June 19, 2009

Blog Sale Haulin'! & Love from Chom Chom

The blonde, beautiful, and completely sweet Valli of Val Chante's blogspot had a blog sale so I ended up buying lots, lol. I had bought from her before, a beautiful Jill Stuart Eye Shadow Palette, which I forgot to take a pic of, so I joinked it form Valli's blog :P

It's so pretty! I'm so lucky to own a Jill Stuart e/s palette!!

Now the follow are the most recent purchase I made from Valli's sale.
She has the most beautiful items, and they're so gently used ~with box and everything!

Thank's Valli!
Everyone go check her out! She does greattt makeup and she posted the cutest video on youtube
plus she loves LV! lol who can't relate to that?!

The list of goodies!!

MAC royal assets warm color palette
-Mac brave new bronze lipstick (only swatched it x2)
-NARS eyeshadow duo in Surabaya (used x2)
-MAC blonde MSF (used x4)
-Majolica Majorca mascara (used x2)
-Jill Stuart eye Jelly (used x2)
-Kate black/blue eyeshadow palette (used x2)
-Paul and Joe blush (used x3)

She packaged everything beautifully

lol, I don't know why this picture is side ways..sorry!
Look at all my new gems!!

I've always wanted this! P & J Disney Flower
Blush, it's so cuteeeeeeeeeee!

My very first Jill Stuart Eye Jelly!!
Fuz is always teasing us with her Jill Stuart treasures,
I knew I MUST get my hands on one of these jars to test it's true sparkle.
I swatched it..and I was in wow..it's comparable to how sparkly Edward Cullen was in Twilight when he would stand and reflect diamonds in the sun ****insert HEARTS****


YESSSSSSSSS! My first Nars Eye Shadows!
MAC's Blonde MSF!! You are MINEEEEEE!

Valli sent me the MAC mascara as a gift!
Thank you girl ~ you're the sweetest

What is that?? Is that from the Style Warrior Collection?

It sure is! She said it was a bit dark for her, and asked if I wanted it, and of course I did!
It was the only item from the whole collection that I thought about buying, I am so lucky.
Time to go buy a lottery ticket!

Not only did I get my haul from Valli, I got a lovely package from my fav. girl
Chom Chom!

She always sends me so many goodies!
I'm going to get you back super hard Chom!
She knew I was feeling down a last week, and wrote me a really sweet note.
I value friendship more than anything, thank you for being such a great gal pal ;)

The e/s survived! I just gotta dust out a few of the bits that broke, everything looks greattttt

I have the Green Sally Hansen HD nail polish on right now :)
I still gotta work on a design then I'll post some pictures!

Now..the best!
She sent me her Gold Diva bracelet!
Chom makes jewelry too, you all should check her out!!

Her bf calls it the Godiva Bracelet, lmaooo

It's super bling, and I feel pretty gangsta fabulous owning it! LOL

She also made me a pair of leaf & flower earrings, but I'll post a pic wearing those tomorrow, keep you guys in suspense :P

To order one of these babies, contact Chom Chom (lol my nick name for her) herself at her blogspot, http://www.chomfifi.blogspot.com/

I also got L's Blog Sale stuff last week, lol forgot to post!
Look how cute she packaged everything? I was flipping out over this decorative tape!
L got some gooood stuff!
Shi Siedo Eye Shadow Quad
Smashbox Eye Shadow Quad

And she sent me a Japanese E/S Quad!

AHHH so many eyeshadows!
Welcome L!

Bye everyone!!

A huge haul is also in the mail on it's way to me!!
Think $300 worth of designer makeup!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
I went crazy..I deserve this? I moved back home and my parents drive my crazy..?

Stay tuned!!

P.S. The DSK Workshop
I went today to check it out,
It needs some work! The cleaning lady came in when I was there to clean :D

Lots of counters, I like that, I just need a table!
Two work areas4 sinks total..lol

LOL, I get sinks on BOTH SIDES!
Extra spaceLove the natural light!

Posting a video of this on youtube now-ish :D

DSK's Future Workshop


  1. tons of goodies!!!
    i'm totally jealous of the jill stuart stuff! i've got to get me some of those...such cute packaging! and who wouldn't want to sparkle like EDWARD CULLEN?!?!?!??!

  2. ur haul looks sooo good! haha i'm talking about it like as if it were food.

  3. WOWW huge box! LOL
    I can't wait to see you fotd these things haha
    Loving blog sales hehe :)

  4. what a haul!! I didnt even see all that stuff on her blog sale!! great items! do you love the jill stuart palette so sparkly XD

  5. Aww so happy you liked everything! I'm sure it is gonna look FAB on you ^^ And so sweet of Chom chom to send you a nice package as well~

    your workshop looks amazing! @.@ I've never seen a botique-like place where I live as pretty as your place, and you haven't even done anything to it. Very nice :3

  6. WOWWWWW!!! I love the place!! You are going to be oh so famous!! :) I'll be wearing all the DSK Jewelry I bought tomorrow at IMATS! Yay!! :)

    and so much goodies!! Aww I wanted that P&J Blush too! So lucky!!

  7. omg great haul! im jealous!

    love the chain that gold bracelet is on! gorg.

    OooO workshop...fancyyyy! haha.

  8. wow you make my gold diva bracelet looks so good! look at that sexy wrist and hand :) LOL

    omg the e/s broke?! stupid mail man! ahhh! next time imma wrap that thing super hard! :( im sowwie!

    and cool packages you got there! :D

    oh wow workshop! looks very clean and damn 4 sinks?! haha!

  9. I want jelly eyeshadow things. Haha. One day... ONE DAY!

  10. Steph, great packages from Valli and Chom Chom!

    I am totally knocked out by your workshop! You are a true professional!

  11. Hey a bathroom is totoally important in a work/office space! ANd wow 4 sinks!! Clean hands!! Make for clean work! Oooh a basement! Is that for you too?! LOL! STORAGE!!

    And yay for cleaning ladies!! Just make sure to lock everything up!

    Wow you got great blogsale buys! Great deals! Lots of new makeup for Steph! :)

  12. You snagged great stuff from Valli's blogsale!

    Your workshop is fabulous!!!

  13. JILL STUART!!! Omg *drool* I love everything you got, awesome haul!! xD I've yet to own a JS eyeshadow palette. The one you have look like..*squints* #6 Blossoming Shine? I could be wrong. Which one is it? I'm dying to know xD

  14. I basically went to sleep early and woke up at 8:30am.

    The weather seems like it's gonna be gorgeous. But flood warning towards where we'll be heading ?

    Im debating if I should wake you up rite now..heheheh

    dang..lovely goodies. Me droooooooling.

    I'm gonna call you ladies soon =)

  15. errr, i wanna be at upstairs... dowan darkness

  16. OMG,gud luck ,ur workshop looks veryy hommy and comfy !hehe

  17. Impressive haulage!!I'm so lemming for the jill stuart palette T.T
    And you have a really nice workshop :) looks so much fun to work at!

  18. woooaahh! baller workshop!

    i love all of your goodies! damn i wanted that jill stuart palette, darn youuuuu.

  19. Nice future workshop!!! Love it!

    And the goodies you got are so great! I love that Paul & Joe blush.

  20. look at all those goodies!!

    and aww flower! i love bambi, actually, im a sucker for most disney stuff

    and wow, your workshop is nice!!

  21. You are one blog-sale-shopaholic. :) I like the Style Warrior collections purely for the packaging. It's so fierce.

  22. those are awesome blogsale items!!!! dude, the basement tour kinda freaked me out. it reminded me of ghosthunters or something. hahaha. i'm afwaid of the dark! hahahaha!

  23. WOW! Lots of exciting things for you.....Hauls and a new place! :)

  24. you always get the good stuff! i'm liking your new work station. looking forward to more updates on it :)

  25. wow.. look at that haul! haha.. some pretty great stuff there and that workshop of urs! very nice!

  26. GREAT stuff! the P&J blush has a very cool pink and the JS eye jelly color omg I use it like everday! Along with the MM mascara! Hope you looove this new stuff. You snagged some amazing items! I never keep the boxes lol I should though!

  27. whoah, that's a lot of goodies!! haha, baller! and nice workshop! =D

  28. Look at you being professional now. I knew your jewelry will be big! :P
    Been lurking in your blog for awhile now.. and your necklaces are gorgeous!
    Anyways, those are really awesome goodies!!


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