October 28, 2009

Contest Time! SHOW US "UPSET"

Show us UPSET!

As many of you girls know, my significant other Minh is an attorney here in Washington. He asked me to help him find an upset person! I figured why not make a contest out of it! He's looking for photos for the Tran Law Group website that he's recently been working on.

Minh's pretty talented, he's an attorney..a licensed BAT Inspector (water system inspector), he's A+ certified, and an artist. The guy can draw too! He's very creative and I didn't find that out until about a year after dating him.


Anyhow, show me "upset" lol.

Rules of the Contest

Ends November 14th, 2009
Submit 1-3 Photos giving us your "upset look"
All photos submitted will become property of DSK Jewelry, LLC
Must be over 18 years of age to participate
Guys & Gals Welcome!


(1) Your photo may be in a law website, lol yay.
(2) You can pick any piece of DSK Jewelry you'd like!
(3) My all time favorite Aquafina chapstick
(4) Michael Buble's Crazy Love Album (CD)


P.S. I'm also looking for help with a new blogger layout.
I love this layout I commissioned Sanny to make me, but I think she's too busy to make me a new one. lol www.sslayouts.blogspot.com
If you'd like to help me with a layout, please let me know.
I think I'm feeling a wintery theme with whites, blues, and gentle snowflakes
I can offer you a gift in return. : )


  1. Show you upset? This reminds me one of America's next top model thing for this year. lol.

    By the way, I just read your twitter up on the top.... someone is trying to pull a fraud credit card!? =O Doesn't people know by now that you have connections to lawyers!!!? lol.

  2. Oh, wow! Upset. HAHA. How awesome! An attorney! I wanted to be a lawyer, but it's taking me more time than expected. AHHA I even change my major. HAHA! Can't wait to see the "upset's" HAHAH!

  3. Haha how cute is this contest! You got one talented man!

    And omg! I want to make you a layout XD

  4. i wanna join your contest hun =)

  5. LOL Have Minh take a pick of you when someone mentions DSK knockoffs! LOL! Makes me mad to see your hard work being ripped off.

  6. If I have some time, I'd definitely enter!

    And your man is so talented :)

  7. Lol. I'd totally enter, but I'm not old enough. XD That part totally sucks.

    Man, he's so talented, but then again, as are you darling. ;D You should brag more about yourself as well.

    Anyhoo, can't wait to see the outcome of the contest! ^^

  8. i dun have a good camera, which means ugly pictures with me xD but i hope we can see those pictures on your blogs =3

  9. haha, nice! you can also check stock sites but i guess this way is probably cheaper for you guys :P


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