September 29, 2009

Eye of the Zoo Day!

Eye of the Zoo Day!
(a series of 6 looks for my Seattle city tour)

I used a Givenchy eyeshadow quad, it had a dark blue, and a light blue (used both) and Pollen by MAC for the inner corners. The eyeliner is L'Oreal Voluminous Mistake-proof Marker eyeliner. I don't recommend the L'Oreal marker because it literally feels like poking your eye lid with a hard marker. I prefer soft pencil liners best. Mascara is Guerlain, Eyebrow Pencil is Medium Ash Anastasia. Contact lenses Geo Angel in Brown.

Still chubs! Eczema is clearing up. Hair is growing longer.
Not much new! Oh..I did upgrade to a Blackberry 8900 Free! At Car Toys.

I can't seem to resist food; Minh & I eat out often which should be a crime lol

Lips are Vincent Longo Pure Demure (My favorite)
Lipgloss is MAC Dazzleglass in Smile

Minh's wearing purple LOL
Apparently the University of Washington colors are Purple & Gold.
What a PROUD alumni
He freaking wants to get a Huskie because that was his undergrad's mascot

I've been living here in Seattle a little over a week now, and I felt it was a need that I explore my new city. Guess what I did? I bought City Passes for both Minh & me to be tourist in the city of our new lives. The Pass allows us to visit 6 Seattle Tourist attractions within a 9 day span.

  1. New in 2009 Space Needle: Day & Night admission: two visits to the top within 24 hours
  2. Seattle Aquarium: general admission
  3. Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour: one hour cruise
  4. Pacific Science Center: general admission & one 2D or 3D IMAX® film
  5. Woodland Park Zoo: general admission
  6. The Museum of Flight: general admission
    OR Experience Music Project | Science Fiction Museum: general admission

They're 50% off
$54/adult reg. $109

#3 is a CRUISE LOL, probably what I'm most excited for (oh and the Seattle Aquarium).

So far we've hit up the Woodland Zoo Seattle & met a bear that loved to pose for everyone lol.


  1. OMG! All those tourist spots bring back memories of when I lived in Seattle!

    I graduated from Seattle U, but went to UW my first two years. An accountant...boring, huh?

    Gorgeous eyes!

  2. Huskies are really good dogs! My friend has one and although he is a rather large dog, he is such a loveable dog and we live in SF with small yards and he does fine. He never barks and apparently that's pretty common with huskies.
    BTW, the the crib is looking good.

  3. So no chubs going on!! And you look very pretty for your day at the zoo!!

    LOL!! Proud alum!! Minh has a lot of school spirit! :)

    Those day pass things are awesome right? Can't wait to see pics of your adventures!! Yes.. share pics of the Aquarium! I love those!! And more pics of the Zoo!

  4. Love the look!!!

    Can't wait to see more pics of your new adventures!!!

  5. You look beautiful! And all that touristy stuff is so exciting!

  6. i love the look, so simple yet with a dash of blue <3 will you be posting more pics of your new home city? can't wait to see your funkiness!

  7. Purple and gold are LSU colors, too!!! hahaha :)

  8. aw your stunning :)
    hope your settling into your new home well!x

  9. It seems like I haven't talked to you in awhile! I love how the geo browns look on you! Very pretty!

  10. awww yay :) i've missed your fotd's!! moremore!!

    and LOL at the posing bear~ how cute!

  11. you have such cute eyes! love the colors on you.

  12. Lookit you miss most expressive eyes ever!! :) You are so pretty!! I'm glad you are enjoying your new home, city.. :)

  13. you moved?!?! where the hell was i? haha i want to wish you all the best in the new city and to keep striving for what makes you happy & what you're talented at ... making beautiful jewelry!! miss ya babe!

  14. ohhhh love the makeup! colorful, yet subtle *applause*

    i really like those contacts. i've been hesitating on getting some, but i really do wanna get some colored contacts!

  15. Ah! I love how all of you blogger ladies do your makeup! It looks very pretty =]. Congrats on the move, from that pic your house looks great, can't wait till your official website is up and running! ^^

  16. blue and winged eyes!!! very cute!!

  17. hehe. on the dsk jewelry i commented that i lived in the same state that has msu. i meant Mississippi! i thought you went to Mississippi state the whole time. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    anyways i love the eye makeup =] you used my favorite color weeee!
    and i want to huggle that bear. but he's not as cute and stuff as Aslan <3

  18. Love your eye makeup! I missed your makeup posts for a long time :)
    I'm glad you are getting settled in Seattle~ Have fun touring around with Minh!

  19. hi steph!
    i've been a follower of your blog for a while now but this is my first time commenting.
    anyway, it must be exciting moving to a new city & especially living with your man. it's a great idea how you're doing a tour of the city too. :) sometimes we can live in one city our whole lives & never see any of the touristy places, which is quite sad, lol.
    great blog btw!

  20. I love your FOTD, You have such beautiful eyes:)

  21. I'm glad u love Seattle, there great bubble tea places, and indonesian food places too!! Have fun and explore also I don't know if u are interested they have a big anime convention there every year!!

  22. It's so good to see your face Chi! :) I am happy now. hehe I have to make Andy take me to the zoo now. haha

  23. Ooooooooooh, I freaking LOVE the zoo!!!

    Good to see that many bears all around are down for posing for the camera. Although, your bear looks a tad bit more regal than my sunbear did. lol.

  24. cute look! You look pretty! Loving the eye makeup!

    Its so nice that you are exploring some of the fun places your new city has to offer! Enjoy it hunnie!

  25. wow love the eye makeup

    Im a new follower and love your blog
    you are so talented at making jewelry

  26. hehe i like the space needle. when i went when i was 15, me and my sister spit gum off the side of it. my mom was so mad. i am glad that you and minh are enjoying yourselves in seattle.


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