June 1, 2009

Twilight Inspired Look

You girls are going to laugh your asses off. I'm currently reading New Moon, and getting way into Twilight..I have the movie playing on my itunes right now too...hahaha



Wow I can pull off a bright color for once! lol

As you see...I recently got into Twilight..the book series..and yeah..
I used to get requests for a "Twilight Inspired" bracelet and I made them with a Swarovski Crystal Heart, and I never knew why girls kept asking for a wolf charm (which I didn't have at the time).

(what I used to make) but now it will include a sterling silver OR WOODEN wolf charm!

you have a choice of sterling silver or a wooden wolf..hehe Jacob carved his wolf charm for Bella out of wood..sighhhh


Well..ladies...I did some thinking and I'm going to make a "Twilight" Bracelet

I will have 14 available and taking orders. (lol, I'm making one for myself!)

Email: DSKJewelry@gmail.com to place your order ^_^ They should be ready to ship in 2 weeks! I'm so freaking excited hahaha.Condo Update!

I want this condo now! It has 2 car garage, the other one only had one car garage.

DSK's Wants This NOW!!

I have my fingers crossed, I'm going out there next week!

Also..should I make my giveaway easier? It seems a bit hard, let me know!



  1. WOW... haahahahahha you nerd xDD i love it though.

    hope you get that new place!! it looks awesome!!

  2. The condos in Michigan looks sooo different from the ones in CA (well in Sacramento to be more exact) Girl, you need a bigger bathroom! GET A TUBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB

  3. lol pink lips,eh? hehehe
    the pics are awesome.

  4. i still haven't seen twlight! bah!

  5. trust me, you will get addicted. i know it's teen-ish but i am still a girl/teen at heart. i finished all 4 books in a week and i've become mentally obsessed. i have to watch the movie at least once a week and because of reading, i don't watch that much tv anymore!

    but maybe later on i'll do a twilight inspired look/photo too! (that's if i'm not lazy) haha toodles hun!

  6. On room for sleeping, one garage for the car. One garage for the makeup. The rest of the house Welcome to DSK's Workshop. Lol. XP :)

  7. wow! Love the condo!!! So envious! Michigans condo is so spacious unlike Chicago! This will cost us an arm and a leg!!! Is anybody doing twilight inspired look as a contest giveaway?they should. LOL.

  8. I think your giveaway isn't that bad. The questions are funny and for that kind of a prize you can't make it too easy! I'm already thinking and planning how I'm gonna do my entry!

  9. I basically regret for checking your blog this morning with no lights on.

    You almost gave me a heartattack.

    miss you.

  10. Your lips look awesome. You should rock that look and that expression all the time. Haha. I could introduce you to people as "my emo friend, Carrotman."

    The condo is nice! Whoever the furniture belongs to though.... they need a talking to! The furniture is super ugly and dated!

    Also, in the bottom right powder bathroom picture, they are missing a light bulb! They should pay better attention to details if they wanna sell the condo-- makes them look like they aren't legit. Hahaha. Or maybe that's just me being a little OCD.

  11. You look so sultry!! Haha why you put "LOL" on the photo?!

    That's a nice condo! I hope you get it!

  12. love the pictures effect!! hehehe....

    well i got my finger cross too. that condo looks great!! kitchen is perfect size!!! hope u get it hun!

  13. bella?.... heehee. I like the condo! Nice and bright!!!

  14. Yay, Twilight (obsessed) <333. Loving the condo. It looks spacious.

  15. stephanie cullen LMAO i love it.

  16. LOL Twilighters Unite!! Love the Twilight inspired pics. Omg I'm sooo freakin' excited about New Moon! So the big question is: Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?? I tend to ride the fence actually... but lately I've been ALL ABOUT JACOB! MmMmm. ;D He's just more real!

    That condo look so nice! If you can get it for a good deal, go for it!

  17. Hehe I love the effect you did with your lips. The black and white tones of the picture makes it more gothic and dark... but I think you had fun hahaha.
    I never finished Twilight, but I have the series. I miss leisure reading! :(

  18. stephanie cullen. ;p awesome pics.
    that's a great condo! i hope you get it!

  19. Love the look, sexy
    noooo dont amke your giveaway harder,there is serious amount of dsk available, people should work for it :P

  20. hey steph! the second house looks better! i hope you get it!

    anyways, cool pictures! im diggin the pink lips!

    also, i know youre giving many prizes for your contest so i think its okay to keep the rules as they are.

  21. Haha!! Twilight freak! LOL! J/K! I like the series too. After reading New Moon I felf for Jacob more then Edward. Oh well... CUTE bracelet! Edward give Bella some kind of jewelry in the third or fourth book... dammit I can't remember what it was though. Necklace I think... or was it just a stone! Dammit now I gotta go find my books! It's been a long time since I read them! ANd the soundtracks are awesome! LOL! THe score one is better though.. I love all the piano in them.

    Wow Steph if you get that house I'm moving in! LOL! ;)

  22. LOL at your Twilight pictures! You did an awesome job photoshopping! looks sexy :P

    omg droool at that condo! the super high entryway...the kitchen...gahhh I hope you get it!

    I am glad you liked the necklace, can't wait to see you wear it :)

  23. lolz...I love twilight too...but it never cross my mind to do a twilight look :D you look very vampirized *thats a new vocab* up there lolz

  24. OMGawsh!! The condo looks awesome. Lucky you! hehe Twilight is the shizz yo. lol Team Edward represent. =D

  25. Hhaha I love your pictures. It's too bad I'm not into the whole Twilight hype. I must be missing out huh? hehe

  26. ahhh... love it! too awesome! i can't wait for the new movie! i was in to the books, more than the movie, but i heard the new movie will be great.


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