September 11, 2009

98004, Beautiful View

Bellevue, WA
It's going to be so cool to live in a state with tons of mountains & lakes!
Michigan's landscape is so damn flat.

I was just searching for my new zipcode to send Liz my address ( I just bought something from her blog sale, lol) and came across this recent article titled:

"Bellevue's 98004 one of country's most expensive ZIP codes"

(The headquarters of Microsoft, T-mobile, are also here, lol that might be why it's up there)

I think Minh mentioned this to me before. How exciting! I get to live in the one of the United State's richest zipcodes! lol, but the the article goes on to tell us that it's also ranks #11 in most stressful cities. LOL

Bellevue Seattle FLOATING BRIDGE
I've been on this before it's scary!!!
I guess I'll have to get used to the excitment lol
It's the bridge that separates Bellevue from Seattle

Expensive city = higher taxes............oi.



  1. Of course you'd be living in one of the richest zips!! You're the BOSS OG BALLA!!

    It does look mighty impressive! :)

  2. i can't wait for your posts when you get there! you must take lots of pix! you must go to forks and la push beach! my coworkers went there and said it was beautiful!!! <3 Rina

  3. I thought Boston, MA got #11 on the most stressful city. hahaha. but not a high percentage of unemployment!!! Atlanta, GA got to #22 most stressful city and high unemployment percentage with high tax (7% but compare to Bellevue.... that's nothing, I GUESS. lol) -_____- I do anything for the hunnie.... YOU TOO! lol. it'll be a great experience for you. the city is lovely!!!! I have a cousin who lives in Seattle, Washington =] maybe I'll take a visit to you when I'm visiting her?

  4. Of course it's stressful you gotta make that money to stay in the fabulous zip code! I'm soooo not feeling that bridge girl, what the HELL is it floating on? WATER? Does it move? I looks like one of the bridges on LI that I would freak out on all the time. I'm such a scurdy cat!

  5. lol i live in kirkland, which is also the eastside of seattle.Really nice area just moved there but tax is 9.5% in washington lol so buy watchu gota buy b4 u get here.

    oh, theres also a really niice casino here in tulalip, guess i'll b seeing u there haha


  6. That place looks breathtaking!

  7. Floating bridge @.@ I would like to try that. Lolz how did you feel when you're on it??

  8. Illinois is freakin flat too and dull... I can't wait to move out! The place looks amazing! I hope you posts pictures of your new place! woot :)

  9. Steph,
    I just caught up on your blog (I've been missing from the blogosphere for a long time) and found out that you moved to Seattle to persue your love for jewelry! I am so excited for you! I'm lingering between business school and art school right now, I hope I make the right decision. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck.


  10. lets not talk about taxes, its a depressing matter lol


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