August 14, 2009


I've always wanted to title my entry Steroids .. just kidding.
Anyhow, I went to the doctor (all super nervous), and he suggested I get a steroid shot (like the kinds they give you for allergies). So..I got the shot! It wasn't too bad..I was a little scared (as I'm scared of needles!)

The nurse was super nice, and she said she's old so that helps (b/c she's given a lot of shots). haha and I say "thank you!" She was laughing, "you're welcome for being old!"

My left arm has been numb and sore for about 2 days now. I can still feel a slight pain on my arm. I'm healing!!! least I can think I am : ) The nurse said it takes about 2-3 days to kick in; I'm still super itchy!!! And I scratch a lot, the doctor said he doesn't blame me, lol.

My face has cleared up a ton since 2 weeks ago, I think I'm ready to show my face again : )
I'm going to make a video tomorrow to talk about my 15 new DSK Lux Bracelets for sale tomorrow : )

DSK Steph for DSK QVC, who's ready?

I really am into make the Lux pieces, it's just super relaxing for me. I enjoy making them, and I enjoy making new pieces on a daily. Basically, I'm very happy with myself :D I guess you could say it's the "proud parent effect" I proud of my Lux babies! I can't wait to share them with everyone tomorrow.

I post a few new items on the Blog Sale,
I'm just trying to snap a few pictures each day of new things I want to let go. I'm moving Mid-Late September...can you believe it? I don't have much time to plan!

I just want to clear out my closet, and clear out my makeup collection. Minh is going to be flying to Michigan to help me pack up and move. I'm only taking what I can cram into my Lexus! I regret not getting an SUV. 80% will be my jewelry, and 20% makeup, clothes. I figure Washington is a healthy green state. I'm hoping to workout, lose weight, get fit and buy new everything!

Here's a link to the potential new place, they're running our credit checks, so it's just a waiting game. I will have 3 roommates..can you believe it? lol I've never had that many roomies before!
It's going to be so "Real World," haha minus the drama. And it looks like out of the 4 rooms...I'm going to get the master bedroom! Of course, I would have to pay more. This will be the first time I pay rent where I live! I pay rent now for the workshop, and live free at my parents lol. So's pay rent to live..and maybe find a retail space for the jewelry business not too long from now. : )

Here is the place we're crossing our fingers to rent,


  1. Acckk.. SHots!!! Boo! haha. At least everything went well..

  2. The place looks really nice! I hope you guys are able to move in there!

  3. oh crap! did you get rashes on your face too! i'm experiencing the same thing like you right now..its all because of this stupid cream that had steroids in it, i had no idea that it had when i stopped using it.shitty rashes all over my face and neck..the worst part is its covered my face and i look gross

  4. The house looks great! Nice big yard, cozy size rooms! Good luck!! And if there's REAL WORLD drama, don't forget to tape it for us! LOL!

    Shots suck! I hate them, I'm sooo afraid of needles it's insane. I remember when I got super sick, and they needed to draw blood, I though I was gonna cry! Seriously the needle didn't even need to poke me yet! LOL!

  5. i hate this more than having acne!!! :( i tried switching moisturizers but i still had the rashes..
    here's my story. i used this "magic cream" for awhile and it gave me the best face ever. rosy cheeks, even and fairer face ano no more zits! like i would see a soon-to-be zit and i'd use this and it'd be gone the next day..its like magic literally..and i used it for a long time, i invested on this cream since a jar costs a lot i had backups..but i tried switching once i achieved my perfect face..but whenever i tried different moisturizers,i still developed itchy rashes that looked like i ended up going back to this magic what i did was search online for reviews on this stuff..then i found out that it had a rebound effect on the user when stopped.some people consulted a derma and they got better faster than those who didn't. they really hated the product. i didn't really care coz i felt it won't happen to me..but it did. so this tuesday i went to visit my derma and that was my 4th day of not using the magic cream. she then told me that the cream that i used had STEROIDS in it. and i freakn used it for 3years that's why my skin became dependent on it, so when i stopped it'll freak out and develop rashes and she gave me this anti-pimple gel for the spots and a mild steroid cream for the itchy rashes which i was told to use for 3days only.i'm being very obedient and followed her now its my 5th day on the meds and i get newer rashes and zit like crap every day..but i noticed that the first ones that appeared have subsided. i just hope the new ones subside too..i have a big event to attend next week tuesday and i don't know what to do anymore..what meds did your doc give you? it wouldn't worry me much if it wasn't for that stupid event that i need to go to..:(

    what i plan to do is that after i heal from this fuckn phase,i'm going to file a complaint to that stupid company who made that cream. i mean, it was BFAD approved here in the philippines.and my doc told me the reason why they had it approved is because they didn't indicate the steroid content on the ingredient list. i even asked howcome the BFAD didn't test it. and she just answered, its just like that here in our yeah, i plan on posting it up on my blog and even ask those who experienced the same thing..i want to do this for the other people who are using it. i was faked, others were too and i want to prevent that from happening. its hard to fight for something like that especially here in my country. even if they'd pay me millions I WOULD NEVER endorse their stupid product anymore.its total CRAP!

    dear, i'm sorry i had to vent here..

  6. wow... what happens to the townhouse/condo that you got? Let others rent it out? I only took what I can fit in the car without weighing it down so much.... I end up did. lol. maybe ship some of the jewelries?

  7. the places looks really spacious!! and how exciting, i can't wait till you have a physical store to shop at! :)

  8. Aww sorry you're itching but it'll be better later on : ) I love the new bracelet.

  9. Yes,it's true that old nurse have more exp and usually can do better shots.I hate needle too despite all the doctors in my family T.T
    All the best with the packing!!it's very exciting to live in a new environment isn't it?I looovee that feeling..but my hubby doesn't since it means I'm constantly travelling and away from him :D
    Hope to see your fotd or eotd soon!!

  10. That place looks nice! The bracelet is gorgeous as always! and THANK YOU for the Bare Escentuals Prime Time! You're sooo sneaky! and you're such a doll! i really like the cute hair clips too and so did my sister because she jacked them from me! Have fun packing and moving! xoxo

  11. OMG I'm on vaca for like a week and everyone is moving! I'm so happy for you girl..the place looks gorgeous!


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