November 2, 2009

Green is in!

I've actually been catching up on reading about "Fashion."
Rumor has it, Greens & Jades are the "in" colors for this fall. ^_~
Time to bust out that green nail polish ladies!

I need me some Chanel Jade nail polish!
I'll pick up two bottles tomorrow, one for me, and one for my November Lottery Prize!
haha I'm a sucker for anything pictured in a magazine, and I read about this in the latest Cosmopolitan (the one with Kim K. on the cover).

I've been wanting to make some pieces with Jade, but most of the Jade that can be found in the USA is no good. There is a jewelry trade fair/convention come November 14th in Tacoma, Washington. Tickets are $5 at the door. Minh's sister Van & I are planning on checking that out. I have my finger crossed for Jade. I've heard from several friends & family members that the best Jade comes from Taiwan. Is anyone familiar with Jade? Let's chat!

Anyhow, what's new with you girls? I've been reading blogs : ) Seems like everyone is enjoying the Sephora F&F sale ^_~

My package actually arrived today. I ordered 6 tubes of YSL lipsticks, which ones? You'll have to wait to find out! I now own a lucky 7 tubes. I was a bit disappointed when Sephora didn't include my 3 samples :( I guess they ran out of samples? I did get my 100pt sampler of the Nars primer. Can't wait to try that out.

I don't have much more to say apart from have a great evening!




  1. such a pretty green color. I actually really want this color but it was all sold out on the chanel website. sad

  2. I hear all the jade now a days is all fake. I got my jade bangle in China like almost 10 years ago on vaca with the parents, but my pendents are old, from my grandparents. So hard to tell what is real or fake. Take lots of pics at the convention if you can, I bet there will be lovely pieces!

  3. That jade green is very pretty, but that pastel shade makes me think of summer more.

    I survived the sephora F&F without buying anything! Hope I don't cave anytime soon haha

  4. ive been hearing about green/jade nail polishes being the FALL color too! that one looks really nice!

  5. Green is love! You know black & green are my colors! :) That CHANEL one is super pretty!!

    I have lots of Jade, but as far as quality goes I'm afraid I can't help you. But my Gma used tell me that the more you wear your jade the darker it gets. I believe her! ;)

  6. Hi! I just discovered your blog (now that I'm a addict to DSK jewelry XD).

    I heard a LOT of good things about the Chanel's jade. I won't buy it cause I find it too expensive for a nail polish (already have over 150 of them so I have several nail polishes very close to this color).

    I didn't buy anything through the sephora sale, I'm completely broke right now -_- but it's nice to be able to spend even a little less (to buy more IMO ^^).

    About jade, you're so right! It's really difficult to find good ones but hope you'll be lucky ^^

  7. im so glad ure looking into making some jade pieces... i LOVE jade. it looks really great next to asian skin for some reason. yay for the chanel nail polish! =)

  8. I love JADE!!! lol. But then again, I'm Asian so that's no big surprise. HAHAHA.

    You bought the expensive lipstick!? =O

  9. Love that colour! I have something similar in OPI 'Hey! Get in lime!'. Haven't seen the chanel one in real life but when looking at the pictures it does look similar :D


  10. that chanel polish is sooo pretty! essie came out with a similar color called mint candy apple. i love that some companies are coming out with more pastel shades for winter instead of super dark colors. i hope you are doing well and i want you to know that i am LOVING my necklace that i bought from you. take care!

  11. OOHH LOVE green, that Jade color looks soo good!

    Thanks for the comment! OMG YSL lippies are so elegant and creaammy..YUMM! hahaa


  12. My mom is a huge fan of Jade! I'm not sure where she gets hers from though.

  13. i actually LOVE green even though i rarely ever wear it....i should get more green clothes and accessories! green nail polish on your toes does seem nice...

  14. Love this colour! did we get a similar one in a blog sale?
    OoOOo Bad news steph... I got my package I sent u a few weeks back.. RETURNED! Ill resend it tomo :D xoxox sorry about the wait :'(

  15. I LOVE GREEN!!!

    && this color looks FAB!!!
    if you manage to get a bottle you have to be selfish, keep it for yourself, take a million pics && FLAUNT IT!!!

  16. i'm loving those colors too<3 i wanted to get my hands on a really really dark vampy dark green like what scrangie posts :DD

    i've been looking into jade too!! it's just so glowy and pretty :)

  17. Sooo pretty. I love Jade and Essie's Mint Candy Apple. Pretty!


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