June 16, 2009

4 Videos of myself...

It was video day in DSK-land, haha don't watch if you don't want to get confused. I don't even know what I say 50% of the time.

DSK @ Home 6 Part #1

DSK @ Home 6 Part #2

My "No ONE Talks Shit About Edward Cullen" Video

DSK Basement Edition (TARGET HAUL!!)

Go to T-Bell, and get yourself a Meximelt, it changed my life.
Thank you Holly for the suggestion!!


  1. you are so funny about the meximelt changing your life!

  2. long distance is hard, i got married because i couldn't take it anymore. my heart always felt as if it were half-empty and things just were never as fun compared to being with my man. but law school is something else too. i wish you the best hun!

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  4. I did long distance for about 2 years, its not fun.. but you guys live in the same country :) its hard nonetheless, i think relationships is hard in general, it takes a lot of time and effort. It also really depends on what your passion is :) Have you lived with your bf before??? From personal experience it can be very intense and it caused a lot of problems for me o_O what ever you decide I wish you the best ^^

  5. Can you go to Law School in WA? I get the whole building mountains instead of digging holes. Meximelts are life changing... Just don't eat to many or they will change the size of your a$$... lol....

  6. Well, I've been in a long distance relationship for a little more than two years and I can't really take it anymore =T

    If I was you... I would just follow my heart. Like I said before... school is school. You can always go anywhere you want and school will always be there. ORRRRR, Just apply to some school in Washington and live with him =] (just make sure and give him the chores.... he's in charge of cooking. haha)

    But since you're Vietnamese... I'm pretty sure your parents are going to freak out on you... run if they start try to find the stick! (no, I'm dead serious around running for your life from ranging asian parents! haha)

  7. I had Taco Bel for lunch today too!

    Whooo 4 vids in one day!! :) Aww Steph no life crisis! You do whatever you feel is best for YOU! Honestly it's what's gonna make you happy in the long run. And only YOU can decide that.

    Dammit we soo need a Michael's down here! Our crafts stores suck!! Everytime I go they have like NO Lowel Cornells! Or ANY brand of brushes! Haha! I love temp tattoos!! Cuz those you can put ANYWHERE and not worry! HA! Cuz hardly anyone can see my real one on my shoulder! GO TO THE MD with that cough! I use cell charms on my keys all the time! They're cuter! I WILL be ordering a Jet Black Star w/ Silver Shadow Pegasus on a silver chain later on! It will happen one day!!

    LOL! We know you can do "other" things Steph! LOL! Steph is the BIG TIME! Oooh..the Love Potion bottles! I usually colored sand in those! LOL! SPATCIAL BEAD! LOL! Ha! Polar Bear in a basket! Haha Minh lecturing you on do it LEGAL!


    I'll watch the Basement vid later! Gotta run!

  8. yeah i hate it when my brows start to get bushy. i start to look old and tired and hairy! lol j/k but the old and tired part was right.

  9. you and your random videos..i freakin loooove it!!! :] miss you mucho!!!!

    ohh annn lol "not on this blog! whoever you are you don't know what your talking about!" lol you're so hilarious and i so agree with you on that one sistahhh! gooo team edward!!

  10. Thats a lot of steph love :) 4 videos in one day!! <3

  11. LMAO i was going to send you the skull candy head set in PINK! LOL!!! but yeah they work really well! :D

    i want a cat so badly. my friends have new kittens and i want a boy but they told me we wont know if its a boy until later :( what should i do? they are like the size of your hands right now and they cant open their eyes yet!

    the cellphone key charms are cute! esp the star fish one so i hope they sell! imma make you a video response soon :D

  12. HAHAHAHA! Who wouldn't want to be confused?!! It's like the best feeling in the world!! xD Love your ramblings.. I'd say you're a ramble queen! No one does it better. <3

  13. hey steph, so youre currently me latest distraction. the night you posted these videos was the night i was supposed to be writing a paper!! I'm taking summer classes, lame! and i procrastinate A LOT! especially since its summer.

    haha but i'm not trying to blame you. Just saying that you and your jewelry, and random vids are my latest distraction :)

  14. hi hun. i was just reading your info on the side bar, and i understand where you're coming from. my bf is actually in law school right now up in MA and i'm stuck in FL. im planning to get into medical school for next year. it's going to be hard times, but i feel as though if we can make it through everything, then maybe we are meant to be.

    although, it may seem like a long time, that time will fly by. if you are truly meant to be, you will be together at the very end. but education and building a career that you want to do is really important for you to do. going to law school will give you the vehicle that propels you through life. if this is what you're passionate about, to be able to help people through law, then you should definitely go after it. however, it does seem like you really enjoy your crafting as well.

    it also seems like you're debating if you do want to become a lawyer, maybe it's the best, if you haven't already done so, intern at a local law firm and see how you enjoy it. i had this roommate who went to BC, graduated and wanted to become a lawyer, so she became a paralegal at a law firm. in the end she decided that she didn't like the field at all, but enjoys the health field much more.

    but: there's always the option of transferring schools. you can start at michigan then switch to where your bf is. i'm pretty sure if you have the grades, it wouldn't be aproblem for you to switch, granted freshmen class is always bigger than the graduating class.

    ultimately, do what makes your heart happy but make sure that decision is only influenced by your own heart, not because of your bf or anyone else. because at the end, you don't want to place blame on anyone else if you are unsatisfied.

    best of luck hun :)


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