October 17, 2009


Basically Portland, OR is tax free, and I go crazy everytime.
I don't need everything --if you like, e-mail me: DSKJewelry@gmail.com
I'm saving to buy a condo in the next 7 months, every bit helps, and it's less stuff to move :)

Some of the stuff is from my personal collection from Michigan...I spent $500 shipping boxes from Michigan to Washington and it was all jewelry, & make up. har har har

MAC MSF Perfect Topping $28
MAC HK Beauty Powder Tahitian Sand $20

MAC Lipstick 1 N $13
MAC HK Lipstick Strayin' $20
MAC HK Lipstick Fresh Brew $20
MAC Fafi Lipstick Utterly Frivolous $15
MAC Lipstick Lollipop Loving $22
MAC Pigment Vanilla $19
MAC Dame Edna Lipgloss Splendid $15
MAC Eyeshadow French Cuff $13

MAC HK Eyeshadow Palette Too Dolly $36
MAC HK Eyeshadow Palette Lucky Tom $36
MAC HK Lipgloss Nice to Be Nice $13
MAC HK Blush Tippy $18
MAC HK Lipstick Cute-Ster $20
MAC Lipgelee Cellopink $17
MAC Viva Glam II $15
MAC Eyeshadow Et Tu Bouquet? $13
MAC Pigment Melon $19
MAC Eyeshadow Henna $13
MAC Eyeshadow Vellum $15
MAC Beauty Powder Blush of Youth (Rose Romance Collection) $20
MAC Beauty Powder Summer Rose (Rose Romance Collection) $20
MAC MSF Redefined $28

MAC Cremesheen Glass Boy Bait $17
MAC Cremesheen Melt in Your Mouth $17
MAC Lipgloss Cherry Blossom $15
MAC Cremesheen Partial to Pink $17
MAC Eyeshadow Idol Eyes $15
MAC Dame Edna Eyeshadow Trio Wisteria Eye Trio (fav) $28
MAC Dame Edna Eyeshadow Trio Royal Tour Eye Trio $28
MAC Dame Edna Spetacle! High-Light Powder $24
MAC Pigment Spiritualize $19
MAC Eyeshadow Scene $14
MAC Eyeshadow Claire De Lune $15
MAC Eyeshadow Wintersky $15
MAC Eyeshadow Evening Aura $15

MAC Blush Eversun $18
MAC Blush Emote (fav) $30
MAC MSF Blonde $28
MAC MSF Redhead $28
MAC Neo Sci Fi Blush Spaced Out (one of my favs) $25

I'll eventually use the stuff I don't get rid of, haha
Minh hates me for buying makeup, but that's ok. I hate him for buying so many damn electronics and things for his car!


  1. damn..thats a lot of MAC girl!!!! O_O lol i have like...zero? lol

  2. whoa, so many Mac products. haha. Good luck on selling them all! You'll probabally get rid of them soon anyways since it's Mac.... and apparently everyone "loves Mac beauty products." I own absolutely zero products from Mac so I wouldn't know. haha. Guys will always ALWAYS always.............. love electronics. hahaha! Same with my hubbie! hehe. Like going to the mall, we have to stop at least at one tech. store just for him to still be interested in going shopping with me. HAHAHA. sometimes, it's such a drag.

  3. WOW that is a crapload of MAC stuff...I am tempted to purchase but I am on a major ban.

    My BF also hates it when I buy so much clothes. I have a problem but I can't help it! But yeah...he buys crap for his car and electronics too *rolls eyes*

  4. lol this seriously justified the post title lol. Enjoy! Man, tax free!! california's tax is almost 10% ugh.

  5. Lots of goodies.Good luck with your sales:]

  6. waaa you buy mac cosmetic like a makeup artist lol XD you know how to haul thats for sure ^__^

  7. Very impressive list!!

    Good luck on the Condo savings...I love Macy's for their home goodies too!

  8. Wow...that's heaps of mac @.@ I don't have any lolz..I think you're almost like mac expert? XD I hope you sell them fast!

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  10. INSANEEE lol you make a girl jealous

  11. Haha! Steph sometimes I feel like you're my personal online CCO!! LOL!


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