September 7, 2009

Someone Loves Me!

This weekend has been so good to me!
My aunt just called from Paris, France. She's coming to Michigan (she has a home here too) and told me that she'll bring me any LV bag I wanted! o_0 I was sooo excited on the phone, lol

My mom was a bit cranky, she was like well you better lose 10lbs before I give you the bag. hahaha

She was telling me that it will be better because it's from their store in Paris ^_^! I think she gets a big discount, and something about be able to get her money back at the Duty Free since she's a US Citizen. I'm unfamiliar with buying this way, but I know a friend who went to Paris and got her bag for cheaper, and another one of my aunts who visited Paris got hers for about 50% the price. Does anyone know any info before I google?



  1. I have an aunt and a cousin who lives in Paris, France too!! =D high five? lol.

    that's cool how she's getting you a bag of your choice =]

    I think it's cheaper because it's over there... like the head quarter is over there (wait, I don't think LV started in France, no idea, not an LV fan) and they ship internationally to sell their products so it cost more... same with cars and make up, right? o.O

  2. <3 duty free shopping!
    i dont think it's as much as 50% especially with the exchange rate and how low the dollar is worth now.
    either way... lucky you!

    which bag are you getting? have fun choosing and let us know =)
    enjoy the rest of your labor day babe.

  3. Lucky lucky!! See you ARE luck!! I'm sooo gonna blast you with a shrink ray one day. Place you on a keyring and take you as a charm everywhere! ;)

  4. wootwoot! LV! haha. i work right across from a LV store and it is SOOO TEMPTING. me &the other makeup artists just sit in the window and drool over the display bags in the window LMAOOOOOO.

    i am STILL on a mission to get me some of your jewelry woman! ;]


  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your blog, you are ADORABLE. I make jewelry too. Nice to find another jewelry and makeup- aholic!

  6. Aww.. so sweet of your aunt!

    Visitors can reclaim sales tax on purchases from some retailers like LV in the UK... Maybe France is the same? *shrugs*

  7. Yay, you are loved Steph, haha... how lucky are you to get any LV you want?! ;)

    I got the Galliera last summer from Paris, and it was about 20,00€ cheaper than in Austria/Germany.

  8. A LV bag from Paris. What a lucky girl? I bought 2 LV bags and a wallet when I went to Paris a few years ago. I think it was 20% to 30% cheaper than in the U.S and I got it tax free.

  9. It's good to see your face Chi! Those Steve Madden Heels are HAWT! :) And donating your clothes sounds like a very fun idea to start fresh! :) Don't donate your bras though, not everyone is blessed with ta ta's like yours! haha If you and Minh need vegetarian recipes hollah at your em! Andy specializes in vegetarian and vegan stuff too! :) yay Love youuu! <3 I am excited for your 1 FOTDs! yayaya Ohhh and your eyebrows have grown in so fast!!!! yayaya


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