October 21, 2009

It's Almost Oct. 31st!

My first DSK Lottery's Drawings are coming up soon!

The end of the month, Oct 31st / Halloween

Prize for my peepz on the personal blog, a lipstick holder from Storables (also found at The Container Store)

I just thought it was so cool, and it was definitely my "high light item" of October.

One lucky reader will be getting this in the mail : )

How I will pick my lucky winner is by picking randomly from one comment left in the month of October, and/or the a random "follower" thumbnail pic on the right side.

I have one going for the DSK Jewelry blog as well, that one is a set of Swarovski Moon Pendants.

I'll pick the winner the same way. I think I have my prizes for November's Lottery picked out and I'll be posting those Nov. 1st.

:) Minh's currently cooking Pineapple Chicken Curry, it smells pretty good. I did help him! My hand got really tired stirring the chicken. I think it's cause I use a lot of pliers and tools to make jewelry on a daily too. Anyhow ~!

Have a great evening!



  1. oolalaa.. how fun :)

    and food.. SOUNDS SO GOOD. i need to eat.

  2. wow you had me at the pineapple chicken curry heheheh! sounds yummy *drool*

    the lipstick holder looks great! It'll look good on a vanity table for me to see all of them all lined up for me to choose from hehhehe!

  3. If a man can cook, he's a keeper ;]

  4. pineapple chicken curry.. omg! just had lunch, but you made my tummy grumble. LOL. =D

  5. Haha, if I only had more lipsticks. Need to buy some.

    Oooh and pineapple chicken curry! You know how to train 'em well!.. Yummmmmm.. And I just ate breakfast!

  6. Minh can cook! LOL! Nice to hear the two of you helping each other out in the kitchen! :)

  7. Lucky girl who's gonna win the holder!
    Not like I'm a lipstick collector, but those i have would love to be put into a nice arranger....not just throw into the drawer @_@

    mmm pineapple, curry and chicken! Now I'm officially starving! #_# Someone give me food~ T_T

  8. First cleaning and now cooking ... what more could one ask for lol!

    Lucky ^^

  9. oh & steph, please dont just pick a random follower thumbnail pic on the right hand side because that box (from what I've noticed) only shows the newest followers to your blog.

  10. Aww minh is cooking how sweet! =)


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