June 19, 2009

The Dorky Steph

Do you girls remember back in April, I was freaking about about a presentation? lol, well this was the panel discussion I held after my presentation on Asian American Ethnic Rivalries. My audience was Ph. D's and Ph. D candidates! I want the only Senior Undergrad presenter in my session room. I got to meet Helen Zia this day too, and sit next to her at a banquet table! LOL

I just found this pic from the conference website, and added my flair haha
I'll see if there are more of me!

Yeah..I just don't make jewerly..I was pretty big on anthropology.

Stephanie Nguyen
Michigan State University Grad '09

Major: Retailing (hahaha, best major for the path I've chosen in life, DSK 4 Lyfe!!
Minor: Asian Pacific American Studies (I was the Intern for the APA office as well ;))

I kind of miss college.....



  1. ddaaaaaamn, mad professional :D love it!

  2. So looking like Miss Chairman of the board! :)

  3. Excusssse meeeee Ms.Chair"woman"...
    watch out miss big boss thangs...

  4. I have like no clue about my heritage lol I never grew up with Asian people. And when I met some in college, I was excited, but sorta didn't fit in :( I guess I just stood out like a sore thumb. Blah. Anyway, thanks for sharing :)

  5. wow ur so cool!!!
    and thats a great photo!

  6. Hun, I love ALL your incarnations! You are the Renaissance Woman incarnate!

  7. smart girl. ur bf is lucky to have you!

  8. aww girl.. college life goes by soo quickly when u're having fun.. hehe.. wish you more future successes to ur business! =)

  9. daaamn, u go girl!! I still have 2 1/2 years, can't wait to get the hell out!

  10. smart girl =) i'm so glad for ya!

  11. helen zia's my favorite asian american author. you're so lucky!


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