November 17, 2009

ekiLove & Steppie Clothing Haul

My ekiLove Haul!

I've known Eki for a while now, she's my friend, and kawaii jewelry model.
A lot of my readers on the jewelry blog really look up to her : )
I look up to her!
Eki for DSK Jewelry
Wearing Eki's Summer Necklace

I don't think any one who reads my blog doesn't know of Eki =^_^=

I was so excited when I came home to see her package so I took pictures right away.
It was obviously night time since my pics are so dim.
I'll definitely be sharing more of my goodies from Eki's new store, ekiLove.
My package arrived!!!
(My couch is not green it's tan, but I guess taking photos in the dark make a big difference lol)
We don't have strong lighting in the living room, wanna keep it a mysterious place you know! :D

Her new cards are soooo cute! They're shimmery in person : )
Visit Eki's blog to see better photos of her creations,

Personal Beauty Blog:
ekiLove Store:

She's so good at what she does.
Isn't my new Raspberry Makeup Pouch adorable?
I love it so much!

Thank you for making such cute stuff Eki!!!

[ No Flash ]
[ Flash ]
She makes earrings & accessories too!!!

The following pics are straight from her store,
Aren't these earrings gorgeous?!

I knew I just had to have her "Kawaii Wing Earrings!!!"

You all know I love jewelry, and I love her style.

Visit her store if you're interested in shopping:

A lot of her stuff is selling out fast because of the Holidays.
I'm always checking for updates lol (dorky right)

You will be so impressed with her photography, it's amazing.
She's taken photos of my jewelry in the past as well.

Thank you Eki!

My new fabulous Kawaii Jewelry : )

She always spoils me with some extra treats, & beauty products to try.
Look how cute that lil sticker is on the tissue!!!

I also got a HK sticker from her which I put on my MacBook : )

I found her video reviewing the Panasonic Eyelash Curler, everytime I watch any of her tutorials, or read her posts, I just want to have everything she has!

Who doesn't want to be like Eki? She's gorgeous!

I bought the Panasonic heated lash curler because Eki used it in her recent tutorial!
LOL, I picked up 2 because a friend from Australia asked me to get her one : )

I have the Sephora one that Fuz gifted me a while back, that one works well too, but I wanted to try the power of the Panasonic one that I've be hearing such great reviews abouts.

Here's her latest video: Japanese kawaii cute eye tutorial

Another package I got the other day came from Steppie Clothing

I recently found out about Steppie Clothing from Holly's tweet. (the artist/designer's name is Stephanie too!) Hey that's my name! ^_^ Steppie had a promotion going, and I decided to check out her website & Etsy store. I just fell in love with her designs, everything was freaking cute.
My package arrived really fast, about 4-5 days after I made my purchase.
Visit her store here:
Her website:

She's from California, and you can almost feel that when you look through her range, it's really cool : )

There was definitely a huge cuteness factor in her range of clothing

My camera is weird, it wouldn't capture the true color of the Pink Orchid Nerdy Panda hoodie.

The following pics are straight from Steppie's Esty Store
Aren't these "Nerdy" glasses teh cutest with the lil pink heart?

Unfortunately for me, I obviously can't read because her sizes are unisex, and I bought my two hoodies in Large. I figured it was a hoodie & if it's in girl sizes I'd like it to be a big bigger.

lol I was so stupid, now the hoodies fit Minh, so I tried to gift them to him, but he wasn't feeling the yellows and pinks hahaha


I was planning on buying again, but I dunno if I want to fork out the $54 x 2 for two more hoodies after I was pretty mad at myself for getting the wrong size. She was really nice when I told her of my mistake, and did offer an exchange, but I'd have to pay for shipping both ways and a restocking fee. I figured I'll just buy a new one eventually.

I just want to spent wisely for this Christmas season for others rather than myself. I think I'll buy for myself after the holidays.

Isn't this pic cute?

I knew I just had to have her Panda Bum Hoodie
$54 (she prints on American Apparel, the material is really soft & warm)

Nerdy Panda Hoodie

Bum Tunic $28 , I really like this one

She has free shipping on orders over $100 right now.
That's the promotion she had when I bought my stuff.

I just thought I'd share some of my recent interests. I love her panda designs, they're super cute.
She also has "I'm a Ninja" shirts, they're pretty cool & I think she's most well known for them too.

Check her out:

Random Sneaky Photo of the Day
I was testing the power of my camera in dim lighting, and Minh just happened to be in the way.
Do you see the Christmas tree in the background? Hany (Minh's little sis) & her boyfriend put it up a few days ago and surprised us. It was so nice to come home to see a warm holiday ready home. Minh's always cleaning or picking up around the house. He's one of those people who can't stand clutter or messy-ness.

LOL, my room drives him nuts. He just stays in his room with the door closed. AHAHAHA
I think anyone who looks into my room gets a headache.

But you know what! I'm working on it!
I just think people who do crafts...are just messy...but we know where everything is!!!

Who's with me?

I took pictures of the YSL lipsticks, I just suck at doing swatches & reviews.
I haven't been trying any looks lately because all I do is stay home and work on jewelry. I don't really see anyone since all 3 of my roommates work 9-5, and after work they rarely come straight home.

It's just me and my hamster Winkie + the fish tank.

I just like to read everyone else's blogs. lol

Why am I so lazy?!

I just turned on the TV and my favorite moving is showing on TBS HD!

Time to go watch & put together some DSK package : )


  1. Oooh you got the Kawaii WIngs! THose are soo cute! And her pouches are always on point! Eki is filled with LOVE for sure!!

    Very cute clothing line Steph! LOL! Sneaky ninja pics! LOL!

  2. teehee~~ the lash curlers look greatt!! u gotta try it!!

  3. You and Minh are soooooo adorable in your matching hoodies!

    Excellent haul!!

    Have you and Minh started to look for impressive housing around Queen Anne Hill yet?

    Enjoy Seattle!

  4. So many things, Eki stuff looks so nice! *___*
    Oh hihiiii, the eletric lash curlrer. I want to buy them too, do you know where I could buy them online? ~~~

  5. wow.. how did the tan couch turn out green!!??! haha! ;P and yes, gotta love eki... those hauls from steppie are cute too... too bad they were the wrong size :( and too bad minh wasn't feelin' the yellow & pink. haha! ;P

  6. Eki's stuff are adorable!! i love the wing earrings

  7. Those glasses are so adorable! And the hoodies. Now you got me addicted. Grr! Yellow is my fav color to so I guess its time to save up!

  8. such cute stuff steph!!!

    i'm supposed to be saving money, and now i'm gonna go look at all these cute things you just got! hahaha.

    i love those hoodies. i have to have one....

  9. Oh, you got so many lovely things! ^.^ The hoodies are beyond cute! =)
    Oh, I'm going and check out Eki's blog. Actually I don't know her. Must be becoz I haven't been a reader of yours that long, and I haven't seen her on the other sites I visit. But damn, she's pretty like an anime figure! o.O

  10. Cute post!!! Love all the stuff..

  11. Hi Babe! aww thank you so much for the sweet post!! Im glad you like everything!! you are the best :D still looking forward to your grand opening of your official store!! <3<3 The stuff from steppie is super kawaii!

  12. You should show the comparison between the results of Sephora one and the panasonic one! I got the sephora one too and it works pretty well :)

  13. Can you do a review about your Sephora heated lash curler and your new Panasonic one [after you've tried it]? I'm kind of scared to put something so hot close to my eyes.

    The raspberry makeup pouch is so adorable! I was thinking about getting that one but it sold out before I got a chance to. =(

  14. Eki is pretty much amazing. Her pouches are so freaking adorable and her accessories are too.

    Steppie's clothing line is extremely cuuuute. I'm totally thinking about buying something now. ;D Thanks for the tip.

    Lol at your sneaky ninja pics. I'm not all that sneaky. I usually end up making some kind of noise. HAHA. And I totally get what you say about the whole 'mess of a room' thing. It might be messy, but I do /know/ where everything is. ^.~

  15. Stephie's stuff looks so cute!! those glasses, you have to wear em and post pictures girl!

  16. I love the steppie clothes!! :D aaah, so cute. especially the flying panda one! and i love the eki earrings. I need to snag a pair of those...aah, online shopping. my biggest weakness. XD


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