September 8, 2009

Blog Diary

I've been plain lately (living at home I never wear too much makeup or else my grandma will think I'm psycho lol)

I'm move out in approximately 10 days...have I packed...not really. lol Time flies man!
I have to decide what to do with my stuff...I think I'm going to donate all my clothes to goodwill. I just want to start over, I don't really fit into 75% of my clothes since I gained a lot of weight during college. If I bring the clothes now..they won't fit, and if I bring a lot of my current hobo clothes..I'll just be a bum forever. My solution is to bring about 5 outfits lol, then buy nicer clothes every week if I reach my weekly "health" goals. Minh & I are planning on going vegetarian for a little bit to help ourselves get back into normal shape! We eat out often when we're together, and don't put in the hours to exercise.

Anyhow..more exciting news lol but not really.

I saw All About Steve last night with Minh and my little sister Julia. It was soooo funny! It's definitely a guy & girl movie. Not just chick flick guys!

My little sister had her first day of senior year high school today..they grow up so fast!
She also is a finalist in the National Merit Award/Scholarship thingy...applying to Harvard, Yale, Princeston, Cornell. I'm quite proud of my lil sister. She's the brains/serious one : ) I'm the goofball/weird one. Minh always talks politics with her (they both love poly sci!), and I'm sitting there making sea lion noises. haha Minh do you get smart girl (points to Julia), then he says "and then this one" points to me as I make my sea lion noises. lol

Whatever..they're just haters cause they can't be cool like me and make sea lion sounds. :P
Politics are for squares anyways!!!

Starting Oct 1st, I will be doing FOTD, everyday : )
I can't wait to move into my new home!


  1. Exciting and stressful! LOL! That's what moving is about! But I do hope you get everything squared away in time!! 'Cheese's mum went Vegi last year. And she's stuck with it, even though she still cooks reg stuff for us! And she's never been healthier she says! So GL! :)

    Whooo FOTDs!! :) And you got brains/smarts too!! Maybe not for politics, but for biz & creativity! :) Steph your sea lion noises are a talent I'm sure! ;)

  2. LOL to your lion noises! haha, you're so funny Steph. And wow, I can't believe you're going to only bring 5 outfits with you, good luck with your health goals. And how nice of you to donate it.

    && You should do a video of your lion noises!! ^__^ HAHA, that'd be a huge hit! ;D

  3. how do you make sea lion sounds? i don't even know how sea lion sounds like.. LOL

  4. Wow, you must be super excited to move out! I feel like i need to start fresh with my wardrobe too but that would cost too much money.

    Anyways, i want to see all about steve too...can't wait to see hearing that it was a good movie for ya! =]

  5. aww... i'm vegetarian from monday to friday. omnivore on saturday and sunday.. haha..

  6. only 5 outfits? maybe you want to increase that a little bit more. I donated a lot of my clothes to the goodwill! and shoes because I am so good at keeping myself looking like new... seriously!

    I like the plain look on you, very natural and pretty and wow.. your eyes are gorgeous! Your boo was attracted to you because of your eyes and intelligence. hehe.

    I find it funny that your boyfriend gets along with your little sister because of political science... lol. I guess that's a good connection? haha.

    Have fun moving! I certainly did -___- NOT! Don't worry, I didn't really pack till the last night. HAHAHA! I miss home and I just visited the weekend that passed =[ major homesick!

  7. haha you and your sea lion noises.

    Good luck with the packing!

  8. lol... I want to hear the sea lion noises that you make :) (can you make a video?)

    Good luck with your moving.

  9. Awww.. Moving out soon. How exciting! Serious, time does fly. How exciting for you sister!!!

  10. wowwww sounds like you're sort of planning it all out xD vege for awhile! wow, it's a lot harder than it sounds hahahha i tried giving meat up for lent and i failed :\ sighh. but i guess if your whole household eats the same as you, it's easier.

  11. Good luck with moving! I hate packing. It's good to have a workout/diet buddy. What a great way to motivate and reward yourself with clothes after you read your goals:] I know you can do it!

  12. Hahaha sea lion noises. That's so exciting for your sis, esp. applying to all those real person colleges!

  13. I'm moving in January and I'm all ready feeling the moving stress! I can only imagine what you're feeling. At least you have packing experience from MSU!


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