September 7, 2009


I think I've mentioned this before, I am super unorganized when it comes to my bags..I don't ever use my wallets. lol b/c I get tired of them. I only want to get a Chanel wallet that I had my eye on last year. I promised myself that I will get it when I'm order. :)

So in the mean time, I throw everything into my bag, haha then spend a million years looking for my ID to get into the casino.. I drive Minh nuts!

So before the casino yesterday, we stopped by the outlet, where I makeup shopped, and he kind of forced a wallet on me..not the small one but the big ass one. lol

I am such an old lady now, but whatever it makes him happy.

I just woke up and found him digging through my bag trying to steal my 2400! haha kidding

My poor Dune Mini Lin

I donated $100 to the Nguyen family dinner tonight. My mom bought Crab from Costco, hahaha HOW VIETNAMESE of our family


  1. sweet jeebus u have gr8 taste ... i need a high end purse for everyday use, my prada is too small my ed hardy is too ghetto and my coach is so last year lol

  2. love your wallet and your bagg! lucky that he "forced" a wallet on you.. hahaha.

  3. what a lucky girl! i wish my bf forced wallets on me! hahaha.
    that's so cute that he went and organized your stuff!

  4. I love big wallets! It makes everything so much easier.

    My boyfriend can NEVER find his ID. I buy him so many wallets and this little thing to hold his ID and credit cards just to make it even MORE easier on him and he forgets it all the time. It drives me NUTS!

    Or he cant find his keys. What is it with guys and not being able to find their keys?!

  5. aw.. how sweet! :P so cute that he put your stuff in your new wallet :P

  6. forced a new wallet on you (plus a wristlet) ha! I found that funny... seriously! lol.

  7. so nice of him helping you out. some guy just leave it and wait you to find it.

  8. MMM crab! Wish I was in your family! LOL!

    Haha how sweet of Minh though! And he even organized it FOR you! LOL! :) He was prob searching through your bag to make sure you didn't dump all his hard work out! LOL!

    Love ya Steph!

  9. Haha, that's cute, sounds like my bf - hates how unorganized I am and always cleans after me >_>

    I love the speedy btw!

  10. How cute? He organized your wallet...haha


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