November 3, 2009

MAC Graphic Garden & Burberry 40% off at Nordstrom!

Lookie what I found!
For more details:
I also picked up another pair of Burberry Rainboots (different style of course)!
They're on sale for $100 at Nordstroms!!!!!!!!!
That's 40% off, here's the link but they're sold out online.
Your best bet is to visit your local Nordstroms!

EDIT* Minh just AIMed me from his room, they're available again online! lol

I think Nordy's has a big sale event starting tomorrow.

I'm so going back!

P.S. I can't find Chanel's "Jade" Nail polish anywhere!
Is it seriously sold out?


  1. Chanel Jade is pretty much sold out everywhere, you might still have a chance to get a bottle if you call individual boutiques. Prepare to call a lot of them! (^.^;)

  2. I really wanted the Graphic Garden palette but it didn't appear here! I know it's a Nordstrom exclusive, but Novel Twist did pop up here. And I heard that these appeared in Brasil, too. Awww =/

  3. ENABLER! Just when I though I was in the clear! LOL! And oooo more rain boots?! Sweeeeet....

  4. hmmmz, I didn't even knew Nordstorm sold Mac cosmetics. lol.

    I wanted those rainboots when I went to the Burberry store last year since I had my eye on the pink ones they used to have but it wasn't in their stores no more =[

  5. chanel jade is soooo pretty! i wish i got my hands on one :(

  6. Hey hunny! I wasn't sure which of your blogs I should have commented back on so I'll just leave my msg here. ;P

    Thanks for the kind comment. I've been growing them out for years because of over plucking in the past.

    Anyway, I'm glad you found your way to my blog. I've heard of your jewelry line all over the beauty blog community. you have some amazing pieces. You are incredibly talented but I'm sure you've been told that a lot. :)

  7. sorry to hear it is sold out. So far i have no luck at finding it too.

  8. OPI's "Hey Get in Lime" is the closest color to Chanel's Jade. The color is sold out as well but you do have better luck in getting OPI than Chanel but good luck netherless!

  9. *not sold out
    it is discontinued...


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