navy blue t-shirt, with bold white letters H O L L I S T ER. I think I own like 5 things total from them my entire life. LOL, just not my store..too much my sister's age (16). I think this shirt was a Hollister shirt from when he was in undergrad...haha ancient! Minh's 26 (Dec 26, 1982). Steph (me) I'm 22 (April 4, 1987) I'm a young 22 :D. In case anyone was wondering lol. This shirt feels sooooo good. I stole it to wear a lot when I was going through my "I ate too much my clothes don't fit as comfortable as your shirt Minh stage" in college. HAHA. Our story?

Minh was a 2nd year law school at MSU, I was a Junior (undergrad) at MSU, we studied at the same library. MSU's Law School is also the Law Library/Business Library in one. It was basically proximity, haha and him offering to buy coffee and snacks..which then eventually lead to meals..aka lunch, dinner, and snacks! Which lead to DSK gaining 30lbs.

So back to our Hollister T-shirt story. I refused to buy new clothes once I stopped fitting into my normal clothes (which I still can't fit into today...yikes!) I realized the older I get, the harder it is for me to lose the LBS. Kind of freaky.

I couldn't afford to buy new clothes because I was pretty dependent on my parents. AKA, I had no money, all I did was focus on my academics. Mr. M. Tran decides to enter my life and trick me into growing needy and dependent on him for a good meal! Haha,he bribed me with food, and won. Now I love him more than anything really. I can't lie though as much as I tried to push him out of my life at the begininig I couldn't help but feel sad when he wasn't around or asking me out to do stuff. I LOVE TO RUN ERRANDS and shop and browse even the grocery stores. And yes, I fell in love with him randomly one day. HAHA, been stuck ever since (and I don't mind)!

We don't really have an anniversary date, it was around end of December/January 2007. Therefore, we declared January 1st our anniversary so we never forget it, lol. I'm not really a big "remember the date" kind of girl. I don't need a special day to feel special because I feel special each and everyday almost lol. Minh made me feel like a million bucks everyday we saw each other. Even when I couldn't fit into my clothes and stole that navy blue Hollister T of his. He would still take me to Ihop or Denny's whatever was open so we could eat late night while we studied. It was sweet, but now I despise him for it..I can't taste that food now, but I can feel the extra Denny's flab still in my arms & thighs!

He was just here in MI for my graduation and just took the shirt home, and he's wearing it tonight, haha. He knew I would be jealous because I LOVE that shirt! It's super quality material, and it feel so good against my skin, and it keeps the right places warm! LOL, like my shoulders.

Overall: I want your old, faded Hollister t-shirt back Minh!! That's my HG of bum around the house clothes. I swear I've posted pictures wear that shirt, or wore it in a video cause I'm a hobo/homeless casual stylish like that. I really want to make a new video, I've just been really ugly lately. hahaha

I caught the Heidi dog sleeping on my pillow!! She's actually still sleeping on it...GRRR
I'm not sure if many of you know my sleeping arrangements, lol. WELL
(You have got to love the simplicity of growing up Viet, or Asian..haha nothing fucking matches, ahhaha and we're okay with this...right? HAHA, not when I get my own place will I live with mixmatched bed sheets)

My parents house has 4 rooms,

-1 My Parents

-1 My lil sis, Julia

-1 Mine, but now occupied by my Grandma (who moved in with us so she can get her cancer treatment in MI, it's easier to go to and from the hospital/dr. office in MI, rather than in busy CA) My Gma has gone through chemo, radiation, and how she has a disk of some sort inside her chest, so they're just monitoring that. She's 77, and her hair is growing back beautifully. She's actually the one who organizes all my jewelry chains for me after they arrived individually packaged. HAHA DSK does not have patience to deal with tangled chains!! Patience has never been my strong point, but it is hers! DSK blurb** The Sterling Silver Box Chains I use are Made in Italy, they're pretty fancy pants! That's why they look so elegant. RANDOM FACT RIGHT THURRRRR, it takes good eyes but if you have one of my Sterling Box Chains, look on the tag, it says Italy. Italy = EXOTIC to DSK, okay? I've never been, but my lil sister has..maybe one day I'll go with Minhers. We're planning a vacation to Disney World first week of August!!!

So back to my Grandma Hue

She used to own a "Home Depot" style business back in the old country lol (Vietnam), my Grandpa was an Aritecht, building, contractor etc. He built bridges, railroads in VN; he did a lot ishh back in his day. He's a smart man,speaks, reads, writes perfect English (HAHA he's better than some of his children), he's 77 or 78 and uses word, and clipart and make me a graduation card! haha I'll have to show you guys sometime. He's also a Volunteer Police Man..so yeah you better watch out. DSK's Grandpa Khuong will write you a ticket for parking in the handicap spot.

I saw his old photos. My Grandpa was really hot aka using the world handsome now cuase he's my grandpa! when he was my age (22). AHAHAHAHAHAHAA SERIOUSLY, my female cousins all had to agree when we went through his old pictures.
WOW, look at my tangent. I must be in DIARY writing mode.

-1 Basement Room, my mom's "nail salon" storage room

That leaves me, the inflatable bed (which is wicked comfy for only $52 Walmart size Full) lol
I sleep in the middle of the living room!! Why isn't in the basement? Well....DSK workshop is all over this house..I drive my parents loco. But they put up with me.

How's home life after being away for 4 years?? TERRIBLE.

I'm so used to my freedom. I feel like I'm in jail with annoying cell mates!


  1. Lolz I love your holister story :) I grew chubbier after I went out with my bf (now hubby) too lolz
    I enjoue your diarylike entry,you should do more!

  2. Lolz I love your holister story :) I grew chubbier after I went out with my bf (now hubby) too lolz
    I enjoue your diarylike entry,you should do more!

  3. Cute story about the shirt! LOL! I think you wore it in a few of your vids! LOL! Yes Minh should give it back to you. ANd don't feel bad my BF bribed me with food in the beginning too! He's a chef.

    Heidi is soo cute on your pillow!! But I know it's been breaking you out! Keep washing them towels!

    I'm sorry to hear about your Gma's cancer. But it's good to hear she's going through all the treatments well. You need to be strong to do that. Cancer has affected my life through loved ones more then I care for.

    HA! Italy=Exotic! Anything foreign is exotic to me! LOL! I wanna go DisneyWorld!! I've been there in August once. One word... HOT!

  4. i love reading your this entry. you and minh are so cute! haha it was his plan to fatten you up(even though i think you're a tiny lil thing) so he could keep you LOL

    and sorry to hear about grandma's cancer! shes so cute to unatngle your exotic chains for you!that's such a grandma-ish thing to do!

    and LMAO MY SHEETS NEVER MATCHED TOO i thought it was a cambodian thing. lily's godmother and my bestfriend is vietnamese, but shes a little OCD everything matches at her house.

  5. ahah! love your entry.
    You and Minh are so cute together.
    How your grandma now? I hope she doing okay now. My friend dad have to go on Chemo starting today. *sigh*
    Hey don't worry, my room sheet used to be mix match, but the I keep making me buy me a new one at wal-mart. I finally have a MATCH sheet and comfort. hhihihhi

  6. awwwww. your t-shirt story makes me miss my boyfriend. heehee. he doesn't live as far, but a good 30 miles, so its not like he can be at my house in 5 minutes. and he works another 20 miles or so farther away from his house, so we have to "plan" everytime we see each other. i've taken so many of his shirts, i've had to buy him new ones, hahaha! there's something about wearing your man's shirts, comforting? like he's right there? I have one shirt that is so holey, i had to sew it up (he was trying to make me throw it away! hellz no!). I love how guys like to make sure a girl he loves eats. if i ever say "i'm hungry," my boyfriend acts like i haven't eaten in a year and makes sure that i'm full. hahaha. girrrll, i think he likes me tubby. hahahaha. okay, this comment is getting too long.

  7. It's so sweet how he fattens you up hahaha

  8. awww thats sweet story of you guys!

    Hope you grandmother is okay!!

  9. i love the hollister shirt story! you two are the cutest! i hope he sends it back to ya.

    hope your gma is doing good...i bet she's happy youre home now! :)

    and LOL about the sheets! is that an asian thing? it all makes sense now! hahaha. i had those too.

  10. Steph, I read this whole blog and feel all warm and tingly now with your hollister story & your grandparents...your doggy on your pillow (I actually have a special pillow just for my dog that was mine for my dog now..hehee) and your living situation!

    Food is love! I gained a good 30 too so you arent the only one! I think I figured out these men's trick. They want to pad us up to keep us all to themselves!! lol SWEET !

    And you are SOO true with being Asian and having mix matched sheets. lol!!

  11. You're so right about mismatching stuff in an Asian household. That was the first thing I eliminated when I moved out in 2005. At least everything looks a lot nicer and easier on the eyes now :)

    I know what you mean about going home. My sister just graduated from college, like you. And everytime she goes home, she's not allowed to go out, or has an early curfew (that's why she ran away to my place for a month!!). Anyways, even when I go home to visit the parents for 2 days,1 night, they are annoying about us going out... I mean we're not kids anymore! They treat us worst than our days in highschooL!!!

  12. "I feel like I'm in jail with annoying cell mates!"

    well that's what happens when you come back to living at home.

  13. I cannot believe I actually read through all of that! lol. But cute story of you and Minh. I got chubbier ever since I dated my hunnie and we're long distance! so maybe I'll blame it on college. haha.

    Vietnamese people never care about if the bedsheets and stuff matches! haha. We just grow up to love our bed and not the mix and match stuff. hahaha. But mine will match someday! Someday when I'm not lazy. haha.

    I wish my grandmother was still alive =[ I miss her very much. Lucky you, you have your grandmother to sort the things out for you. haha. I hope your grandmother is doing swell now!

  14. I hope your grandma gets better. I was cracking up so hard reading about your grandpa!

  15. aww the shirt story was cute. i love my bf's clothes, too!

  16. Aww, Steph, I like reading about your family and your background :) Mr. Minh is sweet for supporting you through those hard times, and even now. It's a cute story how you two met, so the Hollister shirt has sentimental value for you n_____n This post made me miss my boyfriend, so I ran into his room and gave him a hug xD Your grandparents sound cool! A volunteer police officer? That's awesome. I said it before, and I'll say it again, I find it so sweet of your Grandma Hue to help out with your jewelry. It's nice to know that there's an extra homely/comforting touch added to your pieces :)

  17. I love this diary post! Thanks for sharing your love story with Minh. He seems like quite the keeper. You better steal that t-shirt back!!

    Girl, we ALL gained weight in college, no shame! And I think it's true for everyone that it's harder to lost weight the older you get.

    I had to do a lot of adjusting when I moved back home after college. It's not so bad now. They let me do pretty much whatever I want, but I still respect their rules & such. Honestly I'm not even planning on moving out anytime soon.. LOL.

  18. i like how you blog so random and so YOU! from tshirt to gramps hehe. and i'm amazed on how you notice that asians have unmatching bed sheets haha while i was readin i was like thinkin of my room, my bro's room, my parent's room, and omg steph is right haha!

    It's so nice of your grandma to organize your jewelry. :) seems like you have a great relationshp w/ her. knda makes me miss my grandma. i'll be pratying for your grandma's full recovery. :) take careee!


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