September 18, 2009


Have you seen the new Wolverine movie?
Minh & rented it at the Red Box last night for free!
Did you all know there are coupon codes you can find to rent free DVD's?
But you can only use the code once per credit card.

I always type in "DVDONME" b/c it's easy to remember LOL

So yeah...overall Wolverine was sweet!
There were hot guys x 4 in the movie! + ( including 1 hot asian guy too!)! lol

It's last day at home & as a Michigan resident!
Byeeee Michigan!


  1. daniel henney! right? he is one hot asian guy!

  2. i too loved this movie just cuz of the many hot men in there... well, ok, just not becuz of that. i liked the story overall. besides, who doesn't like hugh jackman? he's so hot. :P

  3. I saw it in theaters! I really really really liked it. The only thing I didnt like was that Gambit only got like 20 minutes of screen time!!! Lame. All this waiting for not enough Gambit time! =(

  4. Ooh, in NorCal, we have "DVDBox" instead! Lol, we just rented 17 again last night :D

  5. I'm glad you have more than one blog, so I can still go to this one for updates while you are moving your shop XD

    Have a safe trip
    Bunny <3

  6. Haha they have this kind of DVD rental box in my local supermarket. but i'm a weirdo and i never rent dvds LOL. Hugh Jackman!! :D
    Anyway good luck with the move and have a safe trip!

  7. I didn't get to see this in the theaters so I'm excited to watch it on DvD! Hot Asian guy huh?! Like Hugh, Ryan, & "Pogue" (LOL I only know his name from the Covenant!) Isn't hot enough?! LOL!

  8. its funny how u mentioned wolverine in this post because i am currently watching it with the bf. umm watching? well lets just say its on because im preoccupied with blogging and reading posts. new to the beauty blogging world and love read you gals' posts. thanks for sharing the coupon code because i always rent fr redbox 24/7 and i bothered to look for coupon codes. im excited cause there are a couple of good dvds coming out next tues. good luck moving!

    Anne l

  9. Good luck with your move and looking forward to your coming posts from the new place. =)

  10. daniel Henney was the hot guy huh??
    I remember watching that and that's all I was looking at hahaha

  11. hahaha yeah they cast them very well- all sooo hot!! Mmm Ryan Reynolds....


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