September 16, 2009

Last Day Blogging from my Workshop :'(

I'm at the workshop right now just surfing then web and packing up (still). It's 11:06PM (Minh's upstairs studying for his BAT Exam). He's going to be a backflow inspector too now. lol
Lawyer & BAT Inspector, my bf never stop studying! I swear he loves it.

BAT Inspectors inspect the backflow, water system, etc. lol I don't really know much, but I know business and underground sprinklers have to be inspected each year. Each job is about $30-$50. The reason why Minh is doing this is for his dad who is a general contractor. LOL
Minh says being a Lawyer doesn't make his dad happy, but going to the BAT classes & passing the BAT exam will make his dad most proud.

LOL, I can't wait to get to know his family better ^_~

I was just talking with my web developer Moo, I call him Moo (his nickname)

He's so fun to chat with, and a complete genius! I really hit the jackpot by having his expertise on my side & his efforts with developing DSK Jewelry (official website). I can't wait to show it off come October.

He has a lot of connections with high profile companies & entrepreneurs. It's always fun to hear his stories when he shares them with me. Moo & friend Danielle were actually my inspiration for the DSK's Infinity Circle Necklace. (Moo has a strong interest in jewelry). He buys female jewelry whenever he comes across something that catches his eye, and then saves it for the right girl he meets. Isn't that freaking sweet? I wish I had a money to do He's also into collecting Monte Blanc pens. Basically, he's awesomely sweet. His mom is also a big time boss lady in New York. I want to be just like her! lol.

He's usually pretty modest, but he just quite his 9-5 job because he wants to do more with his talent.

In regards to quitting his job,
Moo writes:

"yeah... if you search "NYC web design firm"
the company i worked for is #1"

LOL, what could be better than working for a #1 company in his field??? lol DSK JEWELRY.COM! lol jk jk, DSK is only his side project. But I'm so grateful and thankful to have met Moo. We go back a few years, and I never even considered him when it came time to develop my official site. (Random: I think I'm really obsessed with DSK Jewelry.) Minh says that's all that comes out of my mouth!)

I paid one of my website milestones with him, and this is what he replied (well this was at the end of his email receipt)

"Thank you for the prompt payment and the check was very cute"

lol!!! My checks have purses, shoes, and nail polish bottles on them ^_^

I'm a little sad to move, I spent today shopping for birthday presents for my family.
My sister, mom, and dad's birthdays are all this month!

Dad-Sept 16th! Today! Happy Birthday Daddy!
Julia-Sept 18th turning 17
Mom-Sept 29th : )

I bought my dad a Sony surround sound system, my sister the Wii Rockband set, and my mom a pair of Prada sunglasses ^_^

I hope they stay entertained while I'm gone!

We all played Rockband with the new system hooked up, it was sooo much fun! I'm going to miss this day a lot : ) Glad I can share some fun memories with them before I fly out to my new home.

I can't wait to visit for Christmas and bring a ton of presents! I love buying presents for my loved ones. It makes me happy to give. One of my best friends used to get mad at me because he said I made him feel uncomfortable because I always offered things such as food, drinks, etc whenever we hung out. lol. Maybe I'm just maternal?

You should have seen me at Costco today, I was like a psycho parent hunting for the "HOT CHRISTMAS TOY" haha they were sold out of the Wii Beatles Rockband Set at the Costco in Grandville, so the Costco employee called the Kentwood one for me, and they had 1 left! But it was no gaurantee because someone could have it in their cart. So I drove across town to pick it up for my sister. : ) I knew it would make her happy. (My dad & sister are obsessed with the Bealtles. You don't even know..) lol, my dad (who is Vietnamese) got 99% singing "Something" by the Beatles his first time playing the game!


  1. Good luck to Minh on yet ANOTHER endeavor! Boy is a ambitious one! :)

    Awww Steph it feels like you just got the workshop! But I know you'll find a great place in WA! Even if it's your basement! LOL!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE FAM!! Wow everyone but your's is Sept huh?! LOL! You're so generous with your gifties! :)

    Can't wait to see the DSK website! It's gonna be BOSS!! LOL! BUt don't forget about blogging too now! I always love to read your posts!

  2. aw.. you're so nice <3 your sis must be so happy :)
    good luck with packing! :)
    can't wait to see the new dsk website! :P

  3. I love buying presents n see the faces when they open the gifts :D it's priceless!! I hope you enjoy your time before moving! N sometimes, the absent makes heart grow fonder ;) I hope this is the case for you and family!

  4. I suggested your jewelry to a friend in need of something affordable and cute for a girl he likes. Unfortunately, I think sending him to your blog was too overwhelming. lol. Some guys just need to be told exactly what to buy... -_-

  5. Welcome to Washington, hun!! Art Institute of Seattle rocks! It has a great reputation, and nationally.

    Hope to see you on my next trip to visit my family!

  6. Im the 29th too!! :) hope someone buys me prada sunglasses! ;)

    cant wait to see the new site!

  7. wow, their birthdays are so close to one another!!!

  8. Aww, my ex came from a "legacy lineage" of plumbers in the area... He had no other "choice" of occupation at least Minh gets to do what he wants and still gets to please the fam!
    Girl.... I think I scored some Aquafina lip chap today it doesn't look like the ones you have, it cam with 4 other flavors and it kinda burns......


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