September 5, 2009

CCO-ing Tomorrow!

I'm going to head out to the CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet) tomorrow near Michigan City. Is there anything anyone wants me to look for? Cause I'll look for it! Email me:, Minh checks my e-mails on his phone, hahaha.... cause I'm too cheap to get the data plan on my Blackberry!!! >.<

I'm not supposed to buy anything since I'm moving soon, but how often does one get to set foot in a CCO! I live 2 hrs away!

p.s. sorry about not posting the blog sale goodies...I've been in the workshop a lot lately...which is my favorite place to be!

Happy Labor Day!


  1. ooh u lucky duck, my cosmetic company outlet is 7 hrs away and in a different country lol

  2. Hi, Chi!

    I'm soooo IN LOVE with my Pegasus necklace! I can't wait to get the Baroque necklace. Can you please send me the tracking # once it gets shipped out! Thanks sooo much! (^_^)

  3. Lucky CCO!! Have fun shopping! :)

  4. Luckyyy! I just went to the CCO "near" my house today (an hour away). All I wanted was a Paint Pot in Soft Ochre...and of course, that color was the only one sold out! Just my luck -_-

  5. the CCO is only an hour away from where I live but, there's nothing good there:[


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