July 3, 2009

Introducing ice1cube Frank for DSK!

DSK Jewelry is introducing our newest DSK Model!


Please meet our perfect man, Frank a.k.a ice1cube of youtube!
Frank is um..wearing the 16" Italian Sterling Silver Galatic Aqua Swarovski Crystal

quantity limited
please refer to Frank's pic for size reference, lulz!

See ladies! Even guys like to borrow your DSK Jewelry to measure their...ARM!

o^_^o You can blush.


Frank has the best sense of humor EVER! You must watch ALL his videos, lol DSK Model Holly Ann-AeRee and I have probably watched the video below 500 times or more. lol, he's that good!..at making you laugh!! ^_^

Heartbreak Mistake Part 1: Getting Too Serious Too Young

Heartbreak Mistake Part 2: Listening Game

Thanks Frank!


You da man!


  1. Hahaah the dude is super funny and cute o.o!!!

    Thanks for sharing this, hahah!

    Btw I had the idea that you like Essie nail polishes, since your nails always look so damn awesome!

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh my.

    o^___^o indeed! LOL!~

  3. frank is hilarious!! i love his sense of humor!! those are some great guns of his!! hehe

  4. Nice arms!! :)

    Btw, I can't seem to get onto KT's blog anymore...??

  5. LOL this post is too hilarious!!! you got yourself a great DSK model haha

  6. Watching the Part 2 here! LOL! This guy is funny! LOL!

    Love his "translations"! Haha!!

    Haha!! His crying is hilarious! And his girl voice! LOL!

  7. Wowee! Love the muscles...Makes me want to buy even more! ;)

    THANK YOU x10 for the chapstick & candies. I love it!

  8. Lolz loving the special ad!!

  9. yay! i love frank!! hes soooo hilarious! everyone watch his videos! i have posted them on my fb, myspace, and twitter...when u watch heartbreak mistakes part 2...and the phone convo comes up...think of me. LOL. cause thats basically the way it goes down if a certain boy doesnt call me. (but he really is like kinda busy though...ut there i go making excuses again...bad holly lol)

    steph ur so funny...they can measure their....ARM. ahahha. and the "you can blush" LOL. i got quite a chuckle out of this post! <3 you guyssss.

  10. LOL @ the first video. Talk about accurate!

  11. *blushes* His muscle is 16" in diameter! That's incredible.

  12. I seriously LOVE Frank..damn he's so HOT!!! lol..

    My fav video of his is the techno dancing...I've watched it too many times to count.

  13. when i saw the necklace, i said shit outloud unintentionally hahahah!!


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