September 11, 2009

LV Galliera GM--super giant 0_O

My Auntie arrived from Paris, France tonight and carried with her a bag for me : )
She called me 3 days ago asking me if I wanted anything from LV over there. The SA (sale associate) told her the Galliera's are among the most popular. She told me she had to wait in line to get into the store to buy it too. I'm so curious about this line ordeal, and want to go to Paris now. I've never been and my Aunt lives there 1/2 the year, lol. I just always think.."I can go anytime..since she lives there." Maybe I'll drag Minh : )

I was talking to Minh about it, and he was like..yeah lets ask Co Huong (Aunt Huong) to take us to a good club. My Aunt is like 65. I LOL-ed.

LV Galliera GM, kinda supahhh BIG
But my Aunt got a discount (for having US citizenship) & duty free, saved about $200

(Excuse my sloppiness Minh & I ate a huge feast today at Famous Daves (pic below)
& then I spent the rest of the night at the workshop packing up.

But now that I'm older I keep thinking about Paris
...I want to go to France now-ish...... >.< Dinner for 2 at Famous Daves
It's really a dinner for 3-4 people.
We have a huge box of left overs at the fridge at the shop.

I've sent a grand total of 3 boxes so far.
All 3 boxes..were of MAKEUP

All 90lbs of collective makeup!!!

Next boxes..JEWELRY!


  1. That LV looks super nice and spacious! :) so lucky to get that $200 disc too :D
    And the foods, wow to the huge portion @.@


  3. ermmms... whoa.. the load of food!!! lol.

    You're such an LV fan! haha.

  4. *applies lip gloss*

    your bag is hot and looking at that huge ass meal, you can probably stuff Minh and your meal in your new bag!!! AHAHAHHAHAH

    love ya girlie!!!

  5. I love the bag! You dinner looked yummy!

  6. oh my goodness. that is one sexy bag and dinner. I would eat that dinner and crawl into the bag and fall asleep. this might be heaven.


  7. oh wow the purse is huge but i like it!

  8. Whoa that's some grub you and Minh are digging into! Looks yummos though! :)

    ANd dang.. that's a BAG! LOL!! I think we could fit a beauty blogger in there! :) It's soo pretty too! Such a lucky gal to have a wonderful Aunt like that! :)

  9. Yu're such a talented person. I lived in Michigan my whole life & left it 8 yrs ago with my family. Are you from Michigan?

    I see you're eating at Famous Daves. I haven't been there, I think it opened after I left. My parents own a BBQ place in Farmington Hils. Let me know if you want to visit or pick up a carry out. Bone Yard BBq is the name. I'll call the folks to set you up!
    Sorry it is so long, but we are fellow Michiganders, what a weird word!

  10. Not that big! It looks fabulous! I so envy you for your great aunt!

  11. hot bag steph! i have it in the monogram version and it's super huge on me and im soooo small!

    i dream of visiting paris one day tooo =) though yours sounds like it's soon to happen

  12. lucky!! sounds like you got a good deal with the bad. Youre aunt is super nice.

    man that is a huge platter lol. i love it :)

  13. Fab've got the Bellevue look girl!

    I used to work right across from Bellevue Square--dangerous, I say!

  14. love love love!!!! you are sooo lucky to have an awesome auntie!!! yay awesome aunties!!!
    <3 Rina

  15. Awesome bag!

    Regarding the line ordeal, it happens in Singapore's LV too. LOL!

    The SA told me that it was coz they wanted to ensure every customer, that walks into the LV shop, has someone attending to them.

    However, due to the limited number of staff and high volume of customers, they make everyone queue up outside till a SA is able to attend to them. =/

  16. the bag is gorgeous!!^^ i love paris.. xx

  17. I want a galliera too! I want one in Monogram but the PM size, the GM is way too big for me. The GM looks okay on you though! :) You must be one very happy girl. LV make my heart skip a beat hehe

  18. You can sooo smuggle microwave popcorn into the movies with that bag!!!!
    GO, GO, GO to PARIS! It's such an amazing and beautiful city. I was younger when I went and I want to go again older. I had my first "drink" in Paris.....

  19. holy crap! that's a humongous bag....

    and that's a lot of food! O__O

  20. Woooo!! Love, love, love the bag! The food looks tasty!

  21. Woahhhh u lucky girl!
    That bag is fitnesssssss!!!

    ...If ya ever get bored of it...send it this way yea ;) haha jks

  22. Gorgeous bagg! omg you can put like EVERYTHING and ANYTHING in there! I want oneee! :)

  23. Yay, you got the LV Galliera! Yes, GM is super big, hehe... Damier Azur looks gorgeous! <3

  24. that is pretty huge! :)
    very gorgeous though! :)

    France sounds like an amazing place :) hope you get to go soon :)


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