September 6, 2009

Finally a Big Win!

I just got back from the casino with my family + Minh, good news :D I won $2400!!!
I played the $5 slots (max bet ~ $15 per hit) ..won that twice! Then I won a straight flush at 3 card poker, that paid out $400 (since I bet only $10 on the pairs plus, I didn't bet ante). You casino ppl know what I'm talking about : ) It was a pure luck day tho, I just got there, put in $100, pressed the thing twice, and won $900. Later in the day, I go back to the High Limits, and put $100 in, press the slot once, and won another $900.

Some of the old dudes in there won $2500 x 2 times! I witness this!
I love rich old men in sport jackets, lol they're so classy and fun to talk to! I won and I was all excited, and one old man comes up to me to look, and says "oh, that's a good one" I was all smiles. It was bar 5, bar 5, triple multiplier on my first $900 win.

Then another lucky old man won $7,200! I saw so many people fill out tax forms, it was unreal today. I didn't fill out any because I won at separate times, $900 twice, then the rest at random slots, and the tables :) Now I just need a gold VIP card to get the free h'ordeuvres in the VIP Lounge!!! ^_^

Prior to the casino (Minh & I dropped off my dad, mom, and aunt), we went shopping and now it's all free!!! Dinner was free too : ) I spent about $400 at CCO, Cosmetic Company Store (even though the max is $300, they were nice and let me pay two different transactions). A few of you ladies e-mailed me about picking you up a few things from CCO, and I will post those in my tomorrow. They had a lot of new items, not so much the old Fafi or Heathertte. Mostly, the Dame Edna Collection. Then about $150 at Coach, I bought a big new wallet since I'm so unorganized..), and I bought my dad and Minh some shirts from Ralph Lauren & Banana about $70 :D So happyyy b/c it's all paid for now. hehe, buying things for others brought me good luck!

Play big to win big ladies :D
I real do believe wearing crystal brings good luck..
I didn't wear any the last few times and lost..this time around, I gave my aunt and mom a bracelet, and we all left winners!

Crystals also look mad sweet in the dim casino/restaurant lighting : )
I like to wear my Crystal Lux Bracelet (crystal all around) on one wrist, then a Custom Bracelet on my other : ) That's just my preference, I always get compliments from the women in the casino..hehe I love it.

Since I was lucky today, I'm offering freebies on the jewelry blog, just sayin'!


  1. aww congrats girl... i always play the 25 cent slots lol... and never win next time im bringing u with me, or at least ur jewellery for luck <3

  2. CONGRATS!!! WHOOOO!!!! BIG MONEY BIG MONEY!! See I'm sooo taking you with me next time I go Vegas!! Steph will be my GL charm! LOL! :)

    And how sweet of you to buy stuff for the other gals!! And your family!

    One day I will shop like that! LOL!

  3. congrats to you :)

    I need to some luck :) pass some to me :)

  4. congrats on the big win!!!!! one say i will win there again! lol

  5. omg!! congrats on the win!! i have yet to experience that but wow. am too scared to play! i hope u've been well missy, its been a while :) x

  6. Congrats Steph. Maybe you can be my good luck charm when I goto Vegas :)

  7. you'r so lucky! <3 congratz on winning! :)

  8. Woohoo...congrats on winning:]

  9. I learned about the 3 card poker game at Reno last weekend. It's my favorite casino game now.


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