May 31, 2009

The Last Sunday, Day of May FOTD! ^_^

Just some pics with MUFE 125 on my face ;)


MUFE #125
MAC Love Joy Blush
MAC Blacktrack Fluidliner
MAC Cute-ster L/S
Artistry Eyebrow Pencil (my moms! haha)
Guerlain Mascara Black

Just felt like being a fun big sister

Contacts, Geo Tri-Color Blue (lil sis got tired of taking pics of me!)
haha the bg is where I blog!!!

Just a goofy day, I decided to take pictures with my new MUFE #125 Foundation on, and MAC Cute-ster lipstick that I barely used before.

So what do you think? The MUFE matches pretty well huh?? I can't believe she wanted me in a shade lighter..hell no lady!! It's summa'

JOIN MY GIVEAWAY, haha but you gotta work for the prize!

LMAO..after my bf Minh watched the video, this is what he AIMed me:


you should take an energy drink before making your videos

I think you'd be funny "

I'm looking for my future roomie ad, lol on Craigslist!

I hope I don't get guys pretending to be girls wanting to check out the place AHAHAHA
Minh's all worried. But I assured him that I'm good at making friends online first!


  1. Very nice you look beautiful! I love that Blacktrack Eye of my favs! xoxo

  2. oooo you make me wanna get the mufe foundation now, darn you! hahahaa. love cutester on you<3 you look like a dollllll, love your eyes!

  3. you have such a pretty baby face! very doll-like. LOL at ur asian pic. you think thats asian?- THIS is asian-lily in and her cupboard of bowl noodles

  4. Niiiiiice!!

    You look so anime in these pics to me for some reason. Maybe its the contacts! But it's KAWAII! LOL! :)

  5. love this FOTD!! especially the way you lined your eyes

  6. loving the look!

    your face looks a lot thinner! what are you doing? share your secrets! i go to the gym but the weight never budges more than 1 pound!

    great job steph!

  7. michigan would be a wonderful place to live in since there aren't too many hazardous weather events there. just snow :P

  8. Pretty!!! The MUFE foundie looks absolutely flawless on you. Perfect match!

    Oh yah, regarding your house search...

    My company helps people who are behind on their mortgage. We negotiate with the banks to let the homeowners sell the home for less than what they owe (short sale). I work with a lot of realtors & I'm learning all the ins & outs of selling a house.. BUT I don't know how much help I will be for you. We specialize more with people who are in foreclosure.

  9. You have convinced me that I need that makeup forever foundation. How did I not know that makeup forever was even a makeup brand? How did I not know to use primer with foundation? Or powder after foundation? I'm like... not a girl or something.

    Related, can't wait to go shopping with you soonish!

  10. hey steph, the foundation looks good!

  11. The MUFE looks so flawless.. not cakey looking! YOu look really pretty!!! :D

    OMG if only I live in your area, I'd apply as your roomie, but then again the husband would not let me.. ahahahaha! :) It would be an honor to be your roomie ;D

    I was late in reading the twilight too. I finished breaking dawn 2 weeks ago :)

  12. haha..u r nice n funny..!! luv ya..:p

  13. Damn I need to get some of this foundation!!!!!!!! You look 'lit from within'!!

    btw--could you make your contest ANY harder..?? The prize is REALLY great though. I just may enter.

  14. the foundie looks so good on ya! i love this foundie too! :)

  15. enjoy twilight!! its very addictive.. id join your giveaway but im trying to find your post on it :P foundation looks awesome on you :)

  16. nice foundation!! makes me want to try it! welcome to twilight addiction.

  17. I love the way you lined your eyes!! Super cute, you look like a cartoon! xD The foundation looks great on you! Definitely has HD effect.... hahahaha.

  18. Thanks girl!! I won't! I am so glad to be back!

  19. Haha, your videos are so funny. & those pictures are cute. I just love how your blog oozes with personality!! ^__^v


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