November 20, 2009

Being Positive

I'm going to try to focus on the future. I want this week of upsetting events to go away. I don't want have blogs posts that make anyone feel sad reading. Sorry for bringing the mood down.

I think I just need a little time to calm down & accept my situation.

In regards to jewelry, I think I just got burnt out. I love what I do, but I also love to make new things. I'm taking the first step to "start fresh." I'm finishing up the orders that have been placed, don't worry! I will get everyone package mailed before the holidays.

Thank you all for your support & encouragement ~ I feel really blessed to have a community of bloggers to turn to in times like these. Thank you : )

Minh, I know you read this. You smell funny.
You definitely live up to my nickname for you, Minh Musk. lol

Van, thank you for calling me these past few days : ) The only reason I will ever marry Minh is to have you and Hany as my sister in laws. ^_^


Has anyone seen New Moon yet?


  1. aww hun, everyone has their bad days/weeks or so, you don't have to apologize for it because we're all here for you :)

    i do hope you are feeling better though :)

  2. i hope you feel better steph!! it's hard living away from home, away from people, especially in such a big house o__O i def get creeped out from time to time.

    and man.. burnt out.. haha! i know how you feel :( though i'm nowhere near as big of a.. conglomerate :P as you, it's easy to just feel so EHHH. especially making the same thing or same style a lot. i'm sure you just need to step back, relax, breathe and find new inspirations elsewhere, and DSK will be just as awesome or even more awesome than before <3

    take care of yourself!! <3

  3. I know this week sucked right?! LOL! ;) but we lived through it! :) And I know you're gonna come out guns blazin on the new website, with BLING BLANG that will BLIND!

  4. lol. It's okay to lead your sadness out. It's like a place of free therapy. hehe.

  5. aww, hope you feel better Steph :)

    i haven't seen New Moon yet! i was going to see it today but the lines were crazy, the tickets for tomorrow were even sold out :(

  6. YES! Went to see New Moon Friday morning after working night shift. I thought, shoot, its Friday 9:30 AM, who the heck would be watching a movie at this time? EVERYBODY! My coworker and I barely got tickets and seats!! Definitely loved it, and just made me more excited for Eclipse.

    It's better you express your feelings, no matter how you do it. No good bottling it up inside. We're here for ya!! <3 Rina

  7. Awhhh. I totally understand what you're talking about. It's always best to try to think positive! It's a lot better on yourself, trust me it is.

    Lol at Minh's nickname. xD

    And the whole 'burnt out' thing, I'm definitely sure that you're going to think up of something absolutely fanfreakingtastic. that's the DSK way. ;D That happens with me when I'm drawing clothes. Haha. Just like, mess around and then BAM! You'll come up with something crazy amazing.

    I haven't seen New Moon yet, but I heard that it was absolutely outstanding. Even my guy friends that went to go see it said that it was really good. I just don't want to go yet because the lines are so effing long and I don't want it to be that crowed. Haha.

  8. hey steph,
    don't worry bad times comes and goes so by the time you know it, you're bak to being the happy you again with only happy events happening around you :) Low times are just phases and that's how I choose to view certain situations and its great you are focusing on the people who care about you coz they get you by times like these so much faster hehehehe... gotta love them :)

  9. ^^ Cheer up! So glad you're moving forward! <3

  10. awwww things will get better ^_^ Stay positive. I'm pretty much having some obstacles in my life also, but I guess I just need to keep thinking of all the positive things in my life and hope for the best. We can get through whatever bumps we're facing right now!

    I'm loving the darker midnight blue hues right now I don't know why. I think it's very pretty ^_^

    take care sweetie!

  11. Love you Chi I am always here for you. You should hear about my situation! O_O

  12. I think I will wait a few days to watch NEW MOON. It was chaotic when I drove by the theater last night. Orrrrr wait til it comes out on the internet! =) But I must watch it at the theater cuz I've been waiting to watch it for the longest time!

  13. I hope you will feel better soon about your situation :) and I think I got to agree with everyone that it is ok to vent out your frustration or sadness :) just dont give up after that ^^

  14. aww i hope you feel better steph. lots of people love and care about you and its good to know that you are thinking positively. stay strong love. you are an amazing and inspiring young woman. i greatly admire everything you've done.


  15. I skipped reading the other comments because I haven't seen New Moon yet and I don't want any spoilers. XD So if I repeat something someone else said, sorry!

    Steph, you don't have to apologize for being real and honest in your blog entries. You can share your hard times with us so that we can help lift you up! But I do admire also that you are deciding to try being more positive in the future. Like we talked about before, sometimes it takes work for achieving happiness! I'm proud that you are already taking these first steps. Hope to be reading lots more of your adventures, but positive and negative too. :)


  16. Be Happy!
    Its okay everyone is sad sometimes.
    Life is too short to be sad or depress all the times. Remember always smile!

    I want to watch New Moon sometime soon! lol

  17. always remember:

    cheer up buttercup (;

    anyway! twilight was okay was missing a lil something idk what hehe anyway hope all is well!

    and u have inspired me to blog, so thank you =]

  18. You are so talented and I know a lot of people recognize it. Keep your head up missy :)

  19. I love you girls, seriously you don't even know!

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  21. dang, it didn't post my earlier comment. XD anyways, glad to hear you're feeling more positive. and I'm sure that the trip back to visit your family will be good too. :) I applaud you for all the hard work you've been doing in regards to jewelry. With everyone who loves your work, and the Christmas rush you're making a lot of people happy. ^_^

    New Moon...well it was one of my favorite books in the series..and the movie was...satisfying. A bit cheesy, but eh, what do you want from Twilight. =P

    oh, and I want to say that I received my order yesterday and absolutely LOVE the Key to Wonderland bracelet!! aah, my love for Alice in Wonderland never dies. hehe. anyways, just wanted to let you know that I love to keep getting new pieces from you. :) Have a happy thanksgiving stephanie!

  22. Guesss who looooooves youuuu!!!

    Yup -- ME -- this girl in California, that has California Sunshine for you!!! * SUPAH BIG HUGS*

    from your hamster whisperer

  23. What a week!! Your poor hammie!!

    It's gotta get better...and I do agree with out about the Seattle winters...used to live there!

    Take care and big hugs!! Relax over Thanksgiving, and please take care!

  24. happy thanksgiving hun!! hope you had a good one despite the bumps you've been going through lately.

    i got your lipstick case! yay!! so pretty and i can't wait to take pictures of it and show everybody on my blog. :)yay for dsk! i hope i win another giveaway! haha.


  25. Feel better boo boo!! *hugs* It's your blog, your corner of the world if you wanna vent & let it out do so and make no apologies to anyone!


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