October 19, 2009

Interesting Day/McDonalds + Spilling things

I spilled a whole container of pearls earlier...FML
I will leave it for Minh to pick up because I've felt abandon these past few days!

I did go to Target after I woke up & showered at 4:30pm to pick up Michael Buble's new album. Target had an Exclusive CD/DVD (which can be also found on his website according to one of our fellow bloggers).

The CD (Non-Special Edition Cover) - I did not get this even though I'd prefer this cover

The Target Special Edition CD/DVD - I got this one.
I honestly don't think he's attractive (maybe he needs some circle lenses? haha I don't know). He's not bad looking, but just not handsome to me.
Personal preference I guess...lol

He's actually kind of seems like a jackass... at least that's the conclusion my 17 year old sister and I came to after watching one of his DVD's.

He's presents himself as super cocky, but whatever I look past that for him because I'm in love with his voice. hahaha

If you've seen his in concerts & behind the scenes you know what I'm talking about.
Plus, he drinks & smokes on film. Nothing against both...but he's already appears to be a cocky jackass..add in scotch & a cigarette...FAIL.

Anyhow...that's enough of me being me to an artist I LOVE.

lol, I do love him, but I love him for his voice & style ^_~

After Target, I went through McDonalds after and the guy who took my order, took my money, stopped and asked me, "Has anyone ever told you, you are fine?" (of course he said it with more enthusiasm)

My response: ....uhhh, my boyfriend, HAHAHAHA (except he doesn't use that word) LOL
Minh's more umm polite in his choice of words?

McDonalds guy: "well they need to tell you more often cause you are fineee"

Pretty awkward, but I laughed it off to make it less awkward during the time that he did not give me my change until he stopped talking....

Also, my bag tipped over and all my fries spilled to the floor of the car... yeahhhh FML

I should start blogging about makeup again. This blog has become like a xanga to me, hahaha


  1. oh man... xanga. LOL. I miss xanga actually. hmmmz.... interesting time at micky d's for you! lol.

  2. I used to xanga-ing a lot XD lolz that guy at mcdy is wierd n funny,like..he should really be working not hitting on customer -.-" lolz

  3. That's so funny that the guy at McDonalds said that to you. Lol.

  4. you are fiiiiine! :)
    gotta love randome love at mcdonalds! ;p

  5. what contacts are those Steph? looks sooo shiny mysterious and biiig
    u know what, the pic doesnt look like u..meaning when i look at it for the first time for a sec, i'm like.."she looks like Steph, but i aint sure".
    French fries are my best friends.

  6. OMG, The guy was hitting on you..

  7. You are fiiiinnnnneee! ;)

    Hello, your entries always crack me up.

  8. Oh how I love Michael Buble! Such an amazing singer! He does come off across as cocky, but John Mayer does too and I love both. :)

  9. I agree that he does coem off cocky, but he does have a really nice voice. Can't believe he smokes, he's going to ruin his voice that way.

  10. lol that would so be a silent moment for me "you are finee" *speechless with a tumbleweed rolling across hahaha and yes more makeup blog pls lol <3

  11. you sooo foinnne, steph! hahaha! that's awesome. and michael buble's actually grew up in my area so i have friends who knew him. they actually confirmed that he IS a jackass. but like you said.. his voice is just so.... awesome. haha!

  12. I haven't heard someone say someone was "fine" since high school. heehee. I love Michael Buble's voice. Sucks he's an ass. I bought the cd with the dvd. I haven't even looked at it yet! <3 Rina

  13. I AGREE! Buble seems kind of douch-ey. He reminds me of john mayer except with a much better voice! I remember they interviewed him after Michael Jackson's death and he was imitating him and i was like ughhh no you did not just do that. But seriously his voice is so smooth, like Frank Sinatra! It's so unique.

    I hate getting hit on at food places, i'm always afraid they will spit in my food if i'm not nice back lol.

  14. But you ARE FIIIIIIIINNNNNEEE!!!! ;) And at least he's got the guts to tell you! LOL!

    It was a spilling day huh? First the pearls, then the fries... I think you need more sleep Steph! LOL!

    Buble's an ass huh? Well, you're right his voice does make up for part of it!

  15. cute anime look at the end of the entry! maybe a nap will help with dropping things. i drop stuff all the time. but then again i can be pretty clumsy.

  16. lmfao, xanga... sigh.

    hahahaha. hey, has anyone told you, that you are fine? ;)

    no, seriously. from me.


  17. You are fine by the way. Hehehe! I know weird coming from a girl. I'm not trying to holla at you...hahaha, just being honest.


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