July 1, 2009

Fuz Sighting!!

Jennifer and I found Fuz in Michigan City, Indiana!!

This is how I like to wear my DSK Jewelry :D
Just thought I'd share my Zoolander Maury Ballstein Look with you!

Muary Ballstein!! He's PIMP! & We share the same taste!! LOL
Pimpin' sweat suits!!

note: I also had aviator sunglasses on that day too!!

And you all know I love to PIMP out my single guy friends up in here :D

Edit* Moving into part of my workshop..lol cause we're locked out of the basement thanks to my cousin Ryan for messing with the lock!!


  1. HAHAHA!
    Loving your random posts.. x)

  2. ill be booty shaking at dsk club fo sho! :D

  3. Tell your cuz nice accent! LOL! And thanks for locking you out of your own shop! LOL!

    Are your parents happy that your moving into your own workspace?! LOL! Dang Steph! I knew that you had a lot of stuff to work with, but DANG GIRL!!

    Can't wait to see all the bling that starts coming out of the DSK Workshop!

    Ooh the Love potion bottles!! Haha your futon!! So you can take them "breaks" right? LOL! Haha!! DSK RAVER!!

  4. I love your necklace!! its just too pretty!! Watching the video tomorrow!! *hugs*

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  6. LOL! OoOh Steph, I can't wait to place my order again. I'm doing a collabo order so I'll get with you soon! Take care, dear!

  7. I like how u wear two necklace together. Pretty necklaces girl. =)

  8. I also gotta love your random posts =)

    miss. y.o.u.


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