August 12, 2009


Moving in September..already!

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The next week, please visit my sale blog often!! PLEASE!
New blog sale items posted, I really need to post fast!
I think my mom is a bit sad about the news.

Kentwood, Michigan >>> Bellevue, Washington!

Soon I can enjoy Red Mango everyday ; )

In other news, I went to the doctor, they prescribed me a cream for my eczema, and gave me a steroid injection! o_O


  1. hahahaha Red Mango?!~ it's my fav too~ it's one of the major things i am going to miss when I am on the east coast for a while.

  2. *mmmmmm* red mango.... will check your blog sale! :)

  3. You're moving in one month with your hunnie!? SOOOOO SOON!!!!! I'm leaving in three hours! YIKES!!!

  4. YES!! I can visit you when we go to Seattle to visit my family!! You WILL SEE ME, hun! I don't know quite when, but I'll be there!

    Lolz! I used to work for PACCAR in Bellevue when I first graduated from Seattle Universtiy!! Bellevue Square is a great mall..sorta like the Somerset Collection in Troy.


  5. COngrats, you going start a new chapter in your life. Wow...a month is around the corner.

  6. No mum wants to part with her offsprings if she can help it. My mum wants me back in jakarta all the time T.T make sure you call her a lot during the first few months :) and yes I will visit upon your sale!

  7. Oh yeah steroid injections will def help with your eczema and you probably know this already, but don't worry it won't make you like those muscle people out there :P

    Moving?? OMG That is so exciting!!!

  8. Shacking up are we..... :) Congrats!!! I wish I was moving into somebody's loving arms!!! I'm moving by my damn lonely self *cries*

  9. Ooh steroid injection! That had to hurt! But hey if it helps right? WOW 1 month that is fast!! You just got your workshop all set up too!! Now you're gonna have to find a new space! LOL!

    So 1 month huh?! That means you better come visit me in 2!!! LOL!! ;)

  10. LOL don't worry I find myself watching Twilight and Transformers in what should be an illegal dose for any.

    Have you tried the flavored Aquafina lip balms? I don't care for the wild berry but the citrus and raspberry are pretty good too. Though I love pairing the original with burt's bees LOL.


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