June 23, 2009

Missing my Long Hair..

It's just one of those day when I'm feeling really down about myself..lol
I miss my long hair! I feel so uncomfortable with my short hair lately. It's too short to be tied up into a pony tail (or at least one that looks right!)

I cut my hair back in March..b/c I knew my bf liked long hair...LOL I wanted to test his love!!!
What it used to be...back when I lived in my 10x12 dorm room at Michigan State.

Miss my long hair.. :(
And I miss making my stupid faces alone in my dorm room, HAHAHA

And how it's short........

Short hair is hard for me to work with..I just throw a headband with a big ass bow on to distract you from my chubs face.hahaha short hair is never flattering when you got a nose like mine!!


I need the long hair to distract your eyes from my nose/other areas too...

I have to use at least 3 hair clips and 2 bobby pins for it all to stay up :(
It's been really hot outside too! I've just been indoors, apart from going to UPS or the USPS.
I did take my little sister (16) out to get some ice cream today. She got a twist, and I got a strawberry sundae :)

Then we dropped by my cousins' house (Dr. T) to give him some ice cream ^_^ haha I'm a suck up..he's my new "landlord" so I thought I'd start off on a good foot!

He's kind of tough when it comes to being professional in the workplace...
But hey..at least starting July 1st, we both can have a new lunch buddy ^_^

I need to change my schedule around. I've been staying up til 4am, making jewelry...chatting online...and waking up at noon each day feeling crummy.

I need to drink more water, I've been pretty dehydrated lately. My muscles are sore for no reason! It's been way too hot to to go out on the trail. I hate the smell of bugs, and sunlight lol

I dunno..that's how I would describe it!

I suspended new orders for DSKJewelry.com, I need some time to focus on the orders that have been placed. I got several custom orders, and I want to work on those. It's not very easy for me to work because I'm so unorganized! I don't work well with others around either..I need quiet time..I'm picky...and I do not like to be bothered lol. (mega bitch mode!) jk jk

This is the reason why I am renting a space, hopefully I can set up a stand in the dentist office too..get some sales ya know ;)

I just need to save money to pay off my credit card bills, and some money for my move.
It's never easy to pay bills..it breaks my heart!! At least my heart is happy with Minh..
I bought him 2 shirts from the Burberry outlet this past weekend. I couldn't resist their sale!
Plus..Minh always wears clothes from JC Penney's..sometimes he deserve a few nice things..like that iPod Touch I bought him...................................ooh the time will come when he will once again spoil me with nice things...I hope!!! But he's my pride and joy right now. LOL I have no idea why...if I'm not buying something for Minh, I'm buying it for my big bro Matt.. lol

I love to get them skin care for men..maybe it's cause I'm not a guy? I'm filling my buy skin care for men void? And sending it to them?? Who knows..I'm psycho.


Blog sales are so much temptation..and just reading blog reviews about new products..that's just hard.. LOL

Anyhow..I just felt like writing my "diary" tonight.

Things I need to do tomorrow:

1. Veet my legs, and armpit area!
2. Change my toes nail polish
3. Change my nail polish & do a wicked cool design
4. Figure out something to do with my hair :(
5. Use some of my new makeup!! Maybe a FOTD?? It's been a while!
6. Read New Moon! I'm so behind!
7. Organize my work space aka parent's kitchen counter/dining table...
8. Work on jewelry orders
9. Hit up the post office
10. Call and bitch out stamps.com, chase bank, paypal LOL
11. Drink water and a lot of green tea!

My big bro showed me this car..and now this is all I think about! LOL jk..but it's nice to look at...maybe one day I'll see it drive by me in person?

Big...I hate you. Speaking of big..here's a picture I photo cropped for him, lol he has the worst pictures ever on his facebook..I have no idea whyy!! He was like Mr. Heartbreaker at Michigan State University lol. Maybe it's cause he's Taiwanese-American, 6'0?? Althetic? Drove a 350z? Anyhow..I'm lucky to have him as my "role model" hahahaa, we just give each other daily life advice every once in a while. Or he would lecture me A LOT..I appreciate it all though..really even though sometimes I would never listen to what he'd say.

Please notice his eyebrows [he hates me and about 5 other girls who comment about his eyebrows on facebook], LOL I told him to go get them threaded..and the second time he went to get them threaded..the lady like...probably thought he was gay and arched them like whoaa..hahaha..::crosses fingers big doesn't read this!!::

Speaking of eyebrows..I've been growing mine out! They look crazy, I'll take a close up tomorrow, lol..my mom was starting to yell at me b/c I got them threaded too often that they got way too thin...

DSK's "Big Bro" Matt
He's single..?
I'll keep you updated on his love life.
Or not..if he catches me posting about him online ..

p.s. he's from the Chicago area!!
And has a "big time" career
& just a hard worker, full of ambition and he deserve the prettiest Chi (Big Sis to me) ever!!

Mr. Big has been giving me life advice since I was 18, LOL
But hey..I think his advice helped me..look at me now? I'm with a great guy! Minh!!
Not with some loser from MSU that shall be unnamed.

Basically we both are indifferent about someone I used to "date" if you would even call it that..ew.

Thank Big!! I owe ya one!



  1. You look great either way Steph! But I'm partial to short hair myself! LOL!

    Awww... You and Minh are soo cute!! And so sweet you bought him an iPod touch! Wow!!

    Haha!! Pimpin out another one huh?! DSK Dating Service!

    Mmm.. Veet legs.. I should do that too!

    Yes why are you still up?! GO TO BED! :)

  2. Aww you looked so cute with your long hair! I'd cry if I cut my hair that short, althought I've been having this weird yearn to chop it short (even though Daniel wants me with long hair forever and ever and ever.. HEY he's like Minh!)

    Wow, you have a lot of errands to run tomorrow. Good luck with everything! Put on your hair extensions!! :P

  3. You look cute with both hair! :) I like your short hair.. its so easy to manage, but then again, with long hair, you could do a lot :) Guys tend to love long hair I guess because Adrian does not want me to cut my hair as well..

    Did you see my IMATS post? I wore the jewelries! Met some girls there [Tia and Ria] and they are wearing DSK! I get to see Pegasus jewelry in person!! :)

  4. Steph, you have sophisticated sexy biz woman hair now! I love my hair shorter--you know how much time it takes to sort out long Asian hair, hun!

    Thanks for the life update..sounds like you need to normalize everything including your sleeping habits, lol! Good on ya for taking the time off.

    Oooh...another DSK love hunk...!

  5. hi steph! oh i didnt know you have a big bro! i have a lil bro but hes taller than me now! he's 16 atm.

    about short hair, i feel you. im having the same mental break down about short hair. i feel like regretting getting it cut and stuff. but the good thing is its summer and i dont have to deal with sweats on my neck which is gross!

  6. i love your short hair! i think its cute on you,

    and what a great idea to put up a stand in the office!, you should sell ice pops too, cause its summer, and i always want an ice pop after i see my dentist, free ice pop with your purchase...hey?!

    and does veet work good for you? i hate shaving, and i ried nair once, but it burned!, maybe i did it wrong...

  7. but you look cute with short hair! but doing a drastic change like that can make a big impact..and lol @ to test your bf's love. haha i wonder if that would work for me....? naah! i might cry until it grows back..

    i hate the smell of the environment when its hot out..

  8. GAH! I know what you mean! I chopped my hair off back in February and it's finally getting longer. A little pass my shoulders. I miss my long hair, now, I'm growing out my hair till it's weavealicious lonnngg! LOL!

    Dude, I'm stuck on New Moon. Bella is soo effin annoying. But I'll pick it up again.. hehe.

    Take care, dear! I'm placing an order on July 1st, so don't cut me off! Heheh!

  9. You look great either way Steph!! You can pull off both looks!

    I have never had my hair cut above my shoulder because I'm scared it wont look good! LOL i want to though...maybe one day...

    BUT once a year I tend to cut my hair a little past my shoulders, just for a little change. Then I grow it out for another year or until i feel like cutting it short again.

    I know what you mean about missing your long hair. When I have short hair, I always want my long hair back.....BUT i guess i'm weird because when i have my long hair back I'll want to cut it short. lol I guess i get bored of my hair easily...

  10. hun, you look mature and sexy with short hair! with long hair, you look more young and girly. SO either way, it's not a bad thing. Short hair is the way to go to match minh!

  11. Buy skincare for men void? Hahahaha!! You always crack me up with random things you come up with.

  12. i hate my nose too. it grows if i gain weight! ughh..

    but i do love you with long hair. get some extensions! i think if it makes you feel better, you should do it! haha that's why i spent almost $100 on those sally ones. i haven't been wearing them cause i'm a huge whale right now and i'm just waiting til i can't try to get things sorta back to normal. cheer up and get you something nice today!

  13. Your hair looks good short! I know what you mean, though, I had my hair short for a loooong time and now I've decided that I've had enough of short hair-- I'm growing it out!

  14. i absolutely adore the bow in your hair! i know exactly how you feel, when i cut my hair a couple years back, i felt down on myself every once in a while. but it's taught me now that if i have a small temptation to cut my hair.. i won't do it again!

  15. I love your short hair!♥
    Did you try curling it with a flat iron? It looks super cute with short hair!^-^

  16. i've been feeling the exact same way about my hair!!! i've been missing my long hair and can't seem to get this cut going since i re-cut it. must be something w/the layers but i'm not liking it this time around. :(

    but i like yours. i think it's cute!!!

  17. Honey you look beautiful with short and long hair..but I totally understand how you feel about that. I cut my hair 1 1/2 years ago (pixi cut) and it's takin soooo long for it to grow back :( I cried everyday and hated my hair. It's now finally getting longer but not as long as I want it. But whatever it's still growing and will eventually get there soon...right? Ugh!


  18. I think you look cute with short hair, but don't fret, hair grows back <3. Gotta take care of our men! They feel loved. You know, I find myself trying skin care products on my bf. He pretends to hate it, but one time I gave him a sample of a peeling gel mask, and I caught him using it at home. And I love how he says about everything I try on him, "doesn't even work, just use water." I wuv me some boyfriend.

  19. Hi OG

    I did the big chop last year from like past chest *really long* to almost like wuzzy hair cut very short and I miss my long hair so much since you cant really do anything with short hair and it bothered me that I couldnt tie it >_<

    but you looks cute both ways!! hehe

    nice car its pimped out LOL

    I got your package today!! super SUPEr fast! I cant wait to get the other one!! ^__^ than kyou sweets Im sorry to make you work hard >_<

  20. omg, youre so freaking cute. i love that your to-do list consists of "veeting your legs and armpits" HAHAHA

  21. but you look cute with short hair! i actually wanna chop off mine..but you know guys, they prefer women with long hair. but i'm still really thinking about it. ;-)

    so are you moving to WA, for sure?

  22. I love your hair both ways! :) You look cute reguardless Sexy Mama!

    & =/ to Matt's eyebrows.

  23. Aww I get that way with my hair sometimes, but for me it's the black/brown hair and bangs/no bangs thing! I think you look cute both ways, long and short, maybe next time keep it somewhere in between! Then it won't be too hard to go a bit shorter or longer whenever you feel like.

    lol you're always pimping out your guy friends, too funny.

    I like Benefit's Creaseless Cream! When I'm in a rush I just use Samba-dy Loves Me as my only eye shadow (Sippin' n Dippin' is a bit too light for me, it just blends in), and the CORALista is nice too but sometimes I'm scared I might put too much on, haha. What do you have from Benefit? I want to know! And go try what you have so you can blog about it! =P

  24. Love the short hair and long hair! I wish I had guts to cut it that short! I also miss my long hair; it's getting long now though, but it was longer before. hahhaa.

  25. While your long hair is gorgeous, I like shorter hair on you. You look more sophisticated! I think it suits you better. But I can understand missing long hair. I'm about to chop mine off on Saturday! I hope I don't change my mind because I'm in need of a new look hehe.

  26. Hi Steph!
    You look great short or long hair. I do agree with guys liking girls with long hair though. My bf doesn't want tme to cut it. lol.

    Your post is so random that it's so fun to read! :P hehe.

    skincare for men and your big brows eyebrow.. that part just cracked me up!

    That car is nice.. I like how you put tiara and lip mark in it too. there's your motivation right there.


  27. man.. not only do you slang rocks, but u slang men around blogger too...
    sheesh woman -- you're a one-woman show...

    then its your cracked out candy u be passin out with your crack lip glossies....

    oy vey...

  28. Girl, you want me to hook you up with some extensions? I can make you some custom clip-ons or I can come over and give you some tracks sewn in... You can pay me in CANDY :)
    I need a few more of your business cards. I gave the ones I had away to fans of my fab. necklace that you made me :)

  29. Steph! you looked so lovely with long hair! hehe but you can rock your bob cut too! you look good either way, and you're so lucky to be able to pull of the short hair look! i think i would look...strange, to say the least, with short hair! I don't know...i just haven't ever gone back to short hair since my early childhood days...once i was allowed to grow out my hair, i never looked back! lol! xD

    you and minh make such a cute couple! you two really seem happy together..and are just so genuine! i can tell that you really care about him a lot and love just exudes from your personality! :) hehe spoiling the bf is always nice! i like to buy things for my bf, too! :D hehe i guess there's a sense of satisfaction you just get from it when you see them all happy. it's the same with surprising and buying gifts for beloved girlfriends too! :) <33

    I love reading about your thoughts and random "ramblings" as you call it! :D hehe love ya! <3

  30. awwh! you have me missing my long hair too. but it's just so much nicer to maintain, yaknow? just roll outta bed and DONE. ahaha. maybe i'm just a huge lazy ass xD

    at least your heart is happy! <3


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