November 11, 2009

My New Habitat (Pics 2 Months Delayed)

I have a new layout! Yay! I just wanted to change it up a lil bit, lol sorry if me staring at you freaks you out. I'm still getting used to it myself. I think I'm going to be rotating a lot of layouts :) Just to keep it from being too boring. I actually commissioned Jaimie (of Thank you Jaimie! I love my new layout ^_~

I saw what she did for Katrina's blog/website and I just loved it ( Check both of these girls out, they're awesome!

I meant to post these photos up 2 months ago when I moved in to my new home. But I forgot! Here are some pictures of my new habitat (aka the room I sleep in). I got the master bedroom out of the 3 other people who live here (aka my roomates) lol

Obviously, I had to pay more ($200 more than they each do), but I do have my own bathroom. SCORE! I did spend 4 years in college sharing. The first two years with 3 other girls. My last two years in college with the community! I lived in a dorm with community style bathrooms (about 20-30 girls / big community bathroom). It was super lame to wait to shower at times.

Anyhow! I have a new life now as a grown-up living on my own. I said bye bye to the nest at Mom & Dad's house about 2 & 1/2 months ago. I'm 22 years old by the way ^_~

Lets start with the Kitchen, an area we all share ~ :)
These photos were taken about 2 months ago. The first week I moved here.
It doesn't look like that anymore lol

I just needed Orchids to feel more at home

They make me happy!

The hallway to the front door and upstairs

Across from the Kitchen a den area

woo our mini basketball court lol

The main living room

I filled up the space with an "L" couch
And my roomie put a fish tank in the corner

Dining Area

Again living room

View from the front door

Up the stairs we go!

And we're up!

The hallway (there are 4 bedrooms upstairs)

Straight ahead is my roomie's bathroom, and my room on the left

my white tv from my dorm room! she came all the way with me :)

My new key chain from Swarovski!
It's prettier in person, cost me $80, but so worth it!
I've had my car since I was 16 so it's old (not new!) I wish

Bought an inflatable bed before I get my real bed for the first few weeks

I filled her up with junk lol

more junk..

The mini hallway to my 3 closets and bathroom

My window : )

Window across from my bed

stuffs!!! (Minh always says "stuffs" must be the FOB in him even though he's American born like me)

I ha a lot of cleaning to do!

So much for sitting on the window seat!

box of cosmetics : )

The night I moved in : )
I had my boxes/packages sent UPS

My weird bathroom door (doesn't lock!)

Me taking a pic of my simple bathroom

Pretty boring

Minh striking a pose....

Look how empty it was!

View of the room

I love baggage

Walking into my room

I have double doors, but they're annoying!

I love this window seat but the fabric is so tacky!
I should get some fabric, and sew some pillow cases

More room view

I love my closet/bathroom hallway best out of this whole room

Reasons I pay extra

I love it!

Now I need to get rid of these two HK Palettes
I already have Lucky Tom, and I'm not sure if I want to Keep Too Dolly
Let me know if you're interested, give me a offer and I'll get back to you : )

They're brand new ~
Lucky Tom (which I have and love)

Too Dolly

I hope you like my long post! lol
I will post some swatches of the YSL lipsticks, and an FOTD tomorrow ^_~



  1. I love your new layout!. Especially the banner!. It's so sparkly, and glittery!.

  2. i like your new HABITAT.. haha :P
    i want everything from the toilet up to the roof... Is such a nice place to stay and you make me miss my home so much now!!!! wuwuwu... I've been stucked with my exams, feel like dying oh!

  3. I actually really like your banner :)
    so glamorous!

    Really nice place you got! :) So roomie :P

  4. the layout is so pretty! Jaimie is really talented, always love her blog...

    and your new place is so spacious!

  5. I LOVE your new place! I wish my place looked like that... haha :) I like your bathrooom! I know you said it was boring but I like it! I especially like the lighting above the sink.

    PS. Hhahaha I really liked the part about "stuffs." hahahha

  6. Looks a lot like my BFF's old house in Bellevue. Like the layout!

  7. do you and Minh share the same bedroom? I think you said it already, didn't you? lol. Oh yeah, since we're both Vietnamese girls... I can't help but wonder.... what did your parents say about you moving in with Minh? My mom doesn't know I moved all the way here for the hunnie. HAHAHAHA. But I got a big bitching lecture for moving out on my own (even though I already had her permission a two semesters before). But I don't get to live with my hunnie though =[ I wish! Maybe I wouldn't be so scared sometimes. LOL. Nice bathroom ;] Neighborhood seems nice, big bedroom. I would def. pay an extra 200 just to have my own bathroom. LOL.

  8. your place is so nice and roomy goshhh i want to live with you lol


  9. The new layout is awesome! I love the banner! It is so cute!

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  11. love the new layout steph! even though it scares me that you're watching us. hahah! jk jk! ;P happy wednesday!

  12. ...nice place I love the window seat...

  13. Woahhh your new place is amazing and so spacious! I would love to live in a house like that xD Ohh and the bathroom is sooooooooooooooooooo amazing!!! love love love love it!

    Like your new layout too xD Your eyes are really pretty <3

  14. Looks like you are happy in Washington State :) I wanna see your updated room!

  15. Your new house is so nice, it reminds me of my friend's house and it's super cozy. Of course you have the best room ;]. Can't wait to see updated room pictures, if you do post them!

  16. It looks so pretty and full of light :)

  17. looks nice steph! =] I would love to have a bathroom all to myself - haha!

  18. Your new place looks soo nice! I don't see anything wrong with double doors! They're an advantage! When you and Minh really gotta go (you the toilet) you guys don't have to fight to get in the room to race to the bathroom!

  19. New layout is nice! ;) And your eyes stare into my soul! lol!! heehee..

    BALLA house!! That's all I have to say! And lol @ Minh striking a pose! HA!! Very nice! Steph you closets & little hallway is awesome!!

  20. nice pad but wow you're paying $200 more than them?! how much is the rent? that's crazy expensive O.O and you drive a lexus?! oh my ...

  21. nice layout! i am SO jealous of ur beautiful home! the window views are gorg. especially all those bay windows... they are my dream.

  22. Amazing layout. ;D

    Man, your place looks pretty amazing if I might say. I totally understand what you're saying about the whole "own bathroom" thing. I wish I had my own. LOL. I'd totally pay for it. You have so much space too! I'll bet that the view from your window is pretty great too. ^^

  23. wow! your new house looks amazing! its BIG!!! I think i should move to the US one day just 2 buy a big house! lol! It sucks living in a small place in London ... but then i guess that's what i get for living in a city ^^

  24. daaaaang can i move in? hahahaha :)

  25. Woooow! Your house is amazing! I wish I could go house-hunting for a diff. house :( I'm stuck with this one for now tho :S

  26. What a beautiful big house! :)


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