November 14, 2009

Shisem Lashes! (Overload)

I went to the Gem Faire at the Tacoma Dome today...but that's not the highlight of my day! LOL Quick post because I'm cooking. I own 11 boxes of Shisem Lashes...special thanks to Minh & Van for haggling with the Korean lady ahahahahahaha I could not believe the deal they got me with the owner...I was just excited to find Shisem Lashes within 10 miles of where I live!

Man..I have a story to tell you about the Gem Faire...Van is like super awesome at talking to vendors & just an awesome sister to inherit! hahaha (I'm so lucky)

$$$$$ Sneak peak at the Gem Faire $$$$$$

Note: Photos are not allowed ;D
Tassle = Expensive
I was drooling.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars was at this table of precious stones from India (as in the guy flew here for the fair) lol, I wish I could have taken pics of the otherside of his table with the larger stones but he was eying that obviously.

I could only afford to buy a few strands from his table, I ended up spending a lil over a grand on goodies. What really attracted me to this table was the fact that his gems are available 3 times a year in the US. He doesn't have a website or anything. He visits the US 3 times a year, attends a few fairs, and sells to designers.
It was my first time buying gem stones, and I think I found one of the best.

My experience people are in a world of their own, there were hundreds of vendors there, but I'll share more of that with you later!

Back to my lash overload!

I'm definitely not a haggler, but Minh & Van are the DYNAMIC DUO of deals.

Usually you can find Darkness or Shisem at Korean Cosmetic Boutiques/Stores/Random Stands in most major cities.

I just thought I'd share my haul : )

Unfortunately, they didn't have my favorite pair...I'm still searching! Camera Phone pics, sorry for the bad quality. I'm just super excited to own so many, lol. I couldn't even buy 1 pair in Michigan, they don't exist there! I'm so glad I live in a CITY now.

Shisem False Lashes (Who doesn't love them?)
10 pairs per box
110 pairs in total ^_~ well actually 109 pair b/c one box was missing one

I like to buy the whole stock of an item if I love it.
Especially if something is on sale at like say..Target Clearance (It's ALL MINE)

Happy is a lil monster! He's currently chewing on our table cloth as he's sitting in lap. LOL
he just licked the keyboard, grossssss

Minh & I are babysitting lil Happy (our nephew) :)


  1. oh my gosh honey! you are so lucky! i cant find shishem lashes where i am, ANYWHERE AT ALL!! i've been obsessing over them for so long! :(

    can't wait to see photos of you with them on! :D

  2. You get them deals girl! And whoa DSK is gonna get exclusives! ;) Steppin up the balla status!

    Lashes lashes lashes!! HAPPY is too cute!! LOL! Yeah they're big chewers at that age!

  3. Woah so many lashes! We don't have that here :( Hey my dog's name is Happy too! :D She looks like that too! XD

  4. your banner reminds me of sailor moon for some reason... hahahaha :P

    wowwwwwww.. those tassels are super drool-worthy..

  5. OMG look at those lashes!! that's amazing!! hahahahahaa... I've only started to get into falsies, but I don't know if I ever have that many! HaHHA.. nice nice..

  6. OMG Stephanie!! LOL, you stock up for sure but that is truly lash heaven! the stones looks so pretty, i can't wait to see what you'll do with them, esp with your talent girl! =]

  7. hi steph!

    yesterday i couldnt see your new banner bc it didnt show up but it did today and i really like it!

    and OMG at all those shisem fake eyelashes! i love them too! i think they are better than ardells!

    and cute lil puppy!

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  9. Woooow! That's ALOT! I've never even tried Shisem lashes before :( Guess I'll have to go see if I can get some online :D

    Looove the banner!! Your eyes are AMAZING!

  10. HOLY $%%$^!~ i want some! haha never seen so much lashes O.O

  11. WOW on the Shisem lashes haul! I've always wanted to try them!! WOW

  12. Happy is a cutie!!! hahaha;, my hunnie named one of his dog Happy too but Happy is a husky. lol.

    You have soooo many lashes and the gem stones are so sparkly!! =O

  13. omg so many lashes. which korean store is this and where? i'm adding this place to visit. i didn't even know of any korean stores in seattle besides the japanese super market. the dog is so so cute!!!

  14. OMG!!! that's soooo crazy! hahaha. and not long before you were showing your stash of lashes too! Better be wearing them daily ;p

  15. I'm glad you had a good and successful time at the Gem Fair! Happy is so cute!!! :)

  16. Jesus Christ! So many lashes! That's inhuman! When will you use them all up??? o_O"
    Lil happy should try one on too! =DD

  17. those tassles look so sparkly <3 Wish I could have seen what was on the other side of the table :P
    man.. lashes galore! <3
    aw little happy is so adorable! :P

  18. Glad to hear you had a good time at the gem faire! :D oh and I hope that you find a drama from the ones that I suggested. ^_^ Maybe after all the Christmas order rush when you just need time to relax. If you're not into downloading stuff, is a place where you can watch streaming...but it's kinda low quality compared to when you download..and you can't see many of the actors' faces. XD

  19. Korean H-Mart, not all of them have it, but just look around, let me know if you find them

  20. Hahaha! Okay, you officially win the Lash Hoarder Champion award! I absolutely LOVE shisems so that's super exciting!!! :D

  21. omg steph... im drooling over your lash haul!!!!! 110 pairs!!!!?????
    i havent tried shisems nor darkness lashes, but will probably have that on my to do list... mission to find these.

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  23. omgg that looks like an amazing place.. all those lashes! haha no photos please CLICK! x

  24. Steph! You're crazy! so many lashes! :D Damn, enving you! I wish i own few more pairs of shisem, hahah.

  25. Just so you know... I'm totally hating on you at the moment... HARDCAORE HATIN'!!! You got to go to a sparkly gem fair and you hauled Shisem Falsies Costco style!!!! I really need to explore the Asian part of Atlanta. It's just that all the signs are in characters so I don't know what store is what!
    P.S. They don't sell Aquafina lip chap in the ATL either....

  26. that's like costco style false lash stash!!

  27. the gems just look so pretty when they're bunched up like that!
    and wow thats really a lot of lashes

  28. Lol!! I'm googling "buy shisem lashes" and your post came up on my comp as the second entry hahahah. I have worn the pair you gave me so many times. I see why you hoard em!

  29. @Jean lol, coming from the Midwest..u don't find Shisem lashes! Once I found them in Seattle..they were ALL mine!!! I gave most of them away to friends (many of the DSK Models over Christmas) and sold a lot of them, I'm actually all out now officially. Debating if I should restock, but I have extensions currently. If I find more I'll send them your way :)

  30. WOW Steph that's amazing!! I've been looking everywhere for a replacement of my favorite pair of Shisem but no luck. I live in Everett but definitely willing to travel for it haha what store did you get it from?

    1. Hey Trish! I found them in 2009 inside H-Mart in Federal Way. I'm not sure if they still carry them though. It's one of those makeup boutiques inside H-Mart. You can haggle with the store owner if you're buying a lot. :)

      I would check H-Mart in Lynnwood since that's closer to you! I've seen some awesome falsies there too, but not Shisem brand.


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