November 9, 2009

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipsticks

Hey girlfriends!

How was everyone's weekend?
Firstly, I'd like to thank you all for visiting and leaving such wonderful comments. Because of you girls, I know where another H-mart in Seattle is (Federal Way)! I know where to go find yummy Sashimi! It's so awesome that I have this network of girlfriends. I feel so close to you all ^_~ More now than ever since I'm here in a new 'hood ;)

Minh & I are going to go out to Federal Way tomorrow actually to check out a car. FW is about 30 minutes from us. Minh's Volvo S80 is a bit boring & old man-ishhh (no offense Edward Cullen, I know you're a Volvo fan), and he's been wanting a BMW ever since his little sister got one. lol, he's so jealous it's hilarious. He's like..."she got a beamer before me." His lil sister is 21, she bought a new car because someone totaled her Mitsubishi Lancer in a PARKING LOT. A teenage boy ran into her as he cut across the parking lot. I'm extra cautious now when I drive ANYWHERE. It doesn't even seem like the insurance company is very fair in paying you for the car and're out a car!


To my lovelies: If you leave a comment and don't have a blog, can you please leave me your e-mail? Whenever I go to respond to you girls, I can't =/ So leave me your e-mail! Or feel free to e-mail me:

I got tempted and opened all my new YSL lipsticks up... I initially wanted to make some gifts, but it looks like I'm going to try all of these, and buy the one I like for some friends this Christmas season. It's to hard to have them here without trying them all... you feel me???

They're just so perfect! They feel even softer than applying chapstick. They're $34 each, but I can tell you, they're worth every cent plus tax!

The texture is soooooooo creamy and smooth. I personally feel it's moisturizing like chapstick. I'm a chapstick junkie (aquafina original), and this lipstick is my new favorite.

My first one was Lingerie Pink, I bought it because it was suggested by a few bloggers. It was also sold out at the time I wanted it...which of course made me want it more!

Unfortunately, Lingerie Pink is a bit loud, and bold. That's why I didn't post any photos of it on. I will be trying all my new ones and posting pictures and a review this coming week. I just really need to get my eyebrows & lip threaded! hahaha I don't want you to see my peach fuz!

Here are some photos of the ever so gorgeousssssssssssssss packaging!

(with flash above)
From Left: #1, #4, #2, #13, #20, #19
I'll talk more about the colors #'s and names in my upcoming review : )

(without flash)
I threw in Lingerie Pink there ^_~
I think I need to fill this YSL lipstick holder...what do you think?

Lingerie Pink # Lucky 7
Please ignore my nails, lol I was trying on a dark Nicole polish at Marshall's today
Until tomorrow....


Help me pick our next Charity at DSK Jewelry

Random, but who has a gym membership at 24 hr Fitness?
I pay about $29.99 a month...and what I'm planning on doing tomorrow is threaten to cancel.
lol I wanna see if they can give me a better deal!

I saw a two year membership to my gym for $299.99
which = $12.50 per month for 2 years...

I hate over I'm going to see what they can do for me!

Does anyone go to LA Fitness?

I just need a gym to use the stairmaster.
It's Minh & my fav cause we both want a nice ass. lol jk

But we find it the fastest way to drop lbs, and gain muscle tone ^_~

Winter's here...I miss ice skating
pic of me 2 years ago in college
(that's how people in chilly Michigan dress!)


  1. oh my they look so luxurious! i've been wanting one for so long but i keep putting it off :P

  2. those YSL lipsticks look gorgeous. me want! I'll have to save up and see if I actually get one. I've wanted to say this for awhile...where do you get your aquafina chapstick? I have never seen it. when I first heard it from you my first thought was "....water?" I'm such a lip junkie =X I have too many lip glosses, lipsticks, chapsticks and etc to count

  3. hi dear,
    i hope you had a great weekend ;D

    i have 24 hour fitness membership,
    hubby got it for me from COSTCO,
    they have great deal, i think it was 300 usd for 2 years. i forget, but you should check it out ;))

    and since you love sushi so much,
    i will recommend you another sushi place in Seattle,
    * Wasabi Bistro for their unique rolls. location: around 1st / 2nd ave
    * Genki Sushi, it's like sushi land, but much much better. location, on top of QFC, Seattle center

  4. What a sexy collection of YSL lippies!!

    Congrats on joining the'll make you feel better!

    TWO H Marts..lucky girl.

    Good luck with the Beemer hunting!

  5. YSL lippies are so luxurious--total eye candy!!

    ice skating! i <3 ice skating (from like the two times i've gone--hahaha)!
    my legs and tush get so sore afterwards though...

    i sent you an email regarding the 24 hr. fitness membership~~

  6. omg those YSL lipsticks are so lovely... so sexy... Hahaha!! I have one in number 4, hehehe
    that's a cool lipstick rack! really shows off those YSL lippies ;)

    dana (

  7. the YSL colors are so pretty :) look forward for a swatch or see in on your lips :) and i love your ice skating pic, so cute!

  8. I LOVe Rouge Volupté! And your collection is amaaaaazing, girl! :p

    I just got my hands on one last week, hehe... will show it on my blog soon! ;)

  9. the YSL lipsticks are indeed creamy & smooth and the casing looks soo luxurious. i succumbed and bought 1 too recently.
    GL on the car hunting!! i <3 car shopping =)
    btw, i did get your comment, but with soo many stuff going on i havent had much time to email/write to you... but i will, just wanted to say thanks in advance for even reaching out and wanting to help

  10. Ohhmyy, the YSL lipsticks are so cute! I think I'm gonna go look for them and try themm! =) lol! Also, have a good time looking at cars!

  11. Hey Dsk!!
    Because of you, Im going to save up to buy some the YSL lipsticks. They look so gorgeous.
    BTW. I go to a 24 hr gym, I paid $100 for a year membership and 6 months free. I live in Florida and it was during a promotion, I really just wanted a trainer but had to sign up for there gym membership to use the machines.

  12. Thank you everyone for the comments! All you 24/Hr Fitness ladies, I appreciate the help!

    Thanks sooo much Vamp007!!!!!! I can't wait to try out the restaurants!

  13. hoodie equals life? lol. I think that's the same for Boston during Autumn season. lol.

    I think you should threaten them! Isn't there a cancelation fee? I'm not sure with all the fitness stuff =T

  14. those lipsticks look so fab! i have been wanting one forever but never made the plunge.

  15. The YSL's look like jewels they are sooooo pretty!

    i hate over paying too. Complain & threaten because it's your $$$ they're taking. I always wonder how they get away w/charging everyone a different amount.

    You look so cute in your Michigan gear. I only visit the family in the summer now becuz it's so cold I tgink my bones will break!

  16. hey steph! i used live in federal way when i first moved to the US. i dont really remember it too much but last time i went back to seattle over the summer, i realized it was a HUGE town! seattle is such a beautiful place. lovely lippies too!

  17. I think you should just go do some bleachers at a high school same thing just that your not in a gym and plus it FREE i dont know what schools look like in Washington but im pretty sure they have a football field with bleachers I had to do bleachers when I was in high school for PE and i totally hated them they would make my legs hurt for days

  18. I need to visit h-mart when i'm in seattle for sure and that japanese dollar store. thanks for all the wonderful places you find keep posting them so i have more places to visit! try umi for sushi it has a really nice decor and sushi is good there and also issan is delicious too really close to molly mooon ice cream (my fave). those lipsticks are so beautiful now i want to give ysl a try!

  19. Wow I am so jealous. I can't make myself to justify 34$ for a lipstick. I would totally buy it for someone else as a gift though.

    Minh is so awesome to do all these stuff with you. You are one lucky girl ;]

  20. Those lippies look like heaven! how luxurious! They're so pricy though. Have you been collecting them over time or just splurged in one day? Either way, you're a lucky girl! I've heard nothing but great thing about them.

  21. those lipsitcks loook sooo beautiful! i want some, ive been hearing about this brand all over! i cant wait to get my hands on one!

  22. So beautiful colors! *___* I even like the berry one!

    ohmy! car accidents! #_# Don't even want to think about it!
    Show photos of the BMW if Minh happen to buy it!^^ Poor guy, his lil sister bested him in cars....><

  23. oo is that my lipstick case that will be arriving soon?! *excited* haha. Getting this case from you will just make me buy more. not sure if that's a good or bad idea!! haha.

    i want a bmw too!! 1 series or 3 series. I hope minh gets one and be sure to take pictures when you can :)

  24. oh dang.. everything about DSK is baller ;) i wish i could have that many YSL lippies! or even just ONE.. the packaging is sooooooo to die for! luxuriouuussss.

  25. very gorgeous packaging they kinda look like lipsticks for royalty!!lol!!

  26. GL finding the right BEEMER! :) LOL Volvo for old folks! LOL!

    Ohh those are really pinkie lippies!! But the packaging on YSL is love right?!

    I have 24HR, but I keep forgetting to cancel it. I haven't gone it like 2 yrs! SO I've "donating" about $45 a month to them. THanks for reminding me, I really need to cancel it! LOL!

  27. I've never tried YSL before but my, they look gorgeous

  28. they are so so so delicious!!!!

  29. My fiance joined 24hr fitness and they screwed us over both times.

    The first time they were offering a free 3 day pass for our college so we did that and they (for some reason) had to swipe our card but he wrote "void" on it assuring us we werent being charged. WELL, after the 3 days we called to say we didnt want it and he said he'd take care of it.

    We were charged $160 for it. We called multiple times to cancel it and we werent suppose to charge us for it. And we didnt get our money back.

    The 2nd time we actually got him a membership and it was fine and dandy. Someone stole his CC info so we had to get new cards, instead of cancelling the membership they had it on a special account that charges you until you put a CC back on file. We went to go fix it and ugh.

    I just really hate dealing with 24hr fitness, even to cancel is such a huge hassle. We're never going back there again.

  30. Omfg Chi you put this lippie bandit to shame!!! I only have 1 YSL lipstick!!!! I lovee you miss you! <3

  31. i think u shud fill up ur lipstick holder with 5 more YSLs! hahaha .. jk jk .. well, not really jk. =P love ur new collection! =]

  32. I totally agree, I think the YSLs are my fav lipsticks of all time. They are soooooo nice and smell like melon, my fav! <3

    I just bought #1 and I already had peach passion and pink caress. I'm dying to try the new colors they just released though!! >.<

  33. I got my 24 hour fitness pass about 2 years ago. I paid for the 3 years in advance and it averages out to 19 dollars per month. After the 3 years I get an annual renewal of 29 a year (unless I heard wrong). You can always negotiate the price with them. Also if you get the personal trainer it'll cost you a little bit more. I find it pointless since they technically just tell you how to work out like a gym teacher.

  34. *Jealous!* Gosh these look amazing. Can't wait for the review!!!

  35. Hi ya!

    I was wondering if you know about the Gem Faire that's happening at the Tacoma Dome-it's from the 13th-15th. =) Thought you'd be interested in it, since you are a jewelry maker and all. =)



  36. Forgot: Since your post mentioned email is =)

    But but...Oh man, the story of the Beamer is too familiar. My old family car got messed up cuz some dumb kid didn't know how to pull out of a parking space. Seriously, bad luck for parking right next to them! It was alright cuz my brother got a beamer to replace the family car, and I got it as "hand-me-downs". Eh..they need better driver's ed. classes nowadays..

  37. hello steph! im a new follower of your blog :) i love ysl rouge volupte too! very creamy and smooth..ooooh! hahaha! ^_^

  38. Omgosh those lippies are so gorgeous and they go perfect with your lipstick holder! I'm going to have to check them out this weekend. Have a great time car shopping and I love your new layout for your blog too. =]


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