September 13, 2009

Packing Up!

"Minh di cho"
(nothing like wearing an louie w/ t-shirt & basketball shorts)

Translation, Minh goes to the store/grocery shopping/what old viet women like to do.

I really have no idea how I am going to wear that bag...
lol maybe save it as a diaper bag when I have kids HAHAHAHAA jk

Behind the scenes, lol
Guess who helps me with my photos? lol
Porky is trying to model some DSK Jewelry.
Fail, jk awesome. (he's sitting here)
He's so helpful

Tobey & his haireless belly.
::scratching his head action::

Check out my boii and his blanggggg lol
Tobey wears nothing but 18K gold plated, hahaha

I'm currently watching the VMA's, I missed the first hour : (
I was at the workshop packing up.

Bella & Edward look crazy pale to me, hahaha
That look must be in now, ::takes notes::

6 more days until I fly away from home!
I still haven't finished clearing out the workshop.
I'm trying to get as many pieces mailed out as possible.

At Fedex, shipping boxes is about $1 /lb.

Does anyone know if UPS is cheaper?


I created a Holiday necklace this morning : )
I can't wait for the holidays for some reason!

I love how the green is not super Christmas green, and how the red is not super Santa Claus red.
I think i'll be making a series of these and send them to my mom to give as gifts to her clients this holiday. She's always reminding me to make more pieces to leave at her shop. I dunno why but I don't take her seriously, haha maybe cause she's my mom.

Anyhow..I can't wait to see the new Jennifer Aniston movie, "Love Happens."
I've been into movie mode! I wish there were more movies showing.
My current least favorite thing to do is pack! Or put my belongings in storage.

Maybe I'm procrastinating...hmm like college all over again!

My Gold Charm Bracelet, (this is sold)
But I'm so in love with it. I just love the colors.
It's definitely one of the most favorite pieces I've made yet.

I used a gold filled rolo chain, and I was soooooo happy with the chain.
I'll definitely have to get ahold of more.

The rolo chain : )
I attached gold filled lobster clasp
I like the style bracelet because it's completely adjustable.


I can't wait to shop around Seattle for materials, it will be so fun.
Especially with a WA tax id, I'll be able to avoid paying taxes when I buy materials at any shop!
There are SO many bead boutiques in Washington. But most of them are overpriced, but I think I'll be able to find a lot of cool new things.

I think this move will be good : )
I have no doubts about "flying away from home"

Last Jewelry Post From Michigan will be Posted Tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful pieces! LMAO!!!! about "minh di cho" that is sooooo true about old asian ladies. =P

  2. oo im excited about all the new pieces you will have when u move!!!

  3. don't forget about v-day! lol. because miss. LT loves red, pink, and white together ;]

  4. Lolz...I like the first pic, so funny. Wow, I'd love to hear more stories abt the jewelry district, I never know seattle has such a place :)

  5. LMAO. aww how nice of minh :P

  6. I leave in WA :) U will like it for sure!

  7. love Your new LV!! soo big and nice! :] and awwww!! so sweet of Minh to help you! :] also Tobey would make a great DSK model too. so cute!

  8. Ha! Tobey is a BALLER just like the owner! ;)

    LOL @ Minh with the bag! It IS a perfect diaper bag size! Awww Minh is being such a great helper elf!

    GOOD LUCK with the packing & move!!

  9. Minh looks really good with that's just right for him ;-)

    Hey, you know that Asian men like to go shopping as much as Asian women...I just look at the hoards of Asian men at Bicester Outlet Village and their gigantic Burberry bags, lol!

    I'm really excited for your move to my old home town! I am sure you and the Minh will be making frequent visits to Bellevue Square!

  10. Awesome photos! How exciting! Jewlery!!

  11. girl! You crack me up.
    Minh Di Cho lol.
    Minh di Choi too?

  12. I LOVE your bag & you and your bf is SO CUTE! Love that bracelet of yours, so classy ;)

  13. that gold charm bracelet is soo pretty!

  14. LOVE this holiday necklace! i hope you recreate it. its so simple but oh so pretty. =)

    and rofl @ minh! lol you should include him in more of your posts! its fun getting to see your real life


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