October 31, 2009

October's Lottery Winner!

The winner is AMY!!! Congrats! I picked by clicking a random "follower" pic : )
Amy doesn't have a blog, so if you're reading this Amy, please email me: DSKJewelry@gmail.com

Thanks for reading!
Happy Halloween!

We had our first trick-or-treaters just now, they're so cute!

Minh told me a sad story about how his candy was stolen when he was a 3rd grader :(
He went with his cousin (who was in high school at the time), but some evil kids attacked him, covered his eyes and mouth and took his bag of candy.

He says he was so scared he didn't let go of the bag, but they kept tugging and the bag handle ripped off. :( He said he was crying so much that parents were asking him what happened. Everyone felt bad for lil crying Minh so they gave him extra candies. He said he ended up more than he had before because everyone felt so bad for him.

Poor Minh, he always tells me sad stories from his childhood.

Basically, I'm going to be a psycho bitch mom one day. If anyone messes with my kid, they're going DOWN!!!!!!

P.S. Our latest trick-or-treaters brought a german shephard with them! What a great idea. My kids will bring 3 dogs with them lol.


  1. Congratz to Amy!!!!

    youre so gonna be scary iiiihh xD refering to---> "psycho bitch mom"


  2. Congrats to Amy!! :)

    LOL damn straight you teach those bullies!!!!! I would do the same haha!! :D

  3. yeyuhhhh, taking 3 dogs!! :)

    congrats to her!! <3

  4. awww poor minh.....well at least he got more !loll
    yeah u gonna be kick ass mum and kick some ass !lolll

  5. Congrats to Amy! LOL Poor Minh! That's a sad story! But at least he ended up with more candy! And lol Steph you'd be the BOSS mom! Ooh a German Shepard...

  6. awwww.. poor Minh.. :/ I would be a strict mom someday, anyone bullies my kid, will regret it :P But then I doubt anyone will bully my baby, will enter him/her to a kung fu lessons so he could beat them up! :P j/p!

    Anywho, lucky Amy! :D What a nice way to start the November :]

  7. Congrats to the winner!

    Poor Minh! Damned bastards! Hope some stronger guys (or girls HEHE) robbed them too XDD At least he got looots of candy~ Not the same tho...

    oh a German shepherd! ♥_♥ What a good idea! I would have given the doggie some big bone too <3

    Happy Halloween!

  8. lol. My hunnie and I talked about our future kids the other day about how they can go trick n' treating... either hunnie and I will be in the car driving slowly close to them (just in case they get tired from walking) and the other be with them unless they're "too old" for us to be there with them so both of us stay in the car on a watch out but they'll be bringing at least a dog with them to protect them. LOL.

    by the way, I feel you on being a future mommy. hahaha. Who ever mess with my kids are going down too!!! lol. and I'm already nice but no one is going to mess with my kids or they're going to see the really bad side of mommy LT! hahahaha. yup yup, not changing my last name.

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  10. hey!!! yay! i'm very happy to win =P

    i actually do have a blog http://www.xoxoamy.com so freel free to visit! i'm very honored as well.



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