October 21, 2009

She's Back!

My unnie is back blogging!!!

Welcome back to blogger Jennifer!!! I need you to keep blogging because we no longer live 1 mile or 5 minutes apart! We now live 3,000 miles apart! I need to stalk your life!!!

(winter of 2007?)
What's funny is that grey is J.yO's favorite color, and black is mine lol
This picture captured the "real" us
I love & miss you so much!

In other news, I hear Minh vacuuming the downstairs, ahahhahahahaa
I am training him to be one of those guys who does all the cleaning. You know..dishes, laundry, bathrooms, carpets, yard work.

EDIT* I'm sitting upstairs blogging and he's yelling up the stairs asking if we're out of paper towel. I yell back it's in the PANTRYYYYYYYYYY, he's like I can't find it, I can't find it.

I get pissed off, go down stairs look in the pantry and there they are! PAPER TOWELS. I take the paper towel roll and beat him with it. That's how it done. I think he'll know where to look for paper towel next time. What a worthless man! jk, but still. Don't bug me when I'm blogging or watching TV, or youtube. ..or playing on the computer. and/or making jewelry. end.


  1. lol you mean don't bother you...ever? You're so funny Steph.
    I'm the same way though, I don't like to be bothered when I'm *busy* either. lol

  2. I promise to take lots of pictures this weekend and post them !!!

    I might be taking a short trip to PA because James is sick and my mom's busy this weekend. Probably driving there with the bf.

    But again, Thank you so much for the present !! I can't wait to wear them =) I've been wearing DSK bracelet alll this week <3

    Miss you even more !!

    LOVE YOU! <3
    and thanks for the warm welcome !!

  3. lol. you get your ways around him! Make him do all the work for leaving you behind over the weekend! That's the way to treat him! hahahaha. c[=

  4. LOL Minh is a typical boy. Daniel does the same!

  5. Haha... you are lucky to be allowed to treat him like this! :p *lol*

  6. awwwww yay jenn!! missed her posts :DD she's such a sweetie. LMAO at how you trained minh. damn. i'm still in process w/ mine ;)

  7. Haha you and Minh are too cute!! LOL training him well I see! And I know it's so good to see Jen blogging again! :)

    Haha... Don't bother you!!

  8. hahaha! you're so funnny! i'm the same way hehe

  9. Yep, all sounds very familiar with Minh ;-)

    I am really glad that Jen is blogging again...I am still missing my best girlfriends from the U.S. 13 years later!!

  10. You beat him with it, that's how it's done! Gosh, how I love reading your blogs Steph! Hahahaha!

  11. OMG boys are so like that! they will always be.
    my boyfriend can never find his important things, and he yells at me when i tell him to look for it some place silly(like in his desk drawer or on the ground), where it usually ends up being!!
    AIYAH. what are we supposed to do??


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